A TALL, BLOND DANE walked into my life! af Tracey Beatrice Henderson E-bog, PDF

A TALL, BLOND DANE walked into my life!


American author,Tracey Beatrice Henderson, married a 2nd generation Dane, S.C. Sorensen. She is telling about their sometimes - dramatic lives in the Southern part of California, a desert area very different from the rural Denmark of her husbands ancestors.  S.C. became a well-known newspaper editor in their small town close to the Mexican border. The main road of the town is now called Sorensen Avenue. After his tragic death she lived through WW-2, where her two sons were serving in the American navy. Read her vivid memories, selected by her grandson.

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  • Engelsk
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  • 9788792485342
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  • 11. september 2012

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