Alternative approaches to juvenile delinquency af Jensen M Bog

Alternative approaches to juvenile delinquency


The purpose of this book is to present and discuss a variety of actions taken in recent years dealing with juvenile delinquency and other juvenile justice issues differently. The author asserts that many of the traditional measures of the juvenile justice systems can be modified or supplemented in ways which will result in overall better outcomes, and which at the same time will meet the needs of both the juveniles and the public. In order to demonstrate this, the pool of ideas that have been conceived by numerous local jurisdictions are explored and it is suggested that many of the described elements can be successfully copied, adapted and incorporated by other jurisdictions. The study on which the book is based, focused on the USA, but alternative programs from other countries are included when they contribute with ideas not represented in the American programs.

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  • 9788757401813
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  • 30. August 1996

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