AUNT LUCY'S LOVER af Miranda Lee E-bog, ePub


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Jessica had only met Aunt Lucy once in her life, and now she learns the woman has left her everything...including her guesthouse on Norfolk Island, a sleepy tourist attraction. Jessica is baffled why a woman she'd barely spoken to would leave her such an inheritance, but stranger still, there's an unusual condition on her inheritance: she needs to live on the island for one month and allow Mr. Slade, Aunt Lucy's freeloading lover, to live with her. Though she doesn't understand the circumstances of her inheritance, Jessica arrives on Norfolk Island, where she's shocked to learn that Mr. Slade is young, charming and gorgeous! How is she supposed to share a roof with such a sexy man for one whole month?

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  • Engelsk
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  • 9784596693303
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  • 22. august 2017

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