Australia´s Great Barrier Reef af Len Zell Bog, Hæftet

Australia´s Great Barrier Reef


The world´s largest marine park and most extensive reef system, Australia´s Great Barrier Reef is an incredible network of islands and coral-covered fringing reefs, mangroves and sand cays. Explore the submerged mountaintops of the Coral Sea reeds, witness humpback and minke whale migrations, see car-size cod and dive into history as you investigate the Yongala´s watery grave. Excellent visibility shallow waters and a thriving dive industry mean world-class and accessible diving and snorkeling for any level of expertise. From Lady Elliot Island to the Torres Strait, this guide describes the best dives on the Great Barrier Reed and Coral Sea, with full-color photos throughout. dive site depth range and conditionscommon and hazardous marine lifetopside practicalitiesdiving services and environmental organizations17 easy-to-read maps

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  • 9788770496247
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  • 160
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  • 13. Oktober 2006

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