Bastian af Ulla Holtegaard E-bog, ePub


- The Story of a Dog


An exiting story of the dog Bastian and his adventurous life illustrated by photos. Bastian is an unhappy little dog. He lives with an old man who does not care about him. Bastian wants to run away, but he spends his days in a garden that is surrounded by a big fence. One day a mouse gets into the garden. Now something unexpected happens.Suddenly Bastian is free. He meets a sweet little girl, whose nameis Annie. The old man wants Bastian back. He sends some crooks to catch him. But Annie and Bastian have a plan …About the author:Ulla Holtegaard has previously written books on academic topics in the history of theater such as Artaud and Grotowski. “Bastian – The Story of a Dog” is a tremendously exciting narrative and it is her debut in children’s literature. The story is a mixture of realism and fantasy and it introduces children to the nature of dogs through Bastian and his encounters with humans, both good and evil. Ulla had the idea for the story from her long and close partnership with her dog, Bastian, a beautiful, intelligent, and joyful Belgian Shepard.

  • Sprog:
  • Engelsk
  • ISBN:
  • 9788799652327
  • Udgivet:
  • 3. februar 2014

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