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  • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, Global Edition af Keith Ross
    af Keith Ross & James Kurose

    For courses in Networking/Communications. Motivate your students with a top-down, layered approach to computer networkingUnique among computer networking texts, the Seventh Edition of the popular Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach builds on the authors long tradition of teaching this complex subject through a layered approach in a top-down manner. The text works its way from the application layer down toward the physical layer, motivating students by exposing them to important concepts early in their study of networking. Focusing on the Internet and the fundamentally important issues of networking, this text provides an excellent foundation for students in computer science and electrical engineering, without requiring extensive knowledge of programming or mathematics. The Seventh Edition has been updated to reflect the most important and exciting recent advances in networking. MasteringComputerScience not included. Students, if MasteringComputerScience is a recommended/mandatory component of the course, please ask your instructor for the correct ISBN and course ID. MasteringComputerScience should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. MasteringComputerScience is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Interactive, self-paced tutorials provide individualized coaching to help students stay on track. With a wide range of activities available, students can actively learn, understand, and retain even the most difficult concepts.

  • Everybody Lies af Seth Stephens-Davidowitz Spar 18%
    - The New York Times Bestseller
    af Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

  • MySQL Stored Procedure Programming af Steven Feuerstein Spar 30%
    af Steven Feuerstein & Guy Harrison

    Intended for MySQL programmer, this book deals with stored procedure development. It includes code examples and consists of four major sections: MySQL stored programming fundamentals; Building MySQL stored programs; MySQL stored programs in applications; and, Optimizing MySQL stored programs.

  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications af Martin Kleppmann Spar 31%
    - The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems
    af Martin Kleppmann

    In this practical and comprehensive guide, author Martin Kleppmann helps you navigate this diverse landscape by examining the pros and cons of various technologies for processing and storing data.

  • SQL Antipatterns af Bill Karwin Spar 28%
    - Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming
    af Bill Karwin

    If you're programming applications that store data, then chances are you're using SQL, either directly or through a mapping layer. Well, here's a sad secret - most developers aren't SQL experts, and most of the SQL that gets used is inefficient, hard to maintain, and sometimes just plain wrong.

  • Main Memory Database Systems af Thomas Neumann Spar 13%
    af Thomas Neumann, Alfons Kemper, Frans Faerber, mfl.

    This monograph provides an overview of recent developments in main-memory database systems.

  • JMP Connections af John Wubbel Spar 30%
    - The Art of Utilizing Connections In Your Data
    af John Wubbel

  • Display Advertising with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Behavioural Targeting af Zhang Spar 13%
    af Zhang, Jun Wang, Weinan & mfl.

    Offers insightful knowledge of real-world systems, to bridge the gaps between industry and academia, and to provide an overview of the fundamental infrastructure, algorithms, and technical and research challenges of the new frontier of computational advertising.

  • Applications of Topic Models af Jordan Boyd-Graber Spar 13%
    af Jordan Boyd-Graber, Yuening Hu & David Minmo

    Applications of Topic Models describes the recent academic and industrial applications of topic models with the goal of launching a young researcher capable of building their own applications of topic models.

  • Searching the Enterprise af Udo Kruschwitz Spar 13%
    af Udo Kruschwitz & Charlie Hull

    This monograph explores the main issues involved in enterprise search both from a research as well as a practical point of view. It plots the landscape of enterprise search and its links to related areas, identifying key features before surveying the field in more detail.

  • Era of Big Spatial Data af Ahmed Eldawy Spar 13%
    - A Survey
    af Ahmed Eldawy & Mohamed F. Mokbel

    There has been a recent marked increase in the amount of spatial data collected by smart phones, space telescopes, and medical devices, among others. The increased volume has brought into focus the need for specialized systems to handle big spatial data. This volume summarizes the state-of-the-art in this area.

  • Event Streams in Action af Alexander Dean
    - Real-time event systems with Kafka and Kinesis
    af Alexander Dean

  • Semantic Search on Text and Knowledge Bases af Hannah Bast Spar 13%
    af Hannah Bast, Bjorn Buchhold & Elmar Haussmann

    Provides a comprehensive overview of the broad area of semantic search on text and knowledge bases. Semantic search is studied in a variety of different communities with a variety of different views of the problem.

  • Online Evaluation for Information Retrieval af Katja Hofmann Spar 13%
    af Katja Hofmann, Lihong Li & Filip Radlinski

    Online evaluation is one of the most common approaches to measure the effectiveness of an information retrieval system. It involves fielding the information retrieval system to real users, and observing these users' interactions in situ while they engage with the system. This book provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the topic.

  • Emerging Technologies in Biomedical Engineering and Sustainable TeleMedicine Spar 13%

    This book presents the most recent research and applications in Biomedical Engineering, electronic health and TeleMedicine.

  • Mastering Spark with R af Javier Luraschi Spar 30%
    - The Complete Guide to Large-Scale Analysis and Modeling
    af Javier Luraschi, Kevin Kuo & Edgar Ruiz

  • Cloud-Native Data Center Networking af Dinesh G Dutt Spar 31%
    - Architecture, Protocols, and Tools
    af Dinesh G Dutt

  • Applied Data Analytics af Australia) Agbinya
    - Principles and Applications
    af Australia) Agbinya & Johnson I. (Melbourne Institute of Technology

    Explores some of the most sought after techniques in big data analytics. Establishing strong foundations in these topics provides practical ease when big data analyses are undertaken using the widely available open source and commercially orientated computation platforms, languages and visualisation systems.

  • Crypto Trader af Glen Goodman Spar 26%
    - How anyone can make money trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
    af Glen Goodman

    The real-life trades and strategies of a successful cryptocurrency trader.

  • Step by Step Databases af Alan Dillon
    af Alan Dillon

    Third edition of this popular, easy-to-use textbook, updated for the revised Database Methods Level 5 module [5N0783], which details fundamental database methods while providing for practical experience in database design, implementation and organisation.

  • New Perspectives on Microsoft (R) Access 2013, Introductory af Sharon Scollard
    af Sharon Scollard, Joseph J. Adamski & Kathy Finnegan

    With proven pedagogy that emphasizes critical-thinking, problem-solving, and coverage, this title helps students develop the Microsoft Office 2013 skills they need to be successful in college and beyond.

  • Resource Management in Utility and Cloud Computing af Xiaolin Li Spar 10%
    af Xiaolin Li & Han Zhao

    This SpringerBrief reviews the existing market-oriented strategies for economically managing resource allocation in distributed systems. The second scheme targets a free-trade resource market, studying the interactions amongst multiple rational resource traders.

  • New Perspectives on Microsoft (R) Access 2013, Comprehensive af Sharon Scollard
    af Sharon Scollard, Joseph J. Adamski & Kathy Finnegan

    With proven pedagogy that emphasizes critical-thinking, problem-solving, and in-depth coverage, this book helps students develop the Microsoft Office 2013 skills they need to be successful in college and beyond.

  • Text Mining with Machine Learning af Czech Republic) Zizka
    - Principles and Techniques
    af Czech Republic) Zizka, Jan (Mendel University, Czech Republic) Darena, mfl.

  • Problem-Solving Cases in Microsoft (R) Access (TM) and Excel (R), International Edition af Ellen Monk
    af Ellen Monk, Gerard Cook & Joseph Brady

    Helps you apply the Access[registered] database management system and Excel[registered] spreadsheet to analyze and solve real-world, business problems. This book offers six individual tutorials that build a practical knowledge of each software application's capabilities, while twelve case studies present scenarios and problems common in business.

  • Information Technology, Systems Research, and Computational Physics Spar 13%

    This book highlights a broad range of modern information technology tools, techniques, investigations and open challenges, mainly with applications in systems research and computational physics.

  • Database Principles af Carlos (Manchester Metropolitan University) Coronel
    - Fundamentals of Design, Implementations and Management (with CourseMate and eBook Access Card)
    af Carlos (Manchester Metropolitan University) Coronel, Keeley (Middle Tennessee State University) Crockett, Steven (Middle Tennessee State University) Morris & mfl.

    Suitable for a course in databases at undergraduate level, this title provides essential material for conversion postgraduate courses. It maintains a balance between theory and practice and offers a wealth of examples throughout.

  • Logical and Relational Learning af Luc de Raedt Spar 10%
    af Luc de Raedt

    The first textbook ever to cover multi-relational data mining and inductive logic programming, this book fully explores logical and relational learning. Ideal for graduate students and researchers, it also looks at statistical relational learning.

  • Building Accounting Systems Using Access 2010, International Edition af James (University of San Diego) Perry
    af James (University of San Diego) Perry

    Provides a concrete foundation for database theory and shows students how to construct effective accounting systems.

  • Principles of Distributed Database Systems af M. Tamer Ozsu Spar 12%
    af M. Tamer Ozsu & Patrick Valduriez

    This, the third edition of the classic textbook explores fundamental theory as well as practical techniques and algorithms, and features fresh chapters on aspects such as database replication and integration as well as emerging topics such as cloud computing.

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