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  • - Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End
    af Atul Gawande
    106,95 kr.

    Being Mortal, a profound piece of literature penned by the acclaimed author Atul Gawande, is a book that delves deep into the human condition. Published in 2015 by Profile Books Ltd, this book is a significant contribution to its genre. Gawande, with his expert storytelling, takes the reader on a journey exploring the realities of aging and death, and how we deal with them in the modern world. He poses challenging questions about how we can make the end of life more humane. Being Mortal is a thought-provoking read that will leave you contemplating long after you've turned the last page.

  • - The Anatomy of Crime
    af Val McDermid
    96,95 kr.

  • - Why Things Spread - and Why They Stop
    af Adam Kucharski
    113,95 - 173,95 kr.

  • - An Encyclopedia of Feeling from Anger to Wanderlust
    af Tiffany Watt-Smith
    106,95 kr.

  • - Life, Death and Art in the Middle Ages
    af Jack Hartnell
    126,95 kr.

  • - Why play really matters, and 101 ways to get more of it in your life
    af Michael Rosen
    133,95 kr.

  • - The New Science of Sunlight and How it Shapes Our Bodies and Minds
    af Linda (Features Editor) Geddes
    103,95 kr.

  • - The Unfolding Story
    af Susie Orbach
    113,95 kr.

    In this new and updated edition of the groundbreaking In Therapy, world-renowned therapist Susie Orbach reveals what really goes on in therapy.

  • - A New History of Thought Control
    af Daniel Pick
    128,95 - 198,95 kr.

  • - Why we feel better when bad things happen to other people
    af Tiffany Watt Smith
    93,95 kr.

  • - A junior doctor's stories of compassion & burnout
    af Joanna Cannon
    103,95 - 147,95 kr.

  • - Love Letters to the Body by Great Writers
    af Philip Kerr, Various, Chibundu Onuzo, mfl.
    123,95 kr.

  • - A Doctor's Notes on Medicine & Human Change
    af Gavin Francis
    133,95 - 166,95 kr.

  • - The History and Science of How We Talk to Ourselves
    af Charles Fernyhough
    126,95 kr.

  • - A Story of Hearing Lost and Found
    af Bella Bathurst
    123,95 kr.

  • - Travels Through Indian Medicine
    af Aarathi Prasad
    123,95 kr.

  • af Gavin Francis
    133,95 kr.

    Oliver Sacks meets Bear Grylls in this unique voyage around the human body, from the prize-winning author of Empire Antarctica. Now available in paperback.

  • - A journey through the dark
    af John Hull
    123,95 kr.

    A unique and moving account of one man's struggle to come to terms with losing his sight.

  • - What Statistics Can Tell Us About Sexual Behaviour
    af David Spiegelhalter
    148,95 kr.

    Everything you ever wanted to know about sex (and statistics!).

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