Can law make Life (too) Simple? af Tine Sommer Bog, Hardback

Can law make Life (too) Simple?

- From gene patents to the patenting of environmentally sound technologies


 At the heart of this doctoral thesis are the challenges to modern patent law, particularly from the rapid developments in biotechnology.  This book focuses on human gene patents, patents in the animal world, and the pressures put on the patent system by the climate change debate. However, the title looks at patent law from a multilevel and fragmented perspective, including taking a critical view of the increasing involvement of the EU in procedural and substantive patent law.    Indholdsoversigt Preface Summary in Danish Table of Abbreviations  PART I: MULTI LEVEL REGULATION AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES Chapter 1. Subject, Method and Theory  Chapter 2. Protection of Biotechnology: A Frozen Statute?Chapter 3. The Power of the PlaymakersChapter 4. Morality in Europe    PART II: THE HUMAN GENOME Chapter 5. Field Restrictions  Chapter 6. Inherited Diseases  Chapter 7. An Empirical Case Study: Huntington’s disease, spinal muscular atrophy, Canavan’s disease, cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease    PART III: THE ANIMAL KINGDOM Chapter 8. Patenting the Animal Kingdom? From Cross-Breeding to Genetic Make-Up and Biomedical Research    PART IV: PATENT LAW: A BELLWETHER FOR GLOBAL CONCERNS Chapter 9. Designing Substantive Patent Law: From Life Sciences to Climate Change? Chapter 10. Patent Law: A Bellwether for Global Concerns Bibliography  Appendices Index  

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  • 5. juli 2013

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