Commercial and Economic Law  in Denmark af Peter Møgelvang-Hansen eds. Bog, Hæftet

Commercial and Economic Law in Denmark


This book provides a clear overview of the commercial and economic legislation and policy in Denmark. It is primarily designed to assist lawyers representing parties with interests in Denmark or otherwise handling cases connected with Denmark within the field of commercial and economic law.The book will also be of great value to students and practitioners as a quick guide and easy-to-use practical resource in the field, and especially to academicians and researchers engaged in comparative studies by providing the necessary, basic material of commercial and economic law.Co-published by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.IndholdsoversigtThe AuthorsList of AbbreviationIntroductionPART I. COMMERCIAL LAWChapter 1. Concepts and Sources of Commercial LawChapter 2. The Economic OperatorsChapter 3. The Economic InstitutionsChapter 4. General Obligations on Economic OperatorsChapter 5. Business Assets, Goodwill and Commercial Property RightsChapter 6. Bankruptcy and Related InstitutionsChapter 7. Negotiable InstrumentsChapter 8. Stock and Commodity ExchangesChapter 9. Commercial ContractsChapter 10. Commercial SecuritiesPART II. ECONOMIC LAWChapter 1. State Intervention in Economic ActivitiesChapter 2. Law of Establishment and Supervision of Commercial ActivitiesChapter 3. State Incentives of Economic ActivitiesChapter 4. Competition LawChapter 5. State Regulation of the Conditions of Commercial TransactionsSelected BibliographyIndex

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  • 9788757432398
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  • Hæftet
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  • 20. December 2013

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