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Contracts in English


More and more international contracts today are not only drafted in English, but also rely on the principles of Anglo-American common law. This book is intended to provide a general introduction to both the basic common law legal concepts as well as the language of common law contracts.It is intended not only for lawyers and law students, but also business people, negotiators and managers who have to deal with English language contracts as part of their work. Through the use of cases, examples, and by highlighting key differences between common law and civil law an overview is given of the typical contract pitfalls faced in negotiating, drafting, understanding and implementing cross-border contracts. In particular, there is a discussion of the specific translation traps of the English and German language in contracts, and possible solutions are suggested. Table of ContentsForewordIntroduction, Purpose, MethodList of StatutesList of CasesInternet ResourcesAbbreviations1. Background: Anglo-American Contracts2. What is a "Contract"?3. Contract Formation4. Extra-contractual Liability5. Legal Language of Contracts6. Liability for Breach7. Contract Structure and Organisation8. Typical Boilerplate ClausesAppendix I: BibliographyAppendix II: General Glossary of TerminologyAppendix III: Statutes and Other Legal Materials

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  • 20. Maj 2010

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