Corporate Citizenship in Developing Countries af Esben Rahbek Pedersen E-bog, ePub

Corporate Citizenship in Developing Countries

- New Partnership Perspectives

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The concept of corporate citizenship is becoming increasingly popular in business and academia - scholars and practitioners sing its praise in speeches, annual reports and journal articles and more and more companies are now adopting social and environmental management standards, labelling schemes and reporting systems. Corporate citizenship is also a number one issue on the donor agenda. In the last decade, numerous international organisations, bilateral donor agencies and NGOs have tried to promote corporate citizenship either directly or indirectly through a wide range of public-private partnership programmes, cleaner technology programmes, investment support programmes, business-to-business programmes, etc. Based on an analysis of corporate citizenship in a development context and the experiences and lessons learned from the abovementioned initiatives, the book discusses how new partnerships can improve the social and environmental standards in the least developed countries. The anthology is based on contributions from academics and practitioners with expertise in corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility, private sector development, etc.

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  • 25. November 2011

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