Das Ständebuch af Hans Sachs et al. E-bog, PDF

Das Ständebuch

- Band I, Text. Band II, Materialien


The publication, in two volumes, examines the fifteenth-century masterpiece by the German artist, Jost Amman, and shoemaker and poet, Hans Sachs. Volume I contains a facsimile and transcription of the Book of Trades (Ständebuch) printed in 1568 with woodcuts by Jost Amman and poems by Hans Sachs and a transcription of a handwritten manuscript of the Ständebuch by Hans Sachs dated 1565. Volume 2 contains a commentary as well as a chapter on the differences between the 1568 edition and the second edition of 1774. Text in German.

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  • 9788779347427
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  • 11. September 2009

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