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Dinner with Friends


This book is a byproduct of patience and great imagination. Putting it all together has been a real adventure. All recipes are original. The recipes will enrich your cooking menu and enhance your reputation as a superb hostess. The ingredients used are readily available in supermarkets and health food stores. No special cooking equipment is needed. Recipe results may vary though depending upon the quality of ingredient used. I offer you a priceless opportunity to try making your own creative menu. Its fun! So, pick a recipe. Give it a try and enjoy!The main part of this book is the authentic recipes that are the outcome of a blend of history, customs, taste and symbols. It is much more than a detailed exploration of Eastern European and Asian cookery. These recipes reflect the breadth of different nationalities, countries, and cultures.You will find out about table settings, etiquette and the language of flowers. You will also learn about the most famous drink in the world - the Tea. You will be taught about cosmetics from your kitchen! The final chapter invites you on an exclusive journey. Food-lovers will find new, original recipes of the other continent, such as Slovenian cuisine, Baltic cuisine, Northern cuisine, Caukasian cuisine, and Central Asian cuisine.

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  • 9781462002184
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  • 18. marts 2011

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