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Early Childhood Education in Five Nordic Countries af Stig Broström E-bog, PDF

Early Childhood Education in Five Nordic Countries

- Perspectives on the Transition from Preschool to School

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This book describes early childhood education and preschool-to-school transition practices in five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Authors examine the impact of history, politics, philosophy and tradition upon contemporary child welfare and education, revealing af great deal about Nordic culture, values and themes, such as egalitarianism, cooperation, and requirements for "a good childhood life." Contributing authors are all respected scholars and child advocates with vast reserach and teaching experience in their home countries, as well a considerable experience in cross-cultural study and collaboration. The Nordic transition story is, at once, as big as the five countries represented in the book and as small as a single child marching off to "real school" for the first time in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, or elsewhere in the modern world.

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  • 9788776754822
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  • 1. Januar 2007

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