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  • Haunted Planet af Ailynn Collins Spar 18%
    af Ailynn Collins

    After years of traveling through space, a crew of humans has finally found an uninhabited world to colonize. Almost twelve-year-old twins Evie and Emery Linn decide to sneak out and explore their new home. But on the surface, Evie starts noticing troubling signs. Plants curl tightly around her finger, as if they were alive. Strange tracks lead off into a dark cavern. Evie can't help but wonder--are they truly alone on this planet?

  • Final Mission af Steve Brezenoff Spar 18%
    af Steve Brezenoff

    Twelve-year-old Amelia and the dog-boy Greeny have disobeyed their captain's orders. They stowed away to join a mission where they'll gather valuable junk from a debris field. But soon the life signs of the adult crew members blink off. Alarms start blaring, "e;Intruder alert!"e; Aliens have boarded their ship. Can Amelia and Greeny escape the deadly invaders, or will they be destined to join the lifeless mass of space scrap?

  • Boy in the Smoke af Maureen Johnson
    af Maureen Johnson

    A SHADES OF LONDON exclusive World Book Day storyOn a cold night, Stephen Dene went to the Eton boathouse to perform a desperate act. But someone stopped him along the way, sending his life in a new and decidedly strange direction--leading him to London, to two new friends, and to a world of shadows and mystery.

  • Ministry of Ghosts af Alex Shearer Spar 16%
    af Alex Shearer

    A spooky, funny mystery with ghost-hunting, useless adults ... and teaThruppence and Tim don't know what they're getting themselves into when they ring the bell at the house with dusty windows and a tarnished name plate to enquire about the advertised 'Saturday Person'. What could be so difficult about an unspecified Saturday job? Well, had that name plate been properly cleaned, Thruppence and Tim might not have been so keen to enter ... Pressured by the stern Minister Beeston from the Department of Economies, the Ministry of Ghosts has been given three months to prove the existence or non-existence of ghosts, or else it will be shut down! As it seems that children are particularly magnetic to ghosts and supernatural beings, Thruppence and Tim are added to their ghost-catching team. And although neither of them are scared by talk of ghosts or monsters, they couldn't have imagined the truth behind what they will find ...

  • Ghosts on Board: A SHRUNK! Adventure af Fleur Hitchcock Spar 16%
    af Fleur Hitchcock

    Something spooky is happening in Bywater-by-Sea...Victor, the ghost, is desperate to get off dreary Black Hall Island, so he steals a ride on an unsuspecting tourist boat back to Bywater-by-Sea. Two other ghosts - the terribly vain Flora Rose and the lonely but friendly Billy - know he is up to no good, so they follow him. Victor soon realises that the town is not what it seems, and his new ordinary friends, Tom, Jacob and Eric, have some very unusual powers. While Tom is distracted, trying to stop a corporation from building a theme park over his Field Craft hut, Victor sees his opportunity to take over the world. This SHRUNK story was created on The Story Adventure website, where each week, Fleur wrote a new chapter inspired by ideas from hundreds of school children, whose names are printed in the back of the book.

  • As Black as Ebony af Salla Simukka Spar 16%
    af Salla Simukka

    The final story in the thrilling Nordic crime series The Snow White Trilogy, an international success published in 52 territories worldwide and soon to be a Hollywood film. 'Fans of Nesbo and Larsson won't be disappointed' Publishers Weekly Secrets turn to poison in this YA Scandi crime thriller where Lumikki Andersson must uncover a dark personal truth to outwit her murderous stalker. . . Lumikki has a new boyfriend - easygoing, gorgeous Sampsa - but she is unfaithful in her dreams, longing for the electrifying touch of her ex, Blaze. Then the threats start arriving, from someone who seems to know Lumikki intimately. Sharing her fears risks deadly consequences, so now she is more alone than ever. When Blaze suddenly reappears, Lumikki is torn. She can't deny the chemistry between them, but can she trust him? To stop the killer, Lumikki must uncover a dark secret that has haunted her family for years.AS BLACK AS EBONY is the final dramatic chapter in the thrilling, contemporary 'Snow White' trilogy by award-winning author Salla Simukka.

  • Under My Skin af Juno Dawson Spar 16%
    af Juno Dawson

    Meet Molly Sue. Once she's under your skin there's no getting rid of her...Seventeen-year-old Sally Feather is not exactly a rebel. Her super-conservative parents and her treatment at the hands of high school bullies means that Sally's about as shy and retiring as they come - but all that's about to change. Accidentally ending up in the seedier side of town one day, Sally finds herself mysteriously lured to an almost-hidden tattoo parlour - and once inside, Sally is quickly seduced by its charming owner, Rosita, and her talk of how having a secret tattoo can be as empowering as it is thrilling. Almost before she knows what she is doing, Sally selects sexy pin-up Molly Sue, and has her tattooed on her back - hoping that Molly Sue will inspire her to be as confident and popular as she is in her dreams.But things quickly take a nightmareish turn. Almost immediately, Sally begins to hear voices in her head - or rather, one voice in particular: Molly Sue's. And she has no interest in staying quiet and being a good girl - in fact, she's mighty delighted to have a body to take charge of again. Sally slowly realises that she is unable to control Molly Sue... and before long she's going to find out the hard way what it truly means to have somebody 'under your skin'.

  • Fault Lines af D. J. McCune Spar 16%
    af D. J. McCune

    It takes courage to choose life.Adam's been coasting for too long. As the youngest male in a family charged with taking the dead to the afterlife, all eyes are on him to continue the Luman legacy. But Adam has dreams of his own: a girlfriend who knows nothing of his deep dark secrets, including a gift for seeing death before it happens. These things are increasingly hard to ignore.The time has come for Adam to face up to the truth and challenge his destiny. When his father allows him one last opportunity to be a regular teenager and travel to Japan on a school trip. Adam could never have imagined that this alone would force his hand. But his terrifying premonition of a devastating tsunami due to hit Japan means he has to act fast and stop it before it happens. There's no going back now: if he saves thousands from a terrible fate, he must also risk the wrath of all Lumen... Is he man enough to take it on?

  • Grey Girl af Eleanor Hawken Spar 16%
    af Eleanor Hawken

    A gripping, spooky sequel to THE BLUE LADYPoor Suzy thought she'd never get over the terrifying events from her time at St Marks, but she's resolved to put all thoughts of ghosts and murders (and school...) behind her as she sets off to stay in her aunt's country estate for the summer. Unfortunately, that quickly looks unlikely. Almost as soon as she arrives Suzy begins to feel watched, and she starts to see strange things. Things like a mysterious grey girl running towards the abandoned boathouse in the dead of the night. Is the girl real - or something altogether more sinister?Helped by the rather hunky Nate (not that Suzy's letting herself get distracted, of course) Suzy sets out to discover exactly what happened to this girl. She's determined not to let another ghost get the better of her, but she might not have any choice in the matter...

  • Death & Co. af D. J. McCune
    af D. J. McCune

    What sort of a life is death?Adam is a Luman, and it runs in the family. Escorting the dead from life into light, Adam must act as guide to those taken before their time. As his older brothers fall into their fate however, Adam clings to his life as a normal kid - one who likes girls, hates the Head and has a pile of homework to get through by Monday morning. When Adam gets a terrible premonition he realises that he must make a devastating choice, risking his life, his family and his destiny.

  • Constable & Toop af Gareth P. Jones Spar 16%
    af Gareth P. Jones

    A darkly comic Dickensian ghost story from Blue Peter Award winner Gareth P. Jones: it's not the dead you'll need to worry about!Sam Toop lives in a funeral parlour, blessed (or cursed) with an unusual gift. While his father buries the dead, Sam is haunted by their constant demands for attention. Trouble is afoot on the 'other side' - there is a horrible disease that is mysteriously imprisoning ghosts into empty houses in the world of the living. And Sam is caught in the middle - will he be able to bring himself to help?Blue Peter Award winner Gareth P. Jones has woven a darkly comic story, a wonderfully funny adventure that roams the grimy streets of Victorian London.

  • Beware! af R.L. Stine
    af R.L. Stine

    Dim the lights. Lock the doors. Pull down the shadesand BEWARE! It's time to read the favorite scary stories of R.L. Stine, bestselling childrens author and master of the spooky tale.R.L. Stine has gathered a selection of all things scary, and even added two new tales of his own! Short stories, fables old and new, comics, and poems. Its a spine-tingling collection of work by dozens of writers and artists who are famous for hair-raising fun.Discover a ghastly secret in a retelling of the classic story "e;The Judges House,"e; by Bram Stoker. Peek into a Christmas stocking that holds a shocking surprise in a Vault of Horror comic, "e;A Sock for Christmas."e; Meet an ice-cream man who will chill your blood in "e;Mister Ice Cold"e; by Gahan Wilson.But first, visit an evil carnival in "e;The Black Ferris,"e; by Ray Bradbury. R.L. Stine says that this story changed his life! Be sure to read all the introductionsbecause R.L. reveals why he picked these stories just for you, and why he finds them the creepiest ... the funniest ... the scariest! BEWARE!

  • Pirat Bent og De knivskarpe tissemyrer af Nikolaj Højberg Spar 18%
    af Nikolaj Højberg

    Bent er 10 år gammel og er en vaskeægte pirat. Han har netop gået et år i Piratskolen for at lære at være kaptajn på RødeYrsa, og nu er han sendt i praktik sammen med sin besætning. Deres opgave er at hente en kistefuld knivskarpe tissemyrerpå en øde tropeø. Opgaven lyder nem, men det er den ikke. Myrerne lever på toppen af en rygende vulkan, og de kan æde et menneske på et øjeblik.Vulkanen og myrerne er dog ikke den eneste fare, som Bent og hans besætning skal overleve. Superstrisseren Sigurd Jernnævedukker nemlig op med sit skib Sorte Sara. Et skib, der både er hurtigere og farligere end Røde Yrsa. Det bliver svært for Bentat nå at hente en kistefuld tissemyrer, inden Sigurd Jernnæve skyder Røde Yrsa til pindebrænde. Specielt, da Bents bedste venbegår mytteri.

  • Rædsomme Henry og det hovedløse spøgelse af Kara May
    af Kara May

    Lady Ann er et genfærd, der går rundt med hovedet under armen, fordi hun engang er blevet halshugget. Da hun møder det ultrafrække spøgelse Rædsomme Henry, må hun bruge al sin list på at forsøge at forandre ham, så han kan begynde at opføre sig lidt bedre.Kara May er en britisk manuskript- og børnebogsforfatter.

  • Heksedansen i Harrebjerg Kirke af Peter Gotthardt
    af Peter Gotthardt

    En bonde på sin hest er på vej hjem i regn og mørke. Det er den sidste aften i oktober – Halloween eller Alle Sjæles Nat, som det hed i gamle dage. Den nat kan spøgelser, hekse og andre uhyggelige utysker færdes frit fremme. Da bonden kommer til den forladte kirke på Harrebjerg, ser han et syn, han sent vil glemme.Peter Gotthardt (f. 1946) er en dansk børnebogsforfatter og oprindeligt uddannet bibliotekar. I 2006 stoppede Gotthardt som bibliotekar på et børnebibliotek for udelukkende at koncentrere sig om sin forfattergerning. En del af arbejdet som bibliotekar bestod i at holde arrangementer for børn, og her fandt Gotthardt ud af, at den gode historie er noget, som kan få børn til at engagere sig. Inspireret af de historier, han fortalte børnene, udgav han i 1984 sin litterære debut i form af et udvalg af eventyr kaldet "Finn og hans mænd og den røde heks". Efterfølgende har Peter Gotthardt udgivet et utal af børnebøger, heriblandt "Jagten på Mesterbogen" (2000) og "De døde kommer om natten" (2003).

  • Lærerens darling af Henrik Einspor Spar 16%
    af Henrik Einspor

    Da Rose og Viola tager en gammel dukke med til legetøjsdag i skolen, går det galt. For dukken viser sig at være besat af en ånd. Og snart får deres lærer en ny yndlingselev.Endnu en skrupskør historie med to søstre, som ikke er helt almindelige.

  • Tåge over Kuldskær af Henrik Einspor Spar 16%
    af Henrik Einspor

    Rose og Viola er på ferie hos deres distræte forfatteronkel. Og de keder sig. Men så finder de en flaskepost på stranden. Et nødråb fra den ensomme ø Kuldskær. Derude ligger en svagbørnskoloni. En skrap forstanderinde styrer stedet med hård hånd. Men nu har børnene fundet en skat. Og de har brug for hjælp. Rose og Viola beslutter sig for at besøge øen. Og de tager deres onkel med.Endnu en skrupskør historie med to søstre, som ikke er helt almindelige.

  • Djævelens værk af Per Gammelgaard
    af Per Gammelgaard

    Det er ikke, fordi Fritz er synderligt bange for det overnaturlige. Han har stået over for et spøgelse og en forvandlet afdød tjener, så da kokkepigen finder en død kat i et kar med syrnet mælk, burde det ikke være nogen større sag for Fritz. Men så begynder der at ske mystiske ting på slottet, og Fritz må finde ud af, hvordan han kan stoppe dem...I bøgerne om Den lyseblå Baron følger vi drengen Fritz, der går under navnet Den lyseblå Baron, på hans mange spændende eventyr. Vi møder blandt andet vaskeægte spøgelser, finder et kranie fra Kina og går på opdagelse i det gamle slot, hvor Fritz bor.Per Gammelgaard (f. 1948) blev uddannet bibliotekar i 1973 og har siden da skrevet en række digtsamlinger. I 1981 debuterede han som romanforfatter med "Er du hjemme, Johanne?"

  • Varulvens skygge af Chris Priestley Spar 18%
    af Chris Priestley

    Illustreret, humoristisk, action-packed og creepy fortælling om to kiksede kostskoledrenges detektivarbejde for at finde deres skoles forsvundne trofæ Skoleskeen. Varulve, vikinger, spøgelser og tidsrejser bliver blandet sammen i et stort kaos af et mysterium, som de to drenge skal forsøge at løse.Pressen skriver:»Hvis du snupper en bog fra hylden med titlen Varulvens skygge, forventer du sikkert, at den handler om varulve. Men i dette tilfælde vil du blive overrasket, for selvom der ganske rigtigt er en varulv eller to med i handlingen, kommer de først så sent, at du har glemt alt om væsner, der er halvt mennesker, halvt ulve. I stedet nyder du bare turen gennem denne omgang klassisk engelsk vandvidsskriveri.«- Emil Blichfeldt, Weekendavisen»Smaddergod højtlæsningsbog fra 7-8 år eller som selvlæsning fra 9-10 år til fans af sjove bøger. Den er ikke uhyggelig på trods af den gotiske følelse og de besynderlige karakterer. Det er ren spas og løjer på den lækre absurde måde vi ofte ser fra England. Anbefales.«- Bibliotekat, Istagram

  • Walka psów af Ulla Rasmussen
    af Ulla Rasmussen

    Próbowałem go powstrzymać. Pociągnąłem za jego kurtkę. – Henriku, jesteś nienormalny! Nie lepiej zadzwonić po policję? – Zanim zdążą tu dotrzeć, Rollo może być już martwy! Puść mnie! Puściłem go i zniknął w środku. Usłyszałem słabe uderzenie, kiedy wylądował na podłodze.Ostrożnie podniosłem się na kolana i zerknąłem za żywopłot. Dwaj mężczyźni, którzy stali wcześniej obok schodów do piwnicy, szli w moją stronę.Mikkel i Henrik postanowili zająć się psem o imieniu Rollo. Rollo jest psem bojowym. Pies bojowy to pies morderca. Jeśli atakuje, walczy na śmierć i życie. Mikkel to wie. Wiedzą to też pewni tajemniczy mężczyźni... Ulla Rasmussen (ur. 1961 r.) − duńska autorka książek dla dzieci, nauczycielka sztuk wizualnych, pedagog. Ma bogate doświadczenie w przekazywaniu niesamowitych historii, które budzą ogromne zainteresowanie dzieci. Zadebiutowała w 2006 r. serią horrorów dla młodych czytelników.

  • Du är död, Tobias! af Jørn Jensen
    af Jørn Jensen

    Tobias och hans storasyster Simone har lovat sin pappa att cykla till posten och skicka iväg ett paket. Precis när de kommit längst fram i den långa kön händer något underligt. Plötsligt hör de en massa oväsen, och en man med rånarluva hoppar upp på disken. Rånaren vill ha alla pengar i kassan, och Tobias tror att hans hjärta ska stanna. Hans pappa har berättat om hur rån kan sluta, och rånaren som viftar med en pistol framför Tobias ansikte verkar inte ha någon vänlighet i sig. Ska Tobias och hans syster lyckas hitta ett sätt att gömma sig från rånaren?"Kallt blod" är en serie rysare som är riktiga bladvändare. Böckerna tar med den unge läsaren på hårresande äventyr, som slutar väl.Jørn Jensen är en väldigt uppskattad dansk barnboksförfattare. Hans böcker är både spännande och roliga, och älskas av unga läsare.

  • Gyserklubben. Ånden i glasset af Jacob Weinreich
    af Jacob Weinreich

    En ånd leder Gyserklubben ud i mosen. De har leget 'ånden i glasset' og der er sket meget mere, end de regnede med. De finder heksen i mosen, men hun har brug for hjælp. Tør de redde hende?Jacob Weinreich (f. 1972) er en dansk roman- og manuskriptforfatter. Efter et ophold på Den Europæiske FIlmhøjskole i Ebeltoft blev han optaget på Den Danske Filmskole og skrev samtidig romaner. Han har især gjort sig bemærket med ungdomsserien "Monsterjægerne", der også er blevet filmatiseret. Han har været nomineret til både en Robert og en Orla for sit arbejde som forfatter.

  • Gyserklubben. Stemmer i mørket af Jacob Weinreich
    af Jacob Weinreich

    Gyserklubben finder en taske propfyldt med penge i en gammel mølle, hvor de skal overnatte. Pengene kommer fra et røveri, men der er ingen andre i møllen. Hvor er røverne blevet af? Jacob Weinreich (f. 1972) er en dansk roman- og manuskriptforfatter. Efter et ophold på Den Europæiske FIlmhøjskole i Ebeltoft blev han optaget på Den Danske Filmskole og skrev samtidig romaner. Han har især gjort sig bemærket med ungdomsserien "Monsterjægerne", der også er blevet filmatiseret. Han har været nomineret til både en Robert og en Orla for sit arbejde som forfatter.

  • Gyserklubben. Voodoo-dukken af Jacob Weinreich
    af Jacob Weinreich

    En farlig fange er sluppet ud af fængslet, og Gyserklubben er helt alene hjemme. Skal de være bange? Hvad hvis fangen bryder ind hos dem?Jacob Weinreich (f. 1972) er en dansk roman- og manuskriptforfatter. Efter et ophold på Den Europæiske Filmhøjskole i Ebeltoft blev han optaget på Den Danske Filmskole og skrev samtidig romaner. Han har især gjort sig bemærket med ungdomsserien "Monsterjægerne", der også er blevet filmatiseret. Han har været nomineret til både en Robert og en Orla for sit arbejde som forfatter.

  • Bersbogruvans hemlighet af Ann-Mari Tormalm
    af Ann-Mari Tormalm

    En mystisk man dyker upp i Bersbo på Valborgsmässoafton. Ella och Adam lägger direkt märke till honom. Han sticker ut från mängden. Han verkar bära på någon hemlighet. När de börjar nysta i hans bakgrund, kommer det fram saker som knyter honom till Sofia, en gåtfull ung kvinna vars gravsten Ella ofta besöker. Detta blir upptakten till en gastkramande och spännande deckare, med rötter i svensk historia.Ann-Mari Tormalm är en svensk författare. Hon har lång erfarenhet bakom sig inom skolvärlden, och hennes böcker utspelar sig inte sällan i skolmiljö.

  • Mężczyzna z przepiłowaną czaszką af Ulla Rasmussen
    af Ulla Rasmussen

    Mikkel i Henrik są w drodze do babci, kiedy pojawia się przed nimi bardzo, bardzo dziwny starszy mężczyzna. Bez wyraźnego powodu krzyczy o ogniach piekielnych, zgrzytach piły tarczowej i o czymś przerażającym, co ma się wydarzyć tej nocy. Po czym milknie. Usilnie prosi chłopców, żeby poszli do domu i zamknęli drzwi na klucz...Ulla Rasmussen (ur. 1961 r.) − duńska autorka książek dla dzieci, nauczycielka sztuk wizualnych, pedagog. Ma bogate doświadczenie w przekazywaniu niesamowitych historii, które budzą ogromne zainteresowanie dzieci. Zadebiutowała w 2006 r. serią horrorów dla młodych czytelników.

  • Mana af Jan Gardemann
    af Jan Gardemann

    Zwei gruselige Horrorgeschichten aus der Feder von Jan Gardemann Mana (Eine randalierende Bande Jugendlicher erlebt eine bose Uberraschung, als sie nachtens ihr Unwesen auf dem Gelande eines Zirkus treibt ...) Rielers Keller (Das erotische Abenteuer zweier Heranwachsender entwickelt sich zu einem Horrortripp ...)

  • Jonny Jakes Investigates the Old School Ghoul af Malcolm Judge Spar 16%
    af Malcolm Judge

    It's been one hundred years since Head Teacher Victory Piggot terrified his last pupil, but now he's back. Sort of. With him have come cruel punishments and way too many sports lessons. He's got to go. And he doesn't stand a ghost of a chance against Jonny Jakes. Right?

  • Soul Shadows af Alex Woolf Spar 16%
    af Alex Woolf

    Estelle thinks that a stay in a remote cottage will give her the peace and quiet that she needs, but the nearby wood holds a terrible secret. Can she and her friend Sandor discover what's going on in the mysterious military lab before it's too late? Soul Shadows has been shortlisted for the Falkirk Red Book Award 2014.

  • Hush, Now Forget af Mary Gray
    af Mary Gray

    "e;Forget Batman and Robin! This dynamic duo will blow your mind!"e; - Janet Johnson"e;Frost, Eva and their Aunt Maggie are wonderfully drawn, feisty women."e; - InD'Tale Magazine"e;Totally fun and imaginative read. The sisters are relatable, the supernatural is thrilling, and the settings are true-to-life. I am so excited to have a new series!!!"e; - Jennifer RugglesFor fans of the CW's Supernatural, twosisters team up with a pair of hottie hunters to learn the truth about the Blurred Ones-and what exactly makes them a taboo category of the supernatural.No one will tell Eva and Frost the truth about the Blurred Ones. Not their hunter friend, and definitely not the parentals. Maybe it's because Frost spent time in a psychiatric ward and Eva never ceases to think with her hormones. So, when the girls see an opportunity to meet Albert Knox, the most infamous Blurred One of all, they lie about their true plans and head out on their field trip to San Antonio.When the sisters get to town, though, a ghost woman keeps attacking them in their hotel room, and they end up getting one of their classmates killed. Eva thinks she can use her feminine wiles to woo Knox, but he has a couple of more minions than they thought-and she ends up getting tossed through the window. If the sisters and their newfound hottie hunters don't take down Knox soon, he'll permanently attach himself to Eva in a binding ritual.The perfect blend of mystery and spook, Hush, Now Forget is wrought with ghostly legends, possession, heartbreak, sisterly banter, and murder.

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