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  • Ghoulia and the Mysterious Visitor (Book #2) af Cantini Barbara Cantini Spar 20%
    af Cantini Barbara Cantini

    A rollicking mystery with an unexpected hero, this fully-illustrated chapter book continues the adventures of Ghoulia, a lovable, not-so-scary zombie.One dark and stormy night, Ghoulia's cousin Dilbert comes to visit her at Crumbling Manor. She's confused-she didn't invite him, and it turns out that Dilbert's a real grouch. He complains about everything! When Ghoulia tries to track down Auntie Departed to find out why she invited Dilbert, she finds that Auntie has vanished. Ghoulia can't find her. And the doorbell won't stop ringing. One after another, Ghoulia's friends arrive-all with the same mysterious invitation in hand. As the gang searches Crumbling Manor for Auntie Departed, one of their own goes missing. Finally, Dilbert inadvertently solves the mystery in the greenhouse when he finds himself face-to-face with the sinister Chatterbox Ivy. Clue meets Little Shop of Horrors in this fun romp, which includes full-color illustrations and kid-friendly activities.

  • Zombie Cupcakes af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    After enjoying some tasty cupcakes together, siblings Kareem and Amina hear a loud noise in the cupboards. They are horrified when they open the cupboards and find the leftover cupcakes have come to life and are eating each other! Soon the siblings crave more and more cupcakes, and their desire for sweets is making them crazy. Will Kareem and Amina be able to stop the madness before the zombie cupcakes take over? This collection of scary stories will bring you the answer to that question and many others, but you may never want a cupcake again!

  • Goblin in the Grass af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    Having grown up watching her dad tend their lawn, Lisa has always wondered: where does the poison in weedkiller go after the weeds die? When Lisa has a dream one night about a monster that lives below their garden, she doesn't think anything of it - until she goes outside sees a grass goblin and plants with teeth and horrible, gleaming eyes. Is Lisa doomed forever or will she stop the garden madness? Read this collection of scary stories to find out what happens to Lisa and many others.

  • Boy Who Was It af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    A game of tag turns monstrous one night in the forested village of Pine Bluff, where kids who are it for too long transform into something terrifying. When little Mateo goes missing after being it, the kids begin to worry who the next victim will be only to discover that the truth may be scarier than they thought! Follow Mateo and others in this collection of scary stories.

  • Monster in the Letter Box af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    Dory is brand-new to her neighbourhood, so it's a good thing she has a pet monster to keep her company. When she tells the mailman about her monster, he doesn't believe her. When Dory begins to get angry that he's not taking her seriously, she opens up the mailbox to show him the monster - only to find that the mailbox is empty! Is Dory's monster real, or part of her imagination? Find out what happens to Dory, the mailman, and many others in this collection of spooky stories.

  • Raven's Tale af Cat Winters Spar 20%
    af Cat Winters

    Seventeen-year-old Edgar Poe counts down the days until he can escape his foster family-the wealthy Allans of Richmond, Virginia. He hungers for his upcoming life as a student at the prestigious new university, almost as much as he longs to marry his beloved Elmira Royster. However, on the brink of his departure, all his plans go awry when a macabre Muse named Lenore appears to him. Muses are frightful creatures that lead Artists down a path of ruin and disgrace, and no respectable person could possibly understand or accept them. But Lenore steps out of the shadows with one request: "e;Let them see me!"e;

  • Darling Doll af Thomas Kingsley Troupe Spar 17%
    af Thomas Kingsley Troupe

    When a spooky doll begins playing tricks on its new owner, Mrs. LaPierre, the young hauntique hunters of Two Mile Creek have another mystery to solve. They soon find that a local woman used to make dolls by hand from a company called Darling Dolls--but how will they help this doll play nice?

  • Wandering Wagon af Thomas Kingsley Troupe Spar 17%
    af Thomas Kingsley Troupe

    When an old red wagon moves on its own accord, the hauntique hunting crew of Two Mile Creek visits the wagon's new owner, Jim Miller, a local autobody enthusiast. What they find is a story of brotherly rivalry, regret, and--somehow--hope.

  • Phantom's Favourite af Thomas Kingsley Troupe Spar 17%
    af Thomas Kingsley Troupe

    The hauntique hunters of Two Mile Creek are at it again when an old phonograph turns up haunted. This time, the kids team up with a local librarian to uncover mysteries that lead to the discovery that the phonograph once belonged to a lonely woman who died lonely and loved to play a certain favorite song in life that she, now as a spirit, still longs to hear.

  • Ghostly Goalie af Thomas Kingsley Troupe Spar 17%
    af Thomas Kingsley Troupe

    When a new family--the Markles--moves in and opens an antique shop, things begin to change in the small town of Two Mile Creek. Before long, a middle grade foursome forms a friendship and discovers that an old hockey puck sold from the antique store is haunted. What the fearsome foursome must figure out is why the puck is haunted and how they can ease the spirit's troubles.

  • Lost Skeleton af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    Jason wishes he were taller. He wishes his arms were longer. He wishes his nose were shorter. So when Jason discovers a bottle of so-called Skeleton Lotion in a strange shop, he buys it in the hope that it'll give him a killer bod. Sure enough the stuff works! But after a few days of using it, Jason begins to wonder about the side effects of this killer cure . . .

  • Maze Monster af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    Two friends decide to sneak into an abandoned science laboratory to explore, only to find that the lab isn't empty after all. Strange security guards patrol the grounds. Even stranger, almost all of the doors inside are locked. And they keep hearing an eerie, chattering sound around every corner. When they try to leave, they realize that the place is more like a labyrinth than a laboratory - and like most labyrinths, this maze has a monster waiting at the finish line . . .

  • Electric Claw af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    Sarah receives a package in the mail from her recently deceased grandfather: a life-size robotic version of him! Sarah enjoys spending time with robo-grandpa, but her mum thinks the invention is creepy. One night while Sarah sleeps, her mum sends the robot to the scrap heap - leaving only one hand behind. Sarah holds on to it as a memento of her beloved grandfather - but like Sarah, the hand has problems letting go . . .

  • Brain Invaders af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    Diego and Martin decide to skip school. They head to a nearby beach for a day filled with sun, fun and fishing. When clouds begin to dot the sky, the two boys worry they won't be able to work on their tans. When purple lightning strikes, they worry about getting rained on. And when tendrils emerge from a weird boater's mouth, they worry about their lives . . .

  • Lost in Ghostville af John Bladek Spar 17%
    af John Bladek

    Amateur ghost-hunter Trey Newton can't find a single spook, but it's not because his homemade ecto-meter doesn't work. Someone has kidnapped all the ghosts in town, including his Grandma! Suddenly, Trey's goofy plan to get on television and meet his hero - famous ghost-hunter Rex Rangler - turns into a race to save his beloved Grandma's ghost Written by debut middle-grade author John Bladek, Lost in Ghostville funny, fast-paced novel filled with humor, adventure and, of course, spirit! Includes a glossary and discussion questions.

  • Super Scary Ghosts af Megan Cooley Peterson Spar 18%
    af Megan Cooley Peterson

    You hear a loud creak and the lights flicker. Could it be a ghost? You don't have to believe in ghosts to enjoy spine-tingling ghost stories! Get the details about ghosts that supposedly haunt Hampton Court Palace in England and the White House in Washington DC, USA, and discover a ghostly ship of the high seas.

  • Super Scary Monsters af Megan Cooley Peterson Spar 18%
    af Megan Cooley Peterson

    You see a dark figure dart through the trees. Was it just your imagination? Or could it the bloodsucking chupacabra? Scary monster stories have been told since ancient times. Some of these monsters are from ancient myths. Others are said to be on the prowl today. Whatever the case, they're all scary! Get all the details about the hairy bunyip said to live in Australian swamps, the minotaur of Ancient Greek myths, and more creepy monsters.

  • Super Scary Places af Megan Cooley Peterson Spar 18%
    af Megan Cooley Peterson

    Imagine visiting an island covered with thousands of viper snakes. What would it be like to stroll past thousands of skeletons in the catacombs in Paris, France? Dare to discover more about some of the creepiest places around. These spooky places are sure to send chills up your spine!

  • Super Scary Stories af Megan Cooley Peterson Spar 18%
    af Megan Cooley Peterson

    Your heart pounds as your friend tells you a scary story about a headless ghost. Could it be true? Maybe not, but it's still fun to hear! Scary stories come from all around the world. Take a deep breath and settle in to hear about a noisy ghost that was said to haunt an 11-year-old girl, a possessed doll, and more spine-chilling tales.

  • Fade to Black af J. A. Darke Spar 17%
    af J. A. Darke

    Mila Chun wishes she knew what to say to the boy she likes, but she's too shy. So when her best friend, Junie Weid, hands her a script detailing how to converse with him, Mila is relieved. However, it doesn't take long before Mila feels like she's acting in a TV show and decides to ditch her lines. After abandoning the script, Mila experiences strange things. Flashes of light and people laughing in the background, big chunks of her time that go unaccounted for and looming faces that seem to be staring down at her from above. Can Mila figure out what kind of sinister force has taken over her life before the scene fades to black?

  • Do Not Watch af J. A. Darke Spar 17%
    af J. A. Darke

    Having spent much of his childhood snooping around an antique store owned by his father, Sam Valentine is no stranger to encountering eerie objects. When he comes across an old VHS tape in the desk of a late horror movie director, Sam is curious. Its label reads: DO NOT WATCH. But for Sam and his best friends, Olivia and Bashiir, the temptation is too great. Soon after watching it, strange things begin to happen, sicknesses and dreams of the movie's killer haunt them. Are the three friends imagining things? Or is there really an evil being lurking in the dark, seeking out the children who freed him?

  • Werewolf Skin af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    Two brothers and their father plan a hunting trip deep in the woods when a bizarre legend about a werewolf rears its head. Is that dark shape lurking among the trees actually half-human and half-wolf? Professor Igor's tale of terror reveals the dark truth about a terrible family curse. This series of hi-lo books is sure to sink its teeth into reluctant readers--and refuse to let go until the final page. Each book includes discussion and writing questions, a glossary, and educational back matter.

  • Ooze Is It? af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    A group of friends is driving to a private lake for nighttime fishing when a meteor impacts nearby. Meteors can bring thousands of dollars to those lucky enough to find them--after all, they're just oozing with valuable minerals. But this one is oozing with something else, too--something from the darkest corners of space. Listen up as Professor Igor shares his favorite tale of extraterrestrial terror! This series of hi-lo books is sure to grab the attention of any reluctant reader--and refuse to let go until the final page. Each book includes discussion and writing questions, a glossary, and educational back matter.

  • Blood Shark! af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    A school field trip. A pit filled to the brim with fossils. A valuable shark tooth over a million years old. And one bad boy who doesn't know better than to steal from mother nature. Modern-day sharks only live in the ocean, but Professor Igor proves that prehistoric shark bones can be found anywhere. And where there's bones, razor-sharp teeth aren't far behind . . . This series of hi-lo books is sure to sink its teeth into any reluctant reader--and refuse to let go until the final page. Each book includes discussion and writing questions, a glossary, and educational back matter.

  • Jar of Eyeballs af Michael Dahl Spar 17%
    af Michael Dahl

    Kevin is tired of being ignored. No one in school ever seems to notice him, so he decides to win the school science fair prize--no matter what it takes. But Kevin soon finds himself up to his eyeballs in trouble. Readers won't be able to look away from the eye-popping conclusion of this tale from Professor Igor! This series of hi-lo books is sure to keep reluctant readers wide-eyed until the final page. Each book includes discussion and writing questions, a glossary, and educational back matter.

  • Abominable Snow Kid af Sean Patrick O'Reilly Spar 17%
    af Sean Patrick O'Reilly

    Winter has pounced on Transylmania in full force. While the kids are thrilled to have a snow day, their good times are cut short when they realize the cause: an Abominable Snow Kid has moved to Transylmania, and she has brought the cold weather along with her. Will the Mighty, Mighty Monsters be able to fend off this frozen fiend?

  • Gremlin's Curse af Sean Patrick O'Reilly Spar 17%
    af Sean Patrick O'Reilly

    Vlad the usually unflappable vampire is having a really bad day - so bad that he begins to wonder if he's cursed! The Mighty, Mighty Monsters try to help him out, but they seem to only add to Vlad's bad luck. But when the gang spots a new gremlin following Vlad around, they begin to wonder if the little imp has cast a bad luck curse on their friend.

  • In the Deep Woods of Dudleytown af Lorrie Lisi Spar 15%
    af Lorrie Lisi

    In the Deep Woods of Dudleytown takes place in the Connecticut forest, not far from the charming town of Cornwall, under the shadow of three mountains: Bald, Woodbury, and Coltsfoot. Once a tiny but thriving village of farmers who brought their families from England to settle there, the land known as Dudleytown is now a deserted ghost town, nothing but cellar holes and overgrown weeds where homes once stood. One autumn day, a boy sets out on a journey to find the place where made-myths and legends hide. During his hike along Dark Entry Path, he is taunted by the strange Creature-man, but he is soon rescued by a young girl who takes him to a cave deep in the forest. However, what he finds there is a secret more mysterious than the restless spirits that haunt the woods. Beyond the shadows of Dudleytown is a haunting tale of childhood memories, family, courage, and everlasting love.

  • Halloween Night af M. F. Lauder Spar 15%
    af M. F. Lauder, C. A. Kline, Willie and Emma Klinefelter & mfl.

    Three excited siblings get ready for Halloween, dressing up and scouring the neighborhood for yummy treats. This book will get you children in the spirit of Halloween without being scary. Written for 4-8 year olds it is appropriate for a second grade reading level. The illustrations are bright and cheerful like a children's coloring book.

  • Grimoire af DeBorah L. Whaley Spar 20%
    af DeBorah L. Whaley

    Witches, ghosts, vampires, riding bats and an ancient wizard who has transformed into a horrible tree commanding great magic! It started when both John and Alex, unknown to each other, each made a Halloween wish to find a friend. Now the Halloween wish is the most powerful kind of all! Its one mishap after another as the boys solidify their friendship through Johns miraculous gift, a spellbinding power he hadnt even known he possessed! The boys meet a young ghost who adds her assistance to the blights that seem to occur one after running into a terrible witchdoctor, Georges. Georges means to destroy John and his Granny and seeks the aid of the evil Grimoire Tree to accomplish his goals.

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