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Krigsførelse og forsvar

  • International Security af Michael E. Smith
    - Politics, Policy, Prospects
    af Michael E. Smith

    This text introduces the politics of security: how and why issues are interpreted as security threats and how such threats are managed. It now includes an additional chapter on cyber security, but retains the same approach that gives readers the conceptual tools and knowledge of real-world problems required for a systematic approach to the subject.

  • First Freedom af David Harsanyi
    - A Ride Through America's Enduring History with the Gun
    af David Harsanyi

    From ';one of America's smartest political writers' (Glenn Beck) comes a fascinating and accessible history of the United States' unique and enduring relationship with guns, for fans of Chris Kyle's American Gun.For America, the gun is a story of innovation, power, violence, character, and freedom. From the founding of the nation to the pioneering of the West, from the freeing of the slaves to the urbanization of the twentieth century, our country has had a complex and lasting relationship with firearms. Now, in First Freedom, nationally syndicated columnist and veteran writer David Harsanyi explores the ways in which firearms have helped preserve our religious, economic, and cultural institutions for over two centuries. From Samuel Colt's early entrepreneurism to the successful firearms technology that helped make the United States a superpower, the gun is inextricably tied to our exceptional rise. In the vein of popular histories like Salt and Seabiscuit, Harsanyi takes you on a captivating and thrilling ride of Second Amendment history that demonstrates why guns are not only an integral part of America's past, but also an essential part of its future.

  • Not Even My Name af Thea Halo Spar 13%
    - A True Story
    af Thea Halo

    A riveting account of exile from Turkish genocide, brought to light for the first time ever in Sano Halo's personal story Not Even My Name exposes the genocide carried out during and after WW I in Turkey, which brought to a tragic end the 3000-year history of the Pontic Greeks (named for the Pontic Mountain range below the Black Sea). During this time, almost 2 million Pontic Greeks and Armenians were slaughtered and millions of others were exiled. Not Even My Name is the unforgettable story of Sano Halo's survival, as told to her daughter, Thea, and of their trip to Turkey in search of Sano's home 70 years after her exile. Sano Halo was a 10-year-old girl when she was torn from her ancient, pastoral way of life in the mountains and sent on a death march that annihilated her family. Stripped of everything she had ever held dear, even her name, Sano was sold by her surrogate family into marriage when still a child to a man three times her age. Not Even My Name follows Sano's marriage, the raising of her ten children in New York City, and her transformation as an innocent girl who was forced to move from a bucolic life to the 20th century in one bold stride. Written in haunting and eloquent prose, Not Even My Name weaves a seamless texture of individual and group memory, evoking all the suspense and drama of the best told tales.

  • People's Army af Fred Anderson
    - Massachusetts Soldiers and Society in the Seven Years' War
    af Fred Anderson

    A People's Army documents the many distinctions between British regulars and Massachusetts provincial troops during the Seven Years' War. Originally published by UNC Press in 1984, the book was the first investigation of colonial military life to give equal attention to official records and to the diaries and other writings of the common soldier. The provincials' own accounts of their experiences in the campaign amplify statistical profiles that define the men, both as civilians and as soldiers. These writings reveal in intimate detail their misadventures, the drudgery of soldiering, the imminence of death, and the providential world view that helped reconcile them to their condition and to the war.

  • Militarische und politische Schriften af Carl von Clausewitz
    af Carl von Clausewitz

    Carl von Clausewitz war ein preuischer General, Heeresreformer und Militartheoretiker. Seine Schriften zur Kriegsfuhrung und -politik gehoren auch heute noch zur Standardliteratur. Hier sind enthalten. Geist und Tat - Das Vermchtnis des Soldaten und DenkersNationalstolzDeutschlands Verfassungber KoalitionskriegCharaktervolle PolitikJournalismusBei Gelegenheit deutscher Philosophen, die es gut meinen. Politisches Rechnenber MonarchieAus Briefen 1806 - 1807ber den Nationalgeist der Franzosenber den Zustand der Theorie der KriegskunstWas Groes in der Kriegsgeschichte geschehen ist, ist nicht die Schuld der BcherAus Briefen 1808 - 1809Die wichtigsten Grundstze des Kriegfhrens, zur Ergnzung meines Unterrichts bei Sr. Kniglichen Hoheit dem KronprinzenBekenntnisseAus Briefen 1812Aus Briefen 1813Der Feldzug von 1813 bis zum Waffenstillstandber Kunst und Kunsttheorieber den Begriff des krperlich SchnenSchlu des Feldzugs 1796/97Die Verhltnisse Europas seit der Teilung Polensber die politischen Vorteile und Nachteile der preuischen Landwehr

  • Die groen Seehelden af Heinrich Smidt
    af Heinrich Smidt

    Hingebungsvoll erzahlt der Seemann und Schriftstellers Smidt von den groen Seehelden und -schlachten vergangener Jahrhunderte. Inhalt:Heinrich Smidt - Biografie und BibliografieHoratio Nelson. Jean Bart. Tordenskiold. Michael de Ruiter. Von der Groeben. Kurfrstliche Marinebilder. Anhang

  • Introduction to Modern EW Systems, Second Edition af Andrea De Martino Spar 14%
    af Andrea De Martino

    In answer to great demand, Artech House is proud to bring professionals a newly revised and updated edition of the bestselling book Introduction to Modern EW Systems. The Second Edition has been greatly expanded to include a wealth of new material, from remote piloted airborne systems, directed energy weapons, and non-cooperative air EW radar band sensor next generation architectures, real-time data links, and smart jamming.This authoritative resource provides engineers and students with the latest electronic warfare (EW) techniques and technologies related to on-board military platforms. Practitioners gain expert design guidance on technologies and equipment used to detect and identify emitter threats, offering an advantage in the never-ending chess game between sensor guided weapons and EW systems. This unique book provides deeper insight into EW systems principles of operation and their mathematical descriptions, arming professionals with better knowledge for their specific design applications.Moreover, readers get practical information on how to counter modern communications data links which provide connectivity and command flow among the armed forces in the battlefield. Taking a sufficiently broad perspective, this comprehensive volume offers a panoramic view of the various physical domains RF, Infrared, and electronics that are present in modern electronic warfare systems. This in-depth book is supported with over 340 illustrations and more than 450 equations.

  • Hellfire Boys af Theo Emery
    - The Birth of the U.S. Chemical Warfare Service and the Race for the World s Deadliest Weapons
    af Theo Emery

    An explosive look into the dawn of chemical warfare during World War I "e;A terrifying piece of history that almost no one knows."e; - Hampton Sides In 1915, when German forces executed the first successful gas attack of World War I, the world watched in horror as the boundaries of warfare were forever changed. Cries of barbarianism rang throughout Europe, yet Allied nations immediately jumped into the fray, kickstarting an arms race that would redefine a war already steeped in unimaginable horror. Largely forgotten in the confines of history, the development of the U.S. Chemical Warfare Service in 1917 left an indelible imprint on World War I. This small yet powerful division, along with the burgeoning Bureau of Mines, assembled research and military unites devoted solely to chemical weaponry, outfitting regiments with hastily made gas-resistant uniforms and recruiting scientists and engineers from around the world into the fight. As the threat of new gases and more destructive chemicals grew stronger, the chemists' secret work in the laboratories transformed into an explosive fusion of steel, science, and gas on the battlefield. Drawing from years of research, Theo Emery brilliantly shows how World War I quickly spiraled into a chemists' war, one led by the companies of young American engineers-turned-soldiers who would soon become known as the "e;Hellfire Boys."e; As gas attacks began to mark the heaviest and most devastating battles, these brave and brilliant men were on the front lines, racing against the clock-and the Germans-to protect, develop, and unleash the latest weapons of mass destruction.

  • Openings for Peace
    - UNSCR 1325, Women and Security in India

    A close look at the relevance, utility and potential of the UNSC Resolution 1325 for achieving inclusive and sustainable peace in India.This is one of the first crucial discussions on what can be adapted and implemented in the United Nations Security Council's Resolution 1325 on women, peace, security (WPS) and militarization in the Indian context. It examines cases that reveal the expanded context of conflict and insecurity, showing the possible relevance and limitations of the UN Resolution as a tool for social and policy change in India. Being comprehensive in approach, the book links discussions on the WPS resolutions (1325 and its successors) with militarism and explores the relevance of the latter in settings that are not deemed as ';conflict'. It deliberates the result of militarization and engendered conflict in the Indian states and also discusses Indian peacekeeping operations, which are an important part of India's international engagement.

  • Leadership in the Indian Army af V K Singh
    - Biographies of Twelve Soldiers
    af V K Singh

    Spanning over 60 years of military leadership in India, this unique book brings to life the human side of twelve exceptional military leaders. Unlike traditional biographies of combat leaders which focus primarily on military operations or regimental histories, the author concentrates on personal accounts, anecdotes and reminiscences in order to highlight these leaders` personalities, and to draw out the human face behind the military facade. The author argues that written records tend to glorify the actions of battalions as well as individuals, magnifying achievements while suppressing the mistakes and glossing over failures. This book, on the other hand, provides a truer picture of the strength of character and convictions of each of these leaders.The book throws new light on many historical events and the role of political leaders during India`s fight for independence and the partitioning of the subcontinent. The author gives an overview of India`s military history after independence, including major operations such as the wars with China in 1962, and with Pakistan in 1947, 1965 and 1971. He describes many hitherto unknown or little known facts and incidents concerning smaller operations like Nathu La in 1967 and Goa in 1962.

  • Peace Processes and Peace Accords

    The second volume in the South Asian Peace Studies series, Peace Processes and Peace Accords looks at the political question of peace from three perspectives: the process of peace; the contentious issues involved in the peace process; and the ideologies that come in conflict in this process. Arguing that peace is not a one-time event to be achieved and rejoiced over but a matter to be sustained against various odds, the contributors show that the sustainability of peace depends on a foundation of rights, justice and democracy. Peace accords, they maintain, are only a moment in the process-the very act of signing an accord could mark either a continuation of the same conflict, or simply its metamorphosis. Therefore, as this volume shows, `negotiation` should be redefined as `joint problem-solving` on a long-term sustained basis, rather than `one-off hard bargaining`.

  • Military Psychology
    - Concepts, Trends and Interventions

    A useful book that deals with a number of psychological issues surfacing in military and paramilitary forces.Military Psychology: Concepts, Trends and Interventions offers various psychological theories that are not only significant in the context of soldiers but also help to strengthen the capability of military and paramilitary forces during combat and non-combat operations. Stressing on the psycho-social well-being of the soldiers, this book offers insights into military psychological issues, such as soldier selection, combating stress, instances of misconduct, psychological operations, optimism, resilience and hardiness training, gender bias, value-based leadership, familial well-being and the future warfare. The global case studies in the book offer lessons for India and other countries where military and para-military forces are engaged in dealing with both external and internal extremism.

  • Armed Conflict, Peace Audit and Early Warning 2014
    - Stability and Instability in South Asia

    This volume addresses three major security aspects in South Asia armed conflicts, peace audit and early warning. The essays span the entire range of armed conflicts, including inter-state and intra-state actors in the region. An innovative attempt is also made to audit the peace processes in conflict-driven environments since certain areas have witnessed an end to armed conflicts. Addressing the gap between the end of violence and the response to peace, it assesses whether peace processes are fragile in South Asia.The volume further highlights early warning of impending armed conflicts permitting the placement of ameliorative measures for dealing with the situation from a law and order perspective. The role of internal and electoral politics is of special significance here. Topical and up-to-date, the essays address peace processes in Nagaland and Manipur, talks with the Taliban, elections in Nepal, ten years of Indo-Pak cease fire, and the common divide in Jammu and Kashmir, among others.

  • Spitfire to Reaper af Anthony Tucker-Jones Spar 12%
    - The Changing Face of Aerial Warfare - 1940-Present Day
    af Anthony Tucker-Jones

    Since the Luftwaffe's 1940 Eagle Day attack on Britain, aerial warfare and its accompanying technology has changed almost beyond recognition. The piston engine was replaced by the jet and the pilot in some cases has been completely replaced by a computer. Carpet bombing became GPS and laser pinpointed. Whereas a bomber's greatest enemy was once fighters and flak, these dangers morphed into air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. In this new book, Anthony Tucker-Jones charts the remarkable evolution of aerial warfare over time, from the iconic Supermarine Spitfire to the infamous unmanned Reaper drone.

  • Attack Transport af Lawrence A. Marsden
    - The Story of the U.S.S. Doyen
    af Lawrence A. Marsden

    Attack Transport: The Story Of The U.S.S. Doyen is a fast-paced action-adventure story from World War 2 detailing the birth of modern amphibious warfare. The book follows the US Navy attack transport ship the Doyen (AP-1), the first of its kind, from its exciting launch on the California coast to its deadly assaults on the shores of Saipan, Leyte, Luzon, and Iwo Jima.

  • Air War in the Pacific af George C. Kenney
    - The Journal of General George Kenney, Commander of the Fifth U.S. Air Force
    af George C. Kenney

    Air War in the Pacific details the development and ultimate supremacy of the US Air Force during World War 2. Written from the perspective of General George C. Kenney, the man in charge, the book is a candid insider's account of how America turned the tables on the Japanese in the Pacific through a combination of strategy, tactics, and superior air technology.An entertaining read, as well as an important historical document,Air War in the Pacificfeatures a cast of larger-than-life personalities know to WW2 buffs, from brilliant tactician 'Big Chief' General Douglas MacArthur to eccentric hotshot pilot Paul 'Pappy' Gunn.

  • US Military in WW2 - Fighter Pilots af Martin Caidin
    - Black Thursday, The Saga of Pappy Gunn and Thunderbolt!
    af Martin Caidin, Robert S. Johnson & George Churchill Kenney

    US Military in WW2: Fighter Pilots presents three first-hand accounts of life as a combat pilot during World War 2.Black Thursday: The Story of the Schweinfurt Raid by Martin Caidin The blow-by-blow account of the United States Air Force's massive bombing raid into Nazi Germany's industrial heartland on Thursday, October 14, 1943. On that fateful day two hundred and ninety-one hulking B-17 Flying Fortresses - escorted by squadrons of nimble P-47 Thunderbolts - miraculously fought their way through swarms of enemy aircraft on their way to cripple Nazi Germany's vital ball-bearings plant at Schweinfurt.The Saga of Pappy Gunn by George Churchill KenneyThe best-selling biography of legendary World War 2 Air Force fighter pilot, Colonel Paul Irving Gunn.Thunderbolt! The Extraordinary Story of a World War II Ace by Martin Caidin and Robert S. JohnsonRobert S. Johnson was one of America's leading fighter pilot aces in World War II. His memoir is an action-packed narrative of how a young man from Lawton, Oklahoma went on to amass 28 enemy kills, the first U. S. Army Air Force pilot in the European theater to surpass Eddie Rickenbacker's World War I tally of 26.*Page notes and annotations.*Original hand-picked images from World War 2.*Revised texts with modern American-English spelling and punctuation.

  • This Destructive War af John S. Pancake
    - The British Campaign in the Carolinas, 1780-1782
    af John S. Pancake

    An exciting and accurate portrayal of the military action in the southern colonies that led to a new American nation.A companion to Pancake's study of the northern campaign, 1777: The Year of the Hangman, this volume deals with the American Revolution in the Carolinas. Together, the two books constitute a complete history of the Revolutionary War.Pancake tells a gripping story of the southern campaign, the scene of a grim and deadly guerilla war. In the savage internecine struggle, Americans fought Americans with a fierceness that appalled even a veteran like General Nathanael Greene."e;Utilizing extensive manuscript collections, John Pancake explains not why the colonists won the War of Independence, but rather why the British lost. Yorktown, he argues, was not the result of a momentary oversight by the British navy, but the final consequence of the longstanding failure of British military and political leadership."e; So said the Journal of Southern History when This Destructive War was first published in 1985. The Florida Historical Quarterly further opined, "e;Pancake has given us a well-researched and beautifully-and tightly-written book."e;General readers as well as scholars and students of the American Revolution will welcome anew this classic, definitive study of the campaign in the Carolinas.

  • Strategy Collection af Niccolo Machiavelli
    af Niccolo Machiavelli

    Karpathos publishes the greatest works of history's greatest authors and collects them all together to make it easy and affordable for readers to have them all at the push of a button. All of our collections include a linked table of contents.Included are the followingThe Art of War by Sun Tzu On War by Carl von ClausewitzThe Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

  • &quote;An Arch Rebel Like Myself&quote; af Gene C. Armistead Spar 13%
    - Dan Showalter and the Civil War in California and Texas
    af Gene C. Armistead & Robert D. Arconti

    i Dan Showalter was Speaker Pro Tem of the California State Assembly at the outbreak of the Civil War and the exemplar of treason in the Far West among the pro-Union press. He gained notoriety as the survivor of California's last political (and actual, fatal) duel, for his role in the display of a Confederate flag in Sacramento, and for his imprisonment after an armed confrontation with Union troops. Escaping to Texas, he distinguished himself in the Confederate service in naval battles and in pursuit of Comanche raiders. As commander of the 4th Arizona Cavalry, he helped recapture the Rio Grande Valley from the Union and defended Brownsville against a combined Union and Mexican force. Refusing to surrender at war's end, he fled to Mexico, where he died of a wound sustained in a drunken bar fight at age 35.

  • History of the Art of War in the Middle Ages af Charles Oman
    af Charles Oman

    Skyros Publishing is dedicated to reproducing the finest books ever written and letting readers of all ages experience a classic for the first time or revisit a past favorite.Charles Oman was a British military historian who was best known for his depictions of medieval battles which he constructed from fragmented accounts.

  • Barron's Military Flight Aptitude Tests, 4th Edition af Terry L. Duran
    af Terry L. Duran

    Only the best prepared are chosen to start the highly competitive multimillion-dollar training programs that transform aspiring candidates into U.S. military aviators. This fully updated edition of Barron's Military Flight Aptitude Tests provides would-be aviators in all five U.S. armed services with the competitive edge they will need to score their best and maximize their chances of being selected!This book is an effective, full-spectrum resource for officer candidates, ROTC cadets from all services, and current military members. Six full-length practice tests (two per service) with answers and explanations for every question get readers ready for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT), the Selection Instrument for Flight Training (SIFT), and the Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB-E). Test overviews and detailed review sections give potential pilots the boost they need to rise to the top of the selection list, and most of the review subjects apply to all three tests. Successful aviation applicants strongly recommend working through every valuable review section, and the other services' tests are great for extra practice to reinforce your learning.Written by a veteran, joint qualified military officer and instructor, this book's review sections cover language skills, reading comprehension, math knowledge, arithmetic reasoning, mechanical comprehension, aviation and nautical technical information, science, and specific mental skills such as block counting, finding hidden figures, and spatial apperception. The author also coaches readers on effective study techniques, provides expanded information resources, and gives pilot candidates a thorough preview of how each test is structured and conducted.

  • On War af Carl von Clausewitz
    af Carl von Clausewitz

    On War is a classic military treatise, published after the death of Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz in 1835.It is still considered a must-read strategy book, popular among business circles.

  • Ocean Life in the Old Sailing-Ship Days af Captain John Whidden
    af Captain John Whidden

    Paphos Publishers offers a wide catalog of rare classic titles, published for a new generation.Ocean Life in the Old Sailing-Ship Days is an account of a famous New England Sailor's adventures.

  • Q-Ships and Their Story af E. Keble Chatterton
    af E. Keble Chatterton

    Q-Ships and Their Story is an overview of Q-Ships in the early 20th century. These are armed merchant ships, whose weapons are concealed to provoke surface attacks by submarines.

  • On War: All Volumes af Carl von Clausewitz
    af Carl von Clausewitz

    Carl von Clausewitz ( 1780 - 1831 ) was one of the most influential military figures of the 19th century.Clausewitz was a Prussian soldier and German military theorist who stressed the importance of the moral and political parts of war.Clausewitzs famous treatise On War is considered one of the most important military treatises ever written.Generals who fought in the Civil War often carried a copy of the treatise to touch up on strategies and tactics.

  • Strategy Collection af Carl von Clausewitz
    - The Art of War, On War, The Prince
    af Carl von Clausewitz

    Waxkeep has compiled three of history's greatest texts on strategy, and combined them in an easy to navigate collection with a linked table of contents. This collection includes

  • Art of War af Niccolo Machiavelli
    af Niccolo Machiavelli

    The seven books of Machiavelli's The Art of Ware are written in the form of a Socratic dialogue.This edition is translated by Henry Neville. Heraklion Press has included a linked table of contents.

  • Military Psychology, Second Edition
    - Clinical and Operational Applications

    Widely regarded as the authoritative work in the field, this book comprehensively explores the psychological needs of today's service members and how to meet them effectively. Expert contributors review best practices for conducting fitness-for-duty evaluations and other types of assessments, treating frequently encountered clinical problems, responding to disasters, and promoting the health and well-being of all personnel. The book also examines the role of mental health professionals in enhancing operational readiness, with chapters on crisis and hostage negotiation, understanding terrorists, and more.New to This Edition*The latest scientific knowledge, clinical interventions, and training recommendations.*Chapter on acute combat stress.*Chapter on post-deployment problems, including PTSD and depression. *Chapter on military psychology ethics.*Coverage of blast concussion screening and evaluation.

  • Life and Death in the Battle of Britain af Carl Warner Spar 10%
    af Carl Warner

    Guy Mayfield was the Station Chaplain at RAF Duxford during the Battle of Britain. His diary is a moving account of the war fought by the young pilots during that summer of 1940, providing a unique and intimate insight into one of the most pivotal moments in British history. Frequently speaking to pilots who knew they may not survive the next 24 hours, Mayfield s diary provides a vivid account of the fears and hopes of the young men who risked their lives daily for the defence of Britain. Interspersed with photographs of the men and contextual narrative by IWM historian Carl Warner, this book brings a compelling and direct new perspective to this historic battle.

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