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Sport og fritid

  • Hansons First Marathon af Luke Humphrey Spar 25%
    - Step Up to 26.2 the Hansons Way
    af Luke Humphrey

    With the right training, anyone can finish a marathon! Hansons First Marathon, from one of America's most successful marathon training groups, offers a smart, friendly guide to preparing for your first marathon. With their proven method, the coaches of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project will show you how to break down the 26.2 miles into achievable daily workouts. By race day, you'll feel strong and confident of a race experience you'll be proud of.The Hansons-Brooks Distance Project has an amazing track record of turning normal runners into marathoners through their acclaimed Hansons Marathon Method. Now they have made the marathon not just something to check off your bucket list, but also an enjoyable, inspiring, and life-changing experience. Hansons First Marathon is for anyone who has decided to step up to the marathon. Whether you're a totally new runner who has never run a race, a recreational runner who enjoys occasional races, or even a competitive runner who is ready to go all the way-you'll find the right marathon training schedule for you in Hansons First Marathon. Author and coach Luke Humphrey starts you off on the right foot with a simple survey about your running experience, race goals, and your natural strengths and weaknesses. Then he guides you to the right plan to prepare you for the miles ahead. Hansons First Marathon covers everything you need to know:* Finding your foot type and a good shoe for marathon training* The types of workouts and how (and why) to do them* Choosing your race wisely* Training around travel, illness, and navigating injuries* How to stretch and strength train for marathon* Ways to recover from daily runs and after your race* Science-based nutrition and hydration guidelines for workouts and race day* What to do differently during the crucial final 6 weeks before your race* How to get to the start line feeling confident, stress-free, and ready* Setting an ideal marathon race strategy that puts you in controlMarathons are an exciting, rewarding challenge for runners of all abilities, but how you get to the start line matters as much as how you finish. Choose Hansons First Marathon to start your marathon adventure and you'll set yourself up for success.

  • Feed Zone Portables af Biju K. Thomas Spar 25%
    - A Cookbook of On-the-Go Food for Athletes
    af Biju K. Thomas & PhD Allen Lim

    Feed Zone Portables offers 75 all-new, easy, healthy recipes for portable snacks that taste great during exercise. When Dr. Allen Lim left the lab to work with pro cyclists, he found athletes weary of processed bars and gels and the same old pasta. So Lim joined professional chef Biju Thomas to make eating delicious and practical. When the menu changed, no one could argue with the race results. Their groundbreaking Feed Zone Cookbook brought the favorite recipes of the pros to everyday athletes. In their new cookbook Feed Zone Portables, Chef Biju and Dr. Lim offer 75 all-new portable food recipes for cyclists, runners, triathletes, mountain bikers, climbers, hikers, and backpackers. Each real food recipe is simple, delicious during exercise, easy to make--and ready to go on your next ride, run, climb, hike, road trip, or sporting event. Feed Zone Portables expands on the most popular features of The Feed Zone Cookbook with more quick and easy recipes for athletes, beautiful full-color photographs of every dish, complete nutrition data, tips on why these are the best foods for athletes, and time-saving ways on how to cook real food every day. In his introduction to Feed Zone Portables, Dr. Lim shows why real food is a more easily digestible, higher-performance source of energy than prepackaged fuel products. He shows how much athletes really need to eat and drink at different exercise intensities and in cold or hot weather. Because the body burns solid and liquid foods differently, Lim defines a new approach for athletes to drink for hydration and eat real food for energy. With the recipes, ideas, and guidance in Feed Zone Portables, athletes will nourish better performance with real food and learn to prepare their own creations at home or on the go. Feed Zone Portables includes75 all-new recipes that taste great during exercise: Rice Cakes, Two-Bite Pies, Griddle Cakes, Waffles, Baked Eggs, Sticky Bites, Rice Balls, Ride Sandwiches, Baked Cakes, and CookiesA smart introduction on how real food works better for athletesMore than 50 no-fuss gluten-free recipes, including great-tasting cookies and cakesMore than 50 vegetarian recipes

  • Surfacing af Siri Lindley Spar 25%
    - From the Depths of Self-Doubt to Winning Big and Living Fearlessly
    af Siri Lindley

    Surfacing is the inspiring story of Siri Lindley, one of the world's best triathlon coaches and a world champion. But before Siri came to dominate the sport of triathlon, she was controlled by deep-seated insecurity that sabotaged her races and forced her to hide her sexuality.When her stunningly beautiful mother caught the attention of an NFL superstar, Siri's idyllic childhood was ripped apart. A whirlwind of glitzy dinner parties and world travel pulled her mother away, and Siri grew up feeling forgotten. As her intense loneliness gave way to anger, she lashed out against her New England life of privilege. Sports set Siri free. Shy and painfully self-aware, Siri came to life when she played field hockey, lacrosse, and ice hockey, and became a starter in all three sports at Brown University. When she fell short of making the national lacrosse team, she felt directionless once again until a friend invited her to watch her race a triathlon-and ignited the fire for Siri's life work. Siri failed early and often before she found her formula for success. Brutal swim starts, bike equipment failures at key races, crushing workouts-these were nothing compared to the performance anxiety that reared up from the depths of Siri's early years. It took eccentric Australian coach Brett Sutton to tear up her script of self-doubt and transform Siri Lindley into a world champion. Once she had proved herself to the world, Siri turned inward to stare down the demons that kept her from finding love as a gay woman. Today, Siri guides her own triathletes to win world championships at Kona and around the world. Surfacing is a breathtakingly honest book that shares Siri Lindley's daring journey. Siri proves it's never too late to rewrite your own story and change the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that hold you back. Surfacing will inspire you as it shows how to stop being your own worst enemy and start uncovering your own potential.

  • Sport. Faith. Life. af Brian R. Bolt Spar 22%
    af Brian R. Bolt

    Sport is something we do, an experience that is hard to describe because it captures our whole selves. Sport draws us in and brings us back, day after day, season after season. We love to playand yes, to win. Sport can train us, educate us, change us for better or for worse, but that is really not the point. First and foremost, sport is part of a truly abundant human life that Jesus Christ offers for those who love to play. God's world includes the myth-like space where sport resides, where we celebrate our humanness, our desire to be excellent, and our need to belong. Sport at its best points us toward a future of play and delight. And God is there with us, in every leap, backflip, tackle, spike, and slap shot.We need to play sport the way we live life: depending on our Creator in every moment and in every action. That means learning how to love God and neighbor better, how to turn away from thoughts and actions that dishonor God and harm ourselves and others, how both to be wary of our own desires and to delight in the good things that God has made. God does delight in this worldincluding sport. As we experience sport, we participate in that delight by authentically competing, giving ourselves wholeheartedly to the game, testing our abilities, and tasting the pleasure of organized play.

  • Hidden in Plain Sight af Ellis Amdur Spar 20%
    af Ellis Amdur

    Ellis Amdur's writing on martial arts has been groundbreaking. In Dueling with O-sensei, he challenged practitioners that the moral dimension of martial arts is expressed in acts of integrity, not spiritual platitudes and the deification of fantasized warrior-sages. In Old School, he applied both academic rigor and keen observation towards some of the classical martial arts of Japan, leavening his writing with vivid descriptions of many of the actual practitioners of these wonderful traditions. His first edition of Hidden in Plain Sight was a discussion of esoteric training methods once common, but now all but lost within Japanese martial arts. These methodologies encompassed mental imagery, breath-work, and a variety of physical techniques, offering the potential to develop skills and power sometimes viewed as nearly superhuman. Usually believed to be the provenance of Chinese martial arts, Amdur asserted that elements of such training still remain within a few martial traditions: literally, 'hidden in plain sight.'Two-thirds larger, this second edition is so much more. Amdur digs deep into the past, showing the complexity of human strength, its adaptation to varying lifestyles, and the nature of physical culture pursued for martial ends. Amdur goes into detail concerning varieties of esoteric power training within martial arts, culminating in a specific methodology known as 'six connections' or 'internal strength.' With this discussion as a baseline, he then discusses the transfer of esoteric power training from China to various Japanese jAAjutsu systems as well as Japanese swordsman-ship emanating from the Kurama traditions. Finally, he delves into the innovative martial tradition of DaitAAryAA and its most important offshoot, aikidAA showing how the mercurial, complicated figures of Takeda Sokaku and Morihei Ueshiba were less the embodiment of something new, than a re-imagining of their past

  • Sometimes You Have to Cross When It Says Don't Walk af Lesley Visser Spar 15%
    - A Memoir of Breaking Barriers
    af Lesley Visser

    Lesley Visser is living proof that, no matter where you start, if you are motivated and passionate, your dreams can come true.When Lesley was 11, she told her mother that she wanted to be a sportswriter. The job didn't exist for women in 1964, but her motherinstead of suggesting she become a teacher or a nursereplied, "e;Great! Sometimes you have to cross when it says, 'Don't walk.'"e;That answer changed Lesley's life. Even though no one had done it before, it gave her the strength and self-confidence to trypermission to cross against the light.When Lesley began, the credentials said, "e;No Women or Children in the Press Box,"e; but she didn't let that stop her. Lesley covered sports for more than 40 years, pioneering women's journalistic presence in men's professional sports, from inside the locker room to out on the field. She's the first and only woman to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and to ever present the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the Super Bowl. And she's the only sportscaster in history to have worked on the network broadcasts of the Final Four, Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, Triple Crown, Olympics, U.S. Open, and the World Figure Skating Championship. Lesley currently appears on CBS's "e;We Need to Talk,"e; the first-ever nationally televised all-female weekly hour-long sports show.Lesley's had her share of hurdles and stumbles. But with passion, perseverance, and dedication, she found a way to achieve her dream, learning valuable lessons along the way. (Hint: Humor goes further than anger, and no, we can't all look like BeyoncIn Sometimes You Have to Cross When It Says 'Don't Walk,' Lesley Visser shares her historic journey through the world of sports broadcasting with innate wisdom and good humor. For sports fans who grew up with Lesley, her memoir reads like a walk down memory lane, full of behind-the-camera, VIP-access stories involving John Madden, Jerry Jones, Bill Belichick, Joe Torre, and many more famous sports figures. But even those hearing her story for the first time, no matter what their background, will be inspired to chase their dreams, blaze new trails, and pursue the life they want.

  • Gary Jobson af Gary Jobson Spar 21%
    - An American Sailing Story
    af Gary Jobson

    For Gary Jobson-the three-time All American sailor, America's Cup winner, Fastnet Race winner, and ESPN sailing commentator since 1985-sailing is life. In 2003, he was diagnosed with lymphoma, and here he relays the tumultuous diagnosis and treatments endured before the cancer went into remission. Through remission he remembers how his life has intertwined with some of the greatest sailors, how the sport has changed since his childhood, how the public view of sailing went through a revolutionary change with the advent of ESPN, how sailing can create lasting bonds of friendship that endure, and how sailing offers everything from the highest of adventures to the simplest of pleasures. This uplifting memoir also includes a foreword by Ted Turner.

  • FSU's Sons of the Sixties: A Case for the Defense af John Crowe Spar 15%
    af John Crowe & Dale McCullers

    Set in the volatile decade of the 1960s, "e;FSU's Sons of the Sixties: A Case For the Defense"e; provides an insider's peek into the work, sweat, tears, challenges, and joy of being a college athlete at Florida State University. This book is not just a nostalgic trip down college football's memory lane; it is a compilation of gridiron stories about a group of stellar defensive athletes and coaches who helped define a decade of success for the Seminoles of Florida State. The aspiring athletes who came to FSU in the 1960s were the children of the Greatest Generation. These young men came to fulfill their dreams of playing college football and getting an education to honor their parents, who never had such opportunities. While making their case for the defense, co-authors John Crowe and Dale McCullers, two former Seminole teammates, highlight the experiences of 12 FSU Hall of Fame defensive players and Sons of the Sixties. Their individual rise as star athletes and their relationships with their college coaches is woven into a tapestry of intriguing insights while the critical - and often-overlooked - role that defensive football plays in building an elite college football program is explored through the perspective of those who experienced it firsthand. "e;FSU's Sons of the Sixties: A Case for the Defense"e; takes you onto the field and into the lives of the stalwarts of the Seminole gridiron.

  • Dolphins in the Fire af Robert Singleton Spar 14%
    - A Story of Young Women at Sea - from the Log Books of the Fishing Vessel Seawitch
    af Robert Singleton

    The sea holds many mysteries for those who venture into its crashing waves. Impossible to tame, the ocean leaves those who attempt to come away from it with stories to tell. Fishermen spend most of their lives on the open water and know it better than most.Captain Robert Singleton and his crew have more stories and mysteries to share than the average crew. Those aboard 'The Seawitch' were among the first women to work a professional charter fishing vessel on Cape Cod Bay. Dolphins in the Fire is a baker's dozen of events, a salty hodge-podge of real events plucked from the pages of logbooks from 'The Seawitch' over 40 years. These women have experienced everything from wild tuna chases to fishing through out-of-control storms and taming spoiled children. Their stories are filled with unique, progressive adventure, and entertaining, riveting revelations.

  • Bahamas Bucket List for Divers af Nathan Riley Spar 15%
    - Bimini Edition
    af Nathan Riley

    It's no secret that the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Consisting of over 700 islands, this Caribbean paradise is one of the most famous dive destinations in the world. Divers flock to this getaway to intimately experience the wide range of aquatic wildlife, pristine coral walls, and amazing shipwrecks. From pirates to modern-day drug runners, expert scuba diver and long-time sailor Capt. Nathan Riley will take you on a journey dating back 300 years. During surface intervals, you will take a closer look at how the Bahamas and Bimini famously came to be. Expect to be immersed in the island's history, culture, and soul. Flip to the second half of the book to build your personal Bahamas Bucket List. Relive your dive memories time and time again while checking off sites from your dive log. Each dive site listed is accompanied by first-hand facts and experience from a Captain who has dived the area almost daily for 15 years. Quench your thirst about the Bahamas' past and get ready to dive into Bimini's enchanting ocean splendor!

  • 50 of the Best Snowshoe Trails Around Lake Tahoe af White Mike White Spar 15%
    af White Mike White

    Come winter, Lake Tahoe's trails, mountains, and shores shed their hikers and transform under a white blanket of snow into a serene winter wonderland. From towering snowy vistas, frozen subalpine lakes, lofty summits, and beautiful tree canopies, Lake Tahoe is one of America's favorite winter playgrounds-with some of the most beautiful and invigorating views in the world.50 of the Best Snowshoe Trails Around Tahoe offers snowshoers of all levels and experience a wide-range of excursions-from flat and easy to steep and strenuous.  It includes a wide range of snowshoe routes such as Mt. Rose, Carson Pass, Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Lake, Highway 89, Truckee and Donner Pass. Features include:Fifty distinct routes with directions to trailheads, detailed trip descriptions, and topographic mapsForty-five stunning photographs of popular trails, landscapes, and lake viewsEasy-to-read headings to provide key information on trail difficulty, distance, elevation, avalanche risk, facilities, managing agencies, highlights, lowlights, and more.A wide-range of outings for snowshoers of all abilitiesRecommendations on where to grab a hot drink, enjoy a hearty meal, or to snuggle up for a cozy overnight stayTips on everything from proper clothing and footwear, equipment checklists, pre-hike warm-ups, sanitation, dog-friendly trails, and permit requirements Whether you are an amateur explorer or a winter adventure enthusiast, this comprehensive guidebook has everything you need to explore the winter playgrounds surrounding Lake Tahoe.

  • Adventures in the Ditch af Jon Coile Spar 19%
    - A Memoir of Family, Navigation, and Discovery on the Intracoastal Waterway
    af Jon Coile

    As a seven-year-old boy, Jon Coile dreamed of spending the summer sailing Author of Evolution of an Xmas Letter the Atlantic. He just couldnt get his friends to cooperate. Coile grew up and spent time on the water, and in Adventures in the Ditch, he shares one story of a family nautical adventure. Hoping to rekindle the wanderlust and excitement of earlier sailing experiences, Coile, his thirty-seven-year-old brother Andrew, and their eighty-one-year-old father Russell embark on a nine-day, 2,500-mile, round-trip voyage on the Intracoastal Waterwayfrom the Chesapeake Bay to Miami. Their refurbished vessel, the Griffin, throws them some curveballs, and the trio encounters other unexpected situations, calling for creative and whimsical solutions. More than a mere boat trip, Adventures in the Ditch presents a rich, warm, and personal story of family relationships. Praise for Adventures in the Ditch Jon Coiles action-packed account of a journey on the Inland Waterway with his elderly father beautifully captures the challenges of navigating and the tensile strength of family ties. Susan Moger, Former Senior Editor, Scholastic Inc.

  • Hillside Fields af Barnett Bob Barnett Spar 15%
    - A History of Sports in West Virginia
    af Barnett Bob Barnett

    West Virginia's championship teams at WVU and Marshall and athletic superstars like Jerry West and Mary Lou Retton are familiar to all, but few know the untold story of sports in the Mountain State. Hillside Fields: A History of Sports in West Virginia chronicles the famous athletic triumphs and heart-breaking losses of local heroes and legendary teams, recording the titanic struggles of a small state competing alongside larger rivals. Hillside Fields provides a broad view of the development of sports in West Virginia, from one of the first golf clubs in America at Oakhurst Links to the Greenbrier Classic; from the first girls basketball championship in 1919 to post Title IX; from racially segregated sports to integrated teams; and from the days when West Virginia Wesleyan and Davis & Elkins beat the big boys in football to the championship teams at WVU, Marshall, West Virginia State and West Liberty. Hillside Fields explains how major national trends and events, as well as West Virginia's economic, political, and demographic conditions, influenced the development of sports in the state. The story of the growth of sports in West Virginia is also a story of the tribulations, hopes, values and triumphs of a proud people.

  • Backyard Brawl af Antonik John Antonik Spar 15%
    - Stories from One of the Weirdest, Wildest, Longest Running, and Most Instense Rivalries in College Football History
    af Antonik John Antonik

    The West Virginia University Mountaineers and the University of Pittsburgh Panthers, separated by less than eighty miles of highway, have battled it out on the football field for more than one hundred years. Now, with Pitt announcing its departure from the Big East Conference to join the Atlantic Coast Conference and West Virginia becoming a member of the Big 12 Conference, this intense rivalry has come to an abrupt end. Thousands of players and dozens of coaches - some among the very best to ever play the game - have been a part of this famous series known as the "e;Backyard Brawl."e;  With fantastic tales about this feud's star-studded rosters, including  White, Slaton, Harris, Luck, Huff, Nehlen, and Rodriguez for West Virginia and Fitzgerald, Marino, Dorsett, Green, Majors, and Sherrill for Pitt, The Backyard Brawl celebrates the tradition, heritage, and pride of two outstanding universities. With unparalleled access, John Antonik, a 20-year West Virginia University athletic administrator and WVU alumnus, unearths the fascinating and humorous stories that make up this revered, colorful, and cherished football game-and more importantly, the great passion and pride these schools exhibit every time they take the field.

  • Complete Private Pilot af Bob Gardner Spar 21%
    af Bob Gardner

    Taking and passing an FAA Knowledge Exam is required for earning the Private Pilot, Sport Pilot, and Recreational Pilot certificates. Using the FAA exam as the premise for learning, author Bob Gardner applies practical information so readers are not only prepared for the tests, but also for the cockpit. He augments the required aeronautical knowledge by giving specific tips and techniques, checklists, mnemonic devices, and sound advice from personal experience. A full-color example of a sectional chart is provided in the back for use with the interactive exercises throughout the book. Each chapter concludes with sample FAA Knowledge Exam questions. A comprehensive glossary and index are included as well. This practical application of the FAA Knowledge Exam is not available in any other text!Included in this Twelfth Edition are internet links for useful aviation websites, weather charts, flight planning, etc., with a section showing examples of online weather sources and more (with full-color examples of weather chart products). Also included is information on the new ICAO-based flight planning form, scenario-based training, single-pilot resource management, and learner-centered grading. This is a convenient, comprehensive source for this information-everything complete in one book!With Gardner's approachable yet concise writing style, readers are able to quickly grasp the subjects, pass the required tests and checkrides, and gain an operational understanding of flight they can take straight to the cockpit.The Complete Private Pilot works as a companion textbook to ASA's Private Pilot Virtual Test Prep DVD Ground School. An integrated Flight/Ground Syllabus for both Part 141 and 61 programs is also available to accompany the textbook. Foreword by Richard Taylor.

  • Talking MMA: af Matthew Pearlman
    - What a Teen Reporter Learned from the World's Top Mixed Martial Artists
    af Matthew Pearlman

    Talking MMA features interviews and information from over 40 mixed martial artists including: Randy Couture, Matt Hughes, Urijah Faber, Frank Mir, Carlos Condit, Quinton "e;Rampage"e; Jackson, Shane Carwin, Tito Ortiz, Jose Aldo, Jake Shields, Robbie Lawler, Tyron Woodley, Demetrious "e;Mighty Mouse"e; Johnson, Miesha Tate, Cat Zingano, Bas Rutten and others. Talking MMA shares the history of mixed martial arts, moves and techniques used, a behind the scenes look at this fast growing sport, and advice from the athletes - including following your dreams, hard work, and anti-bullying. Readers will learn that there is way more to these great athletes than just being tough combatants. They are friendly, intelligent, philosophical, and spiritual. The book was written by Matthew Pearlman, a 15 year old author and reporter from St. Louis, MO. He is the founder of Matthew has conducted over 700 athlete interviews and has been a credentialed media person at several major sporting events. A portion of the book proceeds will benefit anti-bullying charities.

  • Ride a Bike! Spar 15%
    - Reclaim the City

    Bicycles as a means of transport in cities are playing an ever more important role. The reasons are: reduction of motorcar traffic, sustainable traffic planning, reduction of noise and exhaust emissions, enhancement of the value of public space, healthier form of transport, savings potential in national health services and infrastructure expenditure. The book illustrates urban design ideas and architectural projects which go far beyond purely redesigning road layouts; its eight essays focus on the trend in urban design, landscape design, and traffic planning, it introduces nine exemplary bicycle traffic concepts in various cities (Barcelona, Copenhagen, New York, and Oslo amongst others), and presents 28 forward-looking individual bicycle infrastructure projects.

  • Tartuffe af Moliere Spar 20%
    af Moliere, Anil Gupta & Richard Pinto

    A brand-new version of Moliere's provocative French classic, relocated to present-day Birmingham's Pakistani Muslim community.The well-off Pervaiz household, living in modern Birmingham, are in uproar. Dad, Imran, has welcomed in the charismatic and devout Tahir Taufiq Arsuf, or Tartuffe to the sceptical. Imran's new wife, Amira, is isolated from the children and under fire from her ferocious mother-in-law, Dadimaa. Darina, the Bosnian maid, knows where the dirt is hidden, and can be trusted to clean up after - until now...Will Tartuffe succeed in winning the souls of the family, getting the son kicked out, marrying the daughter and having it off with the wife? Or can Darina, with the help of Amira, find a way to save Imran from himself and heal the family?Moliere's classic is brought bang up-to-date in this new version by BAFTA and Emmy-Award winning writers, AnilGupta and Richard Pinto (The Office, Goodness Gracious Me, The Kumars at No. 42).

  • Not A Game For Girls af Benjamin Peel Spar 20%
    af Benjamin Peel

    Not A Game For Girls explores the most successful of the women's football teams established to boost wartime morale, following the suspension of all Football League matches at the end of the 1914-15 season. The play aims to highlight their story, capturing the spirit and camaraderie that led women to ignore and defy prevailing social attitudes, both on and off the pitch.

  • Smack That (a conversation) af Rhiannon Faith Spar 20%
    af Rhiannon Faith

    Endlessly inventive dance theatre artist Rhiannon Faith shines a light on the complex subject of domestic abuse in an empowering and participatory performance highlighting human resilience.Beverly is having a party and you are her guest. Both performers and non-performers come together to tell their real stories of domestic abuse in a unique, turbulent and empowering way.Shameless and subversive dance theatre about human resilience, survival and how we care for one another. Expect games, dancing, humour and a very raw and honest account of domestic abuse.Each member of the all-female cast, a close-knit group of nonperformers and dance artists, fearlessly takes on the persona of Beverly to convey turbulent, real experiences. Faith's work with a support group at charity Safer Places underpins this show, which seeks to raise social consciousness around domestic abuse by supporting women to openly talk about it.Includes forewords by Bryony Kimmings (Performance Artist) and Joanne Majauskis (Safer Places).

  • Songs of Friendship: A Storytelling Cycle af James Rowland Spar 20%
    - Team Viking / A Hundred Different Words for Love / Revelations
    af James Rowland

    Songs of Friendship is a storytelling cycle. They are James's stories of the ridiculous, sublime muddles that have defined his life with his best friends.Team Viking charts the course of his lifelong friendship with Sarah and Tom, and what happened when Tom was diagnosed with incurable heart cancer. In A Hundred Different Words for Love Sarah gets engaged at the same time as James meets someone he really likes. Revelations is James's account of being around for Sarah and her partner Emma as they take the huge step of becoming parents (and the small matter of his donating sperm for the baby).The stories are about growing up, grief, falling in love, life and death. Also lots of jokes about bums and stuff.Songs of Friendship contains additional material and appendices detailing the making of the shows plus annotated scripts with notes from the author.

  • Livin' the Dream af Andy Gee Spar 17%
    af Andy Gee

    We're living in a golden era. Grand Prix motocross has never been so competitive, bikes are more sophisticated than ever and the presentation of events continues to reach new heights of professionalism as countries vie to host MXGPs around the world. Livin' the Dream charts the journey of Hitachi/ASAKTM UK from a small privateer team to their current factory supported status as Britain's most successful MXGP team and the business of running the team through the ups and downs of the 2018 season. Through 20 MXGPs, 8 British Championship rounds, staff changes, injuries, mid-season slumps, internal disagreements and the challenge of competing with factory teams, Livin' the Dream is packed with interviews and insights from the people inside the team and inside the paddock, covering all aspects of paddock life. With unrestricted access, Livin' the Dream gives you the best ever insight behind the scenes into the most successful motocross team in Britain.

  • Firth of Clyde Spar 21%

    The second edition of the Clyde Cruising Club's Sailing Directions, the first to be published under the Imray imprint, contains numerous revisions, and amendments to plans. Firth of Clyde extends beyond its titled area to the coast of Northern Ireland (Rathlin Island to Belfast Lough) and on the Scottish side southwards from Stranraer to Portpatrick and beyond to the Solway Firth and Cumbria.Supplements are available to download via the club's

  • Atlantic France Spar 21%

    Covering the whole Atlantic coast of France, from Ouessant in the north to Hendaye on the Spanish border, this second edition of the RCC Pilotage Foundation's guide has been thoroughly revised and updated by Nick Chavasse who has taken his Bowman 40, Wild Bird, into every main port and a multitude of anchorages, including explorations up the numerous navigable rivers.The plans have been revised and improved throughout and the coverage has been extended to include large scale detail for key areas including Lorient and the Gironde. Coverage of the Brittany coast west from L'Aberwrac'h, so often the gateway to the Chenal du Four, is now extended to include the islands of Ouessant and Molene.Many of the new photographs are on-the-water images which are invaluable to the navigator, but this edition also continues to benefit from Patrick Roach's unique and informative aerial coverage.

  • Greek Waters Pilot af Rod Heikell Spar 21%
    af Rod Heikell & Lucinda

    Greek Waters Pilot is the definitive cruising guide to the coasts and islands of Greece. It covers the entire area from the Ionian Islands to the Aegean, Rhodes and Crete and includes details of over 450 harbours in a single volume. Greek Waters Pilot has been painstakingly compiled from the author's own survey work and the latest first-hand information.The organisation of so much detail within the confines of a single volume is an impressive achievement and has been the basis of Greek Waters Pilot's status as the indispensable guide for anyone sailing around Greece.This 13th edition contains detailed updating of every part of the guide, but in particular areas of the Ionian, Saronic and northern Greece, visited by the authors since the last edition, have major revisions. Many new photos, often from the air, have been introduced. There are also many new harbour plans.

  • Mediterranean Almanac 2019-20 Spar 21%

    The essential companion and general handbook for the Mediterranean, the Imray Mediterranean Almanac 2019/20 is published in full colour. All the harbour plans appear in the familiar Imray livery which adds clarity to their use. There are the usual detailed revisions throughout this edition, plus many new harbour plans.The Imray Mediterranean Almanac is the ideal compendium of information for yachts on passage through the Mediterranean.

  • Chile Spar 21%

    This guide to Chile covers the coasts from Arica in the north to Cape Horn in the south, and includes Isla de Pascua and Islas Juan Fernandez to the west.Chile's vast coastline offers the complete range of scenery and is one of the last easily accessible places on the planet where yachts can explore little known waters and find previously unreported anchorages.This revised third edition (2016) is a compilation of information gleaned by many visiting yachtsmen, edited into a coherent and thorough guide. It offers detailed, fully updated sailing directions for almost all the important harbours and anchorages, many of which are documented here for the first time. The detailed text is supported by revised colour sketch plans throughout. The book now contains full colour photographs which relate to the sketch plans. Download the latest supplement with updates from

  • Norie's Nautical Tables Spar 21%

    Since J W Norie published the first edition of this famous set of mathematical tables in 1803, the book has become - and remained - a bestseller. Despite developments in electronic navigation it remains an essential requirement for anyone learning and practising astro-navigation. Since the last update in 2007, the editor, George Blance, has made many changes - new tables have been included and obsolete ones deleted to conform with changing techniques of navigation, with the aim of improving the accuracy of the calculated position and reducing the tedium of the calculation. The section Seaports of the World has again been extensively updated and restructured with several hundred additional ports. The ports are listed geographically and also indexed alphabetically to aid identification. 2018 edition.

  • Historic Photos of University of Florida Football Spar 26%

    When the Florida Agricultural College in Lake City became the University of Florida and moved south to Gainesville in 1906, it had a very fledgling football team, although worthy opponents were difficult to find. Little by little, as the school increased in size and reputation, its football team attracted higher-performing athletes and sterner opponents until it was willing to play any team in the country. In 1966, the team had its first Heisman Trophy winner, but it was not until 30 years later that UF won its first national championship. Since then UF has chalked up two more Heisman Trophy winners and two more national championships. Historic Photos of University of Florida Football chronicles the rise of one of the premier football programs in the country through hundreds of black-and-white photographs, each of them captioned and with introductions. The book includes photos of the university and the surrounding community to which the Fightin Gators have become so much an integral part.

  • Meine wilden Kinder af Dr. Signe Preuschoft
    af Dr. Signe Preuschoft

    Tausende Orang-Utans haben in den letzten Jahrzehnten zumindest ihre Heimat, den Urwald oder sogar ihr Leben verloren. Nur ein Bruchteil der "e;Waldmenschen"e; kann gerettet werden. Signe Preuschoft betreut Orang-Utan-Waisen in einer Waldschule auf Borneo und bereitet sie auf ihr Leben in Freiheit vor. Hier lernen die traumatisierten Menschenaffenkinder nach Tod oder Verlust der Mutter alles, was sie fur ihr Leben im Wald brauchen: Klettern, Nester bauen, Nahrung suchen, Beziehungen aufbauen. Acht Jahre verbringt ein Orang-Utan-Kind in standigem Kontakt zu seiner Mutter, ebenso viel Zeit benotigt es in Menschenobhut, bevor es selbststandig wird. Die Primaten-Forscherin zeigt uns, was wir von ihren wilden Waisen ber uns selbst lernen knnen. Sie schildert ihre Arbeit in Indonesien und erzhlt, was sie selbst antreibt, trotz aller Rckschlge und Schwierigkeiten immer weiterzumachen. Denn im Namen ihrer Kinder kmpft sie gegen die Zeit: Tglich werden zur Palmlgewinnung riesige Flchen Wald gerodet, einziger Lebensraum der Orang-Utans. Doch verschwindet der Wald, verschwinden auch seine Kinder.

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