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Dyr i naturen

  • Chick Mouse af Ana Wee Spar 15%
    - Breakfast at the Farm
    af Ana Wee

    Chick MouseBreakfast at the FarmChick Mouse and his new family visit the farm kitchen for breakfast. He shows off his skills when the toast unexpectedly flies out of the toaster, but is saved by his one handed catch in mid-air. An accident after breakfast results in Chick Mouse being bathed in milk! Once dry again, he gets a new extra-long jumper made out of Skaties old sock, to keep him warm.

  • Mystery of the Vanishing Pony af Bonnie Butler Spar 15%
    af Bonnie Butler

    A very sad pony finds new friends but keeps on disappearing before he can be taken to his new home.

  • Fairy Stories from Kazakhstan af Dana Jeteyeva Spar 15%
    - (Based on Kazakh National Fairy Tales)
    af Dana Jeteyeva

    Fables of old Kazakhstan. Long ago and far away, where the high Altay mountains burst up from miles of dry steppe, in the woods and meadows there, lived animals just like the ones you know today

  • Fun at the Farm af Sussie Lincoln Spar 15%
    af Sussie Lincoln

    Fun at the Farm will delight young children and parents alike. Simple and witty rhymes and illustrations full of colour and fun make this is an engaging counting story. Along these pages, the animals have lots of fun and cause more than a little mischief around the farm. Cuddle up and enjoy... and see if you can help the farmer find his missing hat!

  • Robin Redbreast af Avril Ribeli-Mearns Spar 15%
    - Love of Family
    af Avril Ribeli-Mearns

    The deep love of family. Nothing is too much trouble for the family. Some truth, fiction and fantasy combined to make an exciting book for the young reader and pre-school child.

  • Twinny and the Rock af Andrew Swaes Spar 15%
    af Andrew Swaes

    It all started one bright day at the beginning of spring. All the animals had come out of hibernation relieved that at long last winter had passed But as all good stories go, all is not well that begins well. It happened that a young worm, Twinny by name, came across a huge, verdant, mysterious rock in the middle of the forest. When she told her parents about her find, they were far from elated. Instead of congratulating young Twinny, they forbade her to go back, warning her that grave danger abounded upon the rock. Now Twinny was faced with a grave dilemma! Were her parents' words true? Was the danger real? Should she go back to the rock? Or should she listen to her parents' words and never return to it ever again?

  • Game Ranger af Rodney Henwood Spar 15%
    - Extracts from a Game Ranger's Notebook
    af Rodney Henwood

    This book should appeal to a wide range of readers, from those that have spent time working in the bush and can relate to these stories, to those still contemplating a career with wildlife. It should also appeal to the weekend and average armchair conservationist who has probably often dreamt of what it would have been like had he chosen to become a dedicated full time field officer. The book will also help give an insight into what goes on behind the scenes for those visiting a game park for their very first time. It has been written in an easy to read format, divided into individual wildlife adventures based from the authors early beginnings as a Game Ranger at a remote outpost in Northern Zululand to finally becoming Warden of Game Capture. Some of these adventures are funny and some more serious but never routine or mundane however they were always rewarding and gratifying. Enjoy the read!

  • Frommer's EasyGuide to Costa Rica 2017 af Karl Kahler Spar 20%
    af Karl Kahler

    Adventurous, nature-loving travelers flock to Costa Rica and with good reason: there are few places anywhere that cram so many different eco-systems, and species of critters, within such a small area. This tautly written, exhaustively researched book will show you the way to make the most out of your vacation.The EasyGuide to Costa Rica is updated yearly, printed in large, easy-to-read fonts and contains:- Dozens of helpful maps- Opinionated reviews of lodges, hotels, restaurants, adventure outfitters, attractions and nightlife in all price ranges and for all styles of travel, from laid-back to gung ho- Star ratings so you can quickly scan through your options- Exact pricing so theres never any guessing

  • Lobby the Lobster af Debi Costa Spar 15%
    af Debi Costa

    Lobby is a fable for children and adults. The message is to appreciate the beauty and love we have in this world. There are lessons of friendship, leadership and decision making. The moral is all about happiness, however, if the reader would like to write their own moral, the author would love to hear from them!

  • Journeys in the Wild af Gavin Thurston
    - The Secret Life of a Cameraman
    af Gavin Thurston

    'Gavin's book is extraordinary: his easy prose and gasp-making encounters make for a gripping and very funny read. It's a rollercoaster ride with a complete professional. I loved it.' JOANNA LUMLEY***From Gavin Thurston, the award-winning Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II cameraman with a foreword by Sir David Attenborough comes extraordinary and adventurous true stories of what it takes to track down and film our planet's most captivating creatures.Gavin has been a wildlife photographer for over thirty years. Against a backdrop of modern world history, he's lurked in the shadows of some of the world's remotest places in order to capture footage of the animal kingdom's finest: prides of lions, silverback gorillas, capuchin monkeys, brown bears, grey whales, penguins, mosquitoes - you name it he's filmed it.From journeys to the deepest depths of the Antarctic Ocean and the wide expanse of the Saharan deserts, to the peaks of the Himalayas and the wild forests of the Congo, Gavin's experiences describe much more than just the incredible array of animals he's filmed. He invites you to come inside the cameraman's hidden world and discover the hours spent patiently waiting for the protagonists to appear; the inevitable dangers in the wings and the challenges faced and overcome; and the heart-warming, life-affirming moments the cameras miss as well as capture.

  • Birds Do It af Tom Willis Spar 15%
    af Tom Willis & Lauren Doucette-Rosello

    Welcome to the book of Lover Birds and their corresponding love song lyrics made famous by the legendary singer, songwriter, recording executive Smokey Robinson, whom many call the poet laureate of Motown.

  • What Happened to the Bunny Rabbits Tail? af Grandma Lola Clark Spar 15%
    af Grandma Lola Clark

    Marvin sees a big grey animal in a field behind his home and thinks it is a strange dog like he had never seen before. His Mother explains it is a Rabbit, and thus the story begins.

  • Maddie'S Magic Tree af Margaret Redfern Spar 15%
    af Margaret Redfern

    Maddies Magic Tree is the story of a young girls love for animals and nature. She excitedly sees the first white, winters snowflakes as she rises from bed. She rushes out into the surrounding meadow and meets the hero of the story, a young Pine tree heavily covered in snow with a magic wave to Maddie as she relieves the tree from the white burden on its branches, a group of animals and birds all receiving magical gifts from the tree, and a spying Maddie from behind a tree that magically sends animals to successfully find food during the winter. Magic! Magic! Magic! The author inspires children from the goodness in the story of the kindness of the Magic tree in silently guiding the animals to find food for themselves and their family, and the love and caring heart of Maddie in wanting to keep the animals safe and fed through the winter. The gratitude of the animals toward the tree when they find needed food and the outpouring of love in the gifts with which they decorate the tree become the loving symbol of their love for the tree. This story can be a channel to strengthen love, gratitude, kindnes and caring in the minds of young children. How was Magic shown in the story? Why was Maddie always so worried? What does the last illustration show us about loving each other? Why was Maddie so happy with her hug?

  • Dolly and the Moon af Kathy V. Kuzma Spar 15%
    af Kathy V. Kuzma

    This is a true story of an unusual event in my life. I rescued a llama that had been roaming near our home. I spent six months trying to spread the word of this lost animal and trying to gain its trust. Finally, with the help of a stranger who became a good friend, the llama is now safe.

  • Funny Features af D.J. Gunter Spar 15%
    af D.J. Gunter

    Funny Features stars a giraffe that has always been self conscious about his height. However, once he discovers laughter is his best medicine, he decides that being tall is nothing more than just a funny feature.

  • Different World, Same Planet af Joseph M. Daccache Spar 15%
    - The Call of Life
    af Joseph M. Daccache

    When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Whenever a door closes, a better one seems to open. My life is a story of big dreams, dreams that come true; of great hopes and deceptions, fears, exile, and broken promises. The story of choices and consequences. Most of all; it is a story of an unconditional love, a continual struggle and a battle to protect lives. The earthquake that hit me was so devastating that everyone, even myself, was convinced that it would kill me. Yet, here I am. I held on to all the love that I have and all the promises I made; I survived. With the beginning of my new journey of saving animal lives, I encountered a friend that ended up being a disaster on my dreams, my dreams that are yet to start.

  • Who's in Charge Wilderness Change and Evolution af Bill Wonders Spar 15%
    - (A Snap-Shot of Life on Earth)
    af Bill Wonders

    Ever stand in a forest at dark, harboring a feeling that you were being intensely watched, evaluated, or sized up by an unknown, unseen, predatory wild animal? Ever give thought to human physical and/or mental frailness compared to predatory wild animals? Ever look directly into the eyes of a predatory animal (caged or free) as it stood motionless, intently staring at you, evaluating every move you made? Ever consider having a predatory wild animal as a household pet? Ever have occasion to reflect on how humans as well as all animals fit into earth's long-running evolution? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you.

  • Rosie's Story af Patti Barrett Webb Spar 15%
    af Patti Barrett Webb

    About Rosie Rosie was a real soul who lived on Rosemoore Lake from 2007 2012. She came from Michigan to our lake along with her friend and partner Moorey. Delivered in postal carriers and released into our lake, both swans brought a majestic and special sense of pride and love to the people who lived on or around the lake who helped to feed and support them. There were many others that would come from the outside of the neighborhood to take pictures of them. Rosie had a star like quality to her as she loved to be photographed and told how great she was. She endured the loss of Moorey, Bobby and all of her babies over a four year time period. It was sad to watch her look for all her loved ones. Her story is about the feelings associated with loss and the difficulty in adjusting to change, letting go and moving forward. To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die (Thomas Campbell)

  • Alaskan Adventure af Alan R. Adaschik Spar 15%
    - A Travelogue
    af Alan R. Adaschik

    Alan Adaschiks dream was to visit Alaska; Americas last frontier and a place which abounds with wildlife and unspoiled wilderness. Upon retirement, Al and his wife Gayle sold everything and bought a thirty-seven foot Damon Intruder motor home to make his dream a reality. An Alaskan Adventure is a narrative about Al and Gayles trip which highlights the places they visited and the wonderful things they experienced along the way. An Alaskan Adventure commences in Indiana following a visit with Als relatives who live there. After negotiating the traffic jams of Chicago, Al and Gayle traveled I-94 across the northern Great Plains visiting Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana along the way. Heading north, they visited Glacier National Park and continued on to tour Yoho, Banff, and Jasper national parks in Canada. Afterwards, Al & Gayle picked up the Alaskan Highway which took them to a realization of Als dream. The reminder of the book is about Al & Gayles travels around the Great Alaskan Triangle, a circuit of 900 miles defined by the cities of Tok, Fairbanks, and Anchorage. While negotiating this triangle, Al and Gayles primary goals were to find gold in one of the many streams they crossed and to also find a Wooly Mammoth frozen in a glacier. Toward this end, they took side trips to the White Mountains National Recreation Area, Denali National Park, The Top of the World Highway, and the towns of Homer and Chicken. An Alaskan Adventure is not just a book about touring Alaska. Al is an environmentalist and a theme evident throughout the book is that the beauty we find around us is fleeting and that if we, as a species, continue to over-populate our world, what we see and value so highly is sure to go away.

  • Diosa af Amy Phillips Penn Spar 15%
    - One Mare's Odyssey on the Planet Earth
    af Amy Phillips Penn

    Diosa is as close to black as the sun allows. She has been awarded a "e;Best playing Pony Award,"e; at the prestigious Palm Beach International Polo Club in the women's tournament. The press loves Diosa. She has appeared in the Palm Beach Post, the Sun Sentinel, and of course in the New York Post's infamous Page Six, where all legendary women usually land. Amy Phillips Penn is a former syndicated society columnist ( New York Post and Palm Beach Daily News.) She has contributed to CNN, national magazines and many equestrian and polo publications. She knows that Diosa can tell her own story better than she can. They both hope that you will enjoy their journey.

  • Tall Toad Tales af Janice Lee Brannon Spar 15%
    - Discovering a New World
    af Janice Lee Brannon

    While living in Thailand, the Brannon children's imaginative interaction with live toads dressed in costume later inspired Janice to follow in their footsteps . . . dressing up toads, then using engaging photos of them to illustrate Tall Toad Tales. Although Discovering a New World parallels Columbus' discovery of America, it introduces a toad's view of that adventure. Janice hopes that her sincere affection for the toad world will be apparent and that readers will be aware that her toad friends were always treated gently and with respect.

  • Extreme Wildlife Volume 1 af Traci Jackson Spar 15%
    - Coloring Book
    af Traci Jackson

    There is no available information at this time.

  • Happy Birthday Everyone! af Sharron Allen Spar 20%
    af Sharron Allen

    It is Stevies fifth birthday and hes waiting for his friends to arrive for his party. As he waits, he begins to wonder does everyone know how hold they are and have a birthday? What about everything outside? Do rocks have birthdays? Does the moon know how old it is? What about birds? Do hippos have birthdays? Or sharks? Or rabbits? Does the sun have a birthday party?Join Stevie as he takes an imaginary trip through Creation to discover just whos having a party!

  • Kuba No the Donkey Whisperer af Amy Muzzy Spar 15%
    af Amy Muzzy

    This is a true story about a naughty dog named Kuba and his specialfriendship with a wild donkey named Irene. It demonstrates thatfriendship isnt defined by similarities but by trust. It also shows howpredicting behavior or stereotyping based on things such as species or race orgender can have unexpected outcomes.

  • God's Neighborhood af Dawn Arbuckle Spar 15%
    af Dawn Arbuckle

    The Photographs in this book were taken in God's Neighborhood in pure Michigan. This book was written to show appreciation for all the beautiful miracles God has created for us to enjoy. This book was meant to be a learning tool for young children; to aid in literacy development, give reading experiences and allow them to see what some of God's Neighborhood, Michigan looks like.

  • Jack's Busy Day af Mary E. Kardos Spar 15%
    af Mary E. Kardos

    Jack is a little dog who wants to be a chef when he grows up. He loves to cook, eats a healthy diet, exercises, and sometimes gets into mischief.

  • Abecedarian Insectarium af Lynn Stephens Massey Spar 15%
    - Bugs and Insects a to Z
    af Lynn Stephens Massey

    It started with the yellow jacket wasp I found in the street. Even though it was dead, it had such an animated quality, almost cartoon-like. I carefully cradled it in my hand and was immediately inspired to paint it. Soon cicada were emerging, leaving their scarab-like shell behind. Dragonflies were hovering about my head. My insect treasures mounted; firefly, butterfly, beetle, ladybug and more, arousing my inner scientist. The local library and bookstore provided my trove of compelling facts and educational information. A journal of bugs and insects took shape. What followed was a selection of bugs from a to z. I wanted to hold a special book in my hand recognizing the beauty of nature. So I created my own, Abecedarian Insectarium, Bugs and Insects A to Z.

  • Saving Manno af Spencer Sekyer
    - What a Baby Chimp Taught Me About Making the World a Better Place
    af Spencer Sekyer

    An inspiring and uplifting memoir about one small-town teacher's eye-opening travels around the world and his relentless efforts to rescue a chimp in danger.As a child, Spencer Sekyer's world was a simple one. He grew up in a small town, where many of his days were spent hunting in the woods and pursuing his dream of becoming a professional athlete. But when his athletic career ended, he found himself seeking new goals. Spencer returned to school and became a teacher. Realizing he still had much to learn about the world, Spencer set out to explore its most dangerous areas. He traveled to Sierra Leone to volunteer in a local school, followed by trips to the West Bank, Afghanistan, and Haiti. Each time, Spencer returned home a little wiser, a little more emotionally mature, and a little more ready to give back to a world that had given him so much. In Duhok, Kurdistan, Spencer's journey took a new turn. After stumbling into a local zoo, Spencer formed an unlikely bond with Manno, a young chimpanzee who had been kidnapped from his family in central Africa and sold into captivity. Determined to get Manno back to his home, Spencer began to investigate the shadowy, dangerous world of global animal trafficking. Facing resistance at every turn, and with ISIS closing in on Duhok, Spencer finally set in motion an international effort to get his friend to safety, before it was too late. Bursting with compassion, inspiration, and courage, Saving Manno is a testament to the fact that every one of us has the power to change lives and make the world a better place.

  • Amazing Adventures of Callie the Cat af Angel Essence Spar 15%
    - Good Night to Gus....For Now
    af Angel Essence

    Callie is the main character. She is a beautiful calico cat who is always doing something comical, quirky, or mischievous. Her amazing adventures will take children and the young-at-heart on a journey of excitement, and who knows where she will lead you next! Humorous and gentle, Callie has you wrapped around her paw from the get-go! Come join in Miss Callies amazing adventures and bask in the fun!

  • Dewey and Cletis af The Snack Lady Spar 15%
    - Their Maine Adventure
    af The Snack Lady

    This is the first trip to Maine for the beagle brothers, Dewey and Cletis. They meet every adrenaline-charged adventure with determination and togetherness. They cant wait for more escapades to come in their continuing travels.

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