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  • Wing Chun Kung-Fu Volume 3 af Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith Spar 19%
    - Weapons & Advanced Techniques
    af Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith

    In Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 3: Weapons & Advanced Techniques, the final Wing Chun book in this Chinese martial arts series, author Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith applies dynamic scientific methodology to Wing Chun training tools and weapons, providing a complete analysis of why and how each item is used. The reader is led step-by-step through the use of the Wing Chun Wooden-Dummy—a valuable training tool for developing trapping, striking, and kicking skills; the Wing Chun Butterfly Knives—deadly bladed weapons for both attack and defense; and the Six-and-a-Half Pole—a simple but devastating weapon in the hands of the Wing Chun fighter. The author encourages students to recognize the practical and physical benefits of traditional fighting weapons in the modern environment.

  • Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 2 af Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith Spar 20%
    - Fighting & Grappling
    af Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith

    Not simply a training manual but a combat survival guide, Fighting and Grappling is a challenging book for all students of the martial arts.In this second volume of Wing Chune Kung-Fu: A Complete Guide, the techniques introduced in Basic Forms and Principles are shown in combat situations. The combat applications of Wing Chun's sticky-hand, sticky-leg, and grappling and throwing techniques are shown in detail and are fully illustrated.A chapter on the controversial poison touch (dar mak) explains the effect of strikes to the weak points of the human body in terms of both acupuncture and modern medical theory. Finally, the author argues that the martial arts must evolve and develop new techniques to meet a changing environment. He shows this process of integration in action, uniting White Crane kung-fu and Thai kickboxing with Wing Chun to produce a complete and devastating new fighting system.

  • Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 1 af Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith Spar 19%
    - Basic Forms & Principles
    af Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith

    Introducing a new scientific approach to Wing Chun kung-fu, this book gives a clear and detailed exposition of once closely guarded techniques.Rejecting the secretive approach that characterizes much of martial arts writing, the author draws upon biomechanical theory to explain logically and scientifically how the techniques of Wing Chun kung-fu work. After an explanation of the theory behind the various Wing Chun moves, the reader is led step-by-step through each of the forms. Chi gerk and chi sao, the Wing Chun sticky-hand and sticky-leg techniques, are explained and liberally accompanied by 183 photographs detailing the important moves. An additional section devoted to weight and power training for the martial artist makes this book invaluable, not just for those interested in Wing Chun kung-fu, but for practitioners of any martial art.

  • Looking at a Far Mountain af Paul Budden Spar 18%
    - A Study of Kendo Kata
    af Paul Budden

    Looking at a Far Mountain is a remarkable comprehensive survey of the core of kendo, an internationally practiced martial sport derived from the ancient Japanese warrior art of the sword and heavily influenced by the tenets of Shinto, Confucianism, and, particularly, Zen Buddhism.This is the first study outside of Japan and the first in English of the history, philosophy, and technical aspects comprising the system of predetermined sword techniques knows as Teikoku Kendo Kata.Lavishly illustrated with historical photographs and encompassing a history of the kendo kata tradition, technical training and advice, the individual kata themselves, lineage charts of particular schools and notable kendo masters, and a complete glossary of kendo terms, Looking at a Far Mountain remains firmly anchored in the Japanese tradition while addressing the growing international corps of kendo practitioners.

  • Martial Arts Techniques for Law Enforcement af Mike Young Spar 21%
    af Mike Young

    Martial Arts Techniques for Law Enforcement provides clear and straightforward lessons to law enforcement officials so they can effectively defend themselves in the line of duty.A comprehensive handbook of law enforcement self-defense, this martial arts guide offers instruction in techniques and tactics taken from a variety of martial arts forms that specifically cater to the situations unique to police officers. These simple, easy-to-follow lessons teach readers the theory behind:Stikes and KicksCome-Alongs and TakedownsPsychological Defensive TacticsDefensive Maneuvers, including One-Hand DefensesDefensive Techniques against Weapons and Guns

  • Mastering the Samurai Sword af Cary Nemeroff Spar 20%
    - A Full-Color, Step-by-Step Guide [Downloadable Material Included]
    af Cary Nemeroff

    Memorialized in countless books and movies, the history of Japan's fearsome samurai warriors is known all over the world. Who can forget these Japanese masters' skills with the sword? Today, samurai warriors no longer exist, but their legacy of swordsmanship endures. Now, the way of the samurai sword is learned in the martial arts Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu. This book is the perfect introduction to using this beautiful and ancient weapon. In Mastering the Samurai Sword, you'll learn the sword's fascinating history, its evolution, and the philosophy behind its use. You'll also learn practical guidance for mastering the sword itself.Full-color, step-by-step photographs detail many of the most useful and famous samurai moves, including:drawing the samurai swordguard positions, cutting blows, and blockingfalling and rolling techniques, and evasive strategiesstanding forms and kneeling formsAll of the martial arts techniques discussed in the book are performed for readers in the downloadable material to help you perfect your form. Beginners will learn everything from proper attire and behavior in the dojo to how they might practice at home, while more experienced samurai swords people will find a new appreciation for the deeper meaning and tradition behind the graceful way of the sword.

  • Filipino Martial Arts af Mark V. Wiley Spar 20%
    - Cabales Serrada Escrima
    af Mark V. Wiley

    Filipino Martial Arts illustrates the basic strikes, blocks, counters, and disarms of the Serrada Escrima fighting system.A highly effective, well-rounded warrior art, Serrada Escrima uses basic stick-fighting movements that are equally applicable in both unarmed and knife fighting. Profusely illustrated, this martial arts manual describes not only the techniques but also the history and philosophy of the Filipino martial arts and their relevance in the fighting and mixed martial arts world today.Filipino Martial Arts: Cabales Serrada Escrima is an essential addition to any martial arts library.

  • Pa-kua af ROBERT W. SMITH Spar 20%
    - Eight-Trigram Boxing
    af ROBERT W. SMITH & Allen Pittman

    This book outlines the history and techniques of Pa-kuaa style of boxing based on the eight (pa) trigrams (kua) of the I Ching.This martial arts guide gives a thorough account of the philosophy behind the art. It also presents to the West for the first the orthodox style of the last Chinese Pa-kua master Wang Shu-chin. Described in great detail and fully illustrated are the basic techniques, the eight palm shapes, and the eight traditional methods of "e;walking the circle."e;Guided by this easy-to-follow text, the student of Pa-kua can probe deeply into the hitherto hidden secrets of one of the most complete systems of self defense ever developed.

  • Qigong for Staying Young af Shoshanna Katzman Spar 21%
    - A Simple 20-Minute Workout to Culitivate Your Vital Energy
    af Shoshanna Katzman

    Gentle movements from the ancient Chinese art of self-healing and fitness to maintain youthful health and vitality.Shoshanna Katzman introduces readers to the practice of qigong through her graceful twenty-minute program that incorporates postures, breath, sound, visualization, and self-massage. This revitalizing workout will help women of all ages maintain youthful skin, eyes, and hair; improve fitness; and renew energy. Readers can then customize their routine, as the author explains how to apply the healing powers of qigong-along with herbal and dietary remedies-to specific age-related concerns such as arthritis, osteoporosis, menopause, weight gain, and decreased sexual vitality.

  • Intelligent Warrior: Command Personal Power with Martial Arts Strategies af Steve Jones
    af Steve Jones

    Steve Jones' Body Mind Spirit system shows you how to excel at whatever life throws at you, from self-defence on the streets, dealing with office bully tactics or giving a speech in front of a crowd of people. Using kung fu, dynamic meditation and chi gung, this is a unique guide to achieving success, confidence and balance in modern life.The Intelligent Warrior is a unique guidebook to finding balance and success in life, teaching the reader how to cope with any situation- whether a spiritual, mental or physical challenge- that modern life can throw at you.Steve Jones has developed his own Body Mind Spirit (BMS) system, which encourages the development of all three areas in order to find the focus and balance required to achieve your goals. His system is a hybrid of kung fu, dynamic meditation and chi gung.As well as being a book for martial arts students, this book is ideal for anyone wanting to succeed in business. Steve Jones uses martial arts in the same way that Bill Phillips, Baron Baptiste and Tony Buzan use body building, yoga and mind-maps, as a tool to achieving mental and physical prowess.The Intelligent Warrior will show readers how to:* sharpen mental acuity* defeat depressive thoughts* win at work* face off aggressors* be socially confident

  • Muhammad Ali -
    - Svæve som en sommerfugl - stikke som en bi
    af Kurt Thyboe

    "Muhammad Ali ... og så mig! Dette århundredes største idræts-idol. Og en dansk reporter. Det er vel sådan ca. som herfra til den anden side af Mælkevejen. Og dog. Engang krydsede vi spor... Fragmenter af to liv, frosset fast i tiden i enkelte gyldne sekunder." Kurt Thyboe (f. 1940) er en dansk sportkommentator, journalist, freelanceskribent og forfatter. Han har tidligere skrevet "Ritter: portræt af en cykelrytter" (1976), "Elvis" (1977), "Muhummad Ali" (1995), "Brøndby forever" (1997) og "FCK : på jagt efter den umulige drøm" (1999).

  • Ringens mestre af Kurt Thyboe
    af Kurt Thyboe

    "Ringens mestre" går tæt på Danmarks største professionelle boksere gennem tiden. Kurt Thyboe fortæller blandt andre om Battling Nelson, Jørgen Johansen, Brian Nielsen, Christian Christensen, Ayub Kalule og Jimmi Bredahl. "Ringens mestre" indeholder rekordliste for mesterbokserne.Kurt Thyboe (f. 1940) er en dansk sportskommentator, journalist, freelanceskribent og forfatter. Kurt Thyboe har tidligere skrevet "Ritter: portræt af en cykelrytter" (1976), "Elvis" (1977), "Muhammad Ali" (1995), "Brøndby forever" (1997) og "FCK : på jagt efter den umulige drøm" (1999).

  • Lost Samurai School af Antony Cummins Spar 25%
    - Secrets of Mubyoshi Ryu
    af Antony Cummins & Mieko Koizumi

    Available for the first time in English, this book is both an illustrated samurai arts manual and a groundbreaking historical account of the teachings of a Japanese samurai who formed a school known as Mubyoshi Ryu in the 1600s. Abundantly illustrated with more than 350 images representing the practices of Mubyoshi Ryu, The Lost Samurai School collects and translates ancient documents that contain the instructions of founding master Hagiwara Juzo, revealing the enthralling martial arts, secret weapons, magic, and espionage as they were practiced by samurai in their daily lives. The scrolls contain fascinating descriptions of ';civilian' samurai skills, which concentrate more on personal protection than battlefield warfare, including the full ninja curriculum and elements of esoteric magic. Antony Cummins contextualizes the many expertly translated documents with a history of the era, the school, and its grandmaster. The illustrations bring to life the skills required to master everything from jūjutsu, to shuriken-jutsu (throwing blades), to swords, to chain weapons, to the quarterstaff. The Lost Samurai School is a journey into the past that will preserve such skills for the future.

  • Ali vs. Inoki af Josh Gross Spar 21%
    - The Forgotten Fight That Inspired Mixed Martial Arts and Launched Sports Entertainment
    af Josh Gross

    Inoki can use his bare fists. He can use karate. This is serious. Theres $10 million involved. I wouldnt pull a fraud on the public. This is real. Theres no plan. The blood. The holds. The pain. Everything is going to be real. Im not here in this time of my life to come out with some phony action. I want you to know this is real."e;Muhammad Ali, June 14, 1976, The Tonight ShowOn June 26, 1976, Muhammad Ali fought in a mixed-rules contest against iconic pro wrestling champion Antonio Inoki for the so-called martial arts championship of the world. Broadcast from Tokyo to a potential audience of 1.4 billion in 34 countries, the spectacle foreshadowed and, in many ways, led to the rise of mixed martial arts as a major sport.The unique contest was controversial and panned by wrestling and boxing supporters alike, but the real action was behind the scenes. Egos, competing interests, and a general sense of apprehension over what would happen in the ring led to hodgepodge rules thrown together at the last minute. Bizarre plans to save Ali if the fight got out of hand were even concocted.In Ali vs. Inoki, author Josh Gross gets inside Alis head leading up to the match by resurrecting pre-fight interviews. Gross also introduces us to Inoki, the most famous face in Japan who was instrumental in shaping modern mixed martial arts.

  • Filipino Martial Arts af Peter A.H. Lewis
    - Exploring the Depths
    af Peter A.H. Lewis

    The indigenous martial arts of the Philippines archipelago are known by a variety of names including Arnis, Arnis de Mano, Eskrima or Escrima, and are widely respected for the development of combat-effective defensive strategies and skills. The Filipino martial arts are fast and dynamic and utilise a diverse range of training methods to augment the journey towards achieving advance abilities in defending against weapons-based or empty-hand encounters. Supplemented by over 320 colour photographs, this exciting book explores the fundamental, intermediate and advanced techniques of double and single stick categories that are standard across many systems of the Filipino martial arts. A methodological breakdown of the basics of each technique is provided, and possible approaches to advancement and development are presented using a range of both individual and partner-based activities. Each outline also takes into consideration the potential for applying the technique in various scenarios, from emtpy-handed to multiple weapons categories, with an emphasis on adaptability and versatility. Foreword by Grandmaster Reynaldo S. Galang.

  • Tai Chi Book af Robert Chuckrow
    af Robert Chuckrow

    Independent Publisher Book Award FINALIST - 2008The Tai Chi Book is a detailed guide for students who've learned a Tai Chi form and want to know more. It also introduces beginners to the principles behind great Tai Chi, and answers common questions that all of us have.The Tai Chi Book shows you how to use Tai Chi to gain strength in your bones, muscles and vital organs, how to improve your balance and flexibility, and how to achieve remarkable vitality.The author also introduces complex elements of Tai Chi, including ways to develop the relaxed strength known as sung, how to cultivate and feel Chi, how to train mindfulness, and a helpful chapter on being a student.In addition, the author explores the debate over Tai Chi breathing patterns, explains in detail proper body alignment, and tells why Pushing Hands is more important than you might think.The Tai Chi Book is your guide to the fullest health benefits of Tai Chi and to higher levels of skill and ability. • Like two books in one-basic and advanced Tai Chi training.• Find out how to choose and relate to a teacher.• Develop remarkable vitality and longevity.• Includes the Cheng Man-ch'ing short form.• More than one hundred photos and illustrations.

  • Battling Nelson, the Durable Dane af Baker Mark Allen Baker Spar 16%
    - World Lightweight Champion, 1882-1954
    af Baker Mark Allen Baker

    Oscar "e;Battling"e; Nelson (1882-1954) was perhaps the toughest professional boxer ever to enter the ring. Although a Hall of Fame inductee, Nelson remains a lesser known great of boxing lore. From the beginning of his career at 14, the Danish immigrant presented himself as a man of integrity who never smoked, drank or took a dive. In the ring and in public, Battling Nelson crafted a Renaissance man image as a lightweight champion, reporter, entertainer, real estate mogul, entrepreneur and ladies' man. The first ever champion in his weight class to mount a comeback, he strove to break new ground (even if he wasn't always successful). This book tells the story of a ring legend whose endurance was second to none and whose trilogy with Joe Gans is one of the great rivalries in sports history.

  • Ringside af Linder Doveed Linder Spar 16%
    - Interviews with 24 Fighters and Boxing Insiders
    af Linder Doveed Linder

    Twenty-four exclusive interviews with boxing insiders feature the recollections and perspectives of champions, trainers, promoters and officials, as well as those who work behind the scenes. Interviewees include ring legends "e;Sugar"e; Ray Leonard, Leon Spinks and Roy Jones, Jr., trainer Angelo Dundee, promoter Bob Arum, ring announcer Michael Buffer, referee Steve Smoger, cutman Joe Souza, sportscaster Al Bernstein and manager Jackie Kallen.

  • Now with Kung Fu Grip! af Miracle Jared Miracle Spar 16%
    - How Bodybuilders, Soldiers and a Hairdresser Reinvented Martial Arts for America
    af Miracle Jared Miracle

    Why do so many Americans practice martial arts? How did kung fu get its own movie genre? What makes mixed martial arts so popular? This book answers these questions for the first time with historical research. At the turn of the 20th century, the United States enjoyed a time of prosperity but feared that men were becoming soft. At the same time, the Japanese government sponsored research to develop the best fighting techniques for its new empire. Before World War II, American men boxed and Japanese men practiced judo and karate. Postwar Americans began adopting Chinese, Brazilian, Filipino and other fighting styles, in the process establishing a masculine subculture based on physical and social power. The rise of Asian martial arts in America is a fascinating untold story of modern history, from the origin of karate uniforms to the first martial arts themed birthday party. The cast of characters includes circus strongmen, professional cage fighters, an award winning comic book artist, the inventors of judo, aikido and Cornflakes, and Count Juan Raphael Dante, a Chicago hairdresser and used car salesman with the "e;Deadliest Hands in the World."e; Readers will never look at taekwondo class the same way again.

  • Ingemar Johansson af Brooks Ken Brooks Spar 16%
    - Swedish Heavyweight Boxing Champion
    af Brooks Ken Brooks

    Ingemar Johansson's right hand--dubbed "e;The Hammer of Thor"e;--was the most fearsome in boxing, and Johansson's three fights with Floyd Patterson rank among the sport's classic rivalries. Yet most fans know little about the Swedish playboy who won the world heavyweight championship with a shocking third round knockout of Patterson and held it for six days short of a year (1959-1960). During his reign, the raffish "e;Ingo"e; hit fashionable nightspots on two continents, romanced Elizabeth Taylor, and refused to kowtow to the mobsters who controlled boxing. This first-ever biography of Johansson chronicles his fistic triumphs as a Goteborg teen prodigy, his humiliating disqualification for "e;cowardice"e; at the 1952 Olympics, his storybook romances with Birgit Lundgren and Edna Alsterlund and his post-career life and tragic early dementia.

  • Ezzard Charles af Dettloff William Dettloff Spar 16%
    - A Boxing Life
    af Dettloff William Dettloff

    Greatness is often overlooked in its own time. For Ezzard Charles--one of boxing's most skilled practitioners, with a record of 93-25-1 (52 KO)--recognition took decades. Named by The Ring magazine as the greatest light heavyweight of all time, Charles was frustrated in his attempts to get a shot at the 175-pound title, and as World Heavyweight Champion (1949-1951) struggled to win the respect of boxing fans captivated by Joe Louis' power and charisma. This first-ever biography of "e;The Cincinnati Cobra"e; covers his early life in a small country town and his career in the glamorously dirty business of prizefighting in the 1950s, one of the sport's Golden Ages. Charles' fights with Louis, Jersey Joe Walcott, Rocky Marciano and his three wins over the legendary Archie Moore are detailed.

  • John L. Sullivan af Pollack Adam J. Pollack Spar 16%
    - The Career of the First Gloved Heavyweight Champion
    af Pollack Adam J. Pollack

    Essentially the last of the bare-knuckle heavyweight champions, John L. Sullivan was instrumental in the acceptance of gloved fighting. His charisma and popular appeal during this transitional period contributed greatly to making boxing a nationally popular, "e;legitimate"e; sport. Sullivan became boxing's first superstar and arguably the first of any sport. From his first match in the late 1870s through his final championship fight in 1892, this biography contains a thoroughly researched, detailed accounting of John L. Sullivan's boxing career. With special attention to the 1880s, the decade during which Sullivan came to prominence, it follows Sullivan's skill development and discusses his opponents and fights in detail, providing various viewpoints of a single event. Beginning with a discussion of early boxing practices, the sport itself is placed within sociological, legal and historical contexts including anti-prize fighting laws and the so-called "e;color line."e; A complete record of Sullivan's career is also included.

  • Fight Sports and American Masculinity af Thrasher Christopher David Thrasher Spar 16%
    - Salvation in Violence from 1607 to the Present
    af Thrasher Christopher David Thrasher

    Throughout America's past, some men have feared the descent of their gender into effeminacy, and turned their eyes to the ring in hopes of salvation. This work explains how the dominant fight sports in the United States have changed over time in response to broad shifts in American culture and ideals of manhood, and presents a narrative of American history as seen from the bars, gyms, stadiums and living rooms of the heartland. Ordinary Americans were the agents who supported and participated in fight sports and determined its vision of masculinity. This work counters the economic determinism prevalent in studies of American fight sports, which overemphasize profit as the driving force in the popularization of these sports. The author also disputes previous scholarship's domestic focus, with an appreciation of how American fight sports are connected to the rest of the world.

  • Rise of Mike Tyson, Heavyweight af McNeil William F. McNeil Spar 16%
    af McNeil William F. McNeil

    Covering Mike Tyson's rise through the amateur and professional boxing ranks, this book follows the Brooklyn native from his early years as a young criminal in Brownsville to his 1988 heavyweight unification match with Michael Spinks. The book focuses on the Catskill Boxing Club--where boxing guru Cus D'Amato trained the 210-pound teenager in the finer points of the sport and developed his impregnable defense--and on his home life with D'Amato and surrogate mother Camille Ewald and the other young fighters who lived with them. Tyson's boxing education began in the unauthorized "e;smokers"e; held every week in the Bronx, matching his skills against older, more experienced fighters. He won the 1981 Amateur Heavyweight Boxing Championship in Colorado Springs at the age of 14 and repeated the amazing feat the following year. By 1985, finding no other challenging amateur competition, he was forced to join the professional ranks where, in November 1986, he became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history. Less than two years later, he unified the crown, establishing himself as one of the most dominant heavyweight fighters the sport had ever seen.

  • Boxing in New Jersey, 1900-1999 af Sr. Spar 16%
    af Sr. & Fernandez Robert F. Fernandez

    For all hard-core boxing fans, this book introduces the reader to New Jersey stars of the 20th century--gladiators who fought in blood-soaked rings bringing entertainment to millions for little pay. They must not be forgotten. The book contains many little known facts about these fine men, all trying to punch out a living for their families in hard times. The author has followed the sport for 75 years and worked in all phases of it. Readers will learn of the hard work, dedication and respect developed by these fighters in the "e;sweet science."e;

  • Fearless Harry Greb af Paxton Bill Paxton Spar 16%
    - Biography of a Tragic Hero of Boxing
    af Paxton Bill Paxton

    The legendary Harry Greb stepped into the ring more than 300 times from 1913 to 1926, defeated opponents who outweighed him by more than 30 pounds, held the middleweight and light heavyweight titles and beat every Hall of Fame boxer he ever fought. Dubbed "e;the Pittsburgh Windmill"e; because of his manic, freewheeling style in the ring, Greb also crossed racial lines, taking on all comers regardless of color. An injury in the ring led to Greb's gradually going blind in one eye and should have ended his career, but he kept his condition secret and fought on. Tragically, the indomitable fighter would be dead by the age of 32, felled by complications during minor surgery. This biography of one of the toughest boxers of all time includes interviews, family recollections, modern doctors' analyses of Greb's eye injury and more than 120 rare photographs, as well as a complete fight record and round-by-round descriptions of his most famous fights.

  • Boxing Filmography af Romano Frederick V. Romano Spar 16%
    - American Features, 1920-2003
    af Romano Frederick V. Romano

    The love affair between boxing and Hollywood began with the dawn of film. As early as the days of Chaplin, the "e;boxing film"e; had assumed its place as a subgenre, and over the decades it has taken the forms of biographies, dramas, romances, comedies, and even musicals and westerns. Such well known pictures as The Champ, Body and Soul, Don King: Only in America, Girl Fight, The Irish in Us, The Kid from Brooklyn, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Raging Bull, each of the Rocky movies and When We Were Kings are just a few examples of the feature films included in this filmography. Thoroughly researched, this work examines 98 boxing films from the 1920s through 2003. Each entry provides basic filmographic data (the film's studio, its genre, its length, cast and credits); a detailed synopsis of the film; illuminating commentary on the boxing sequences; and excerpts from contemporary reviews. Most entries also summarize the making of the film, with particular attention to the training of the actors for the boxing scenes. The filmography also includes information on studio publicity releases and advertisements, press books and exhibitor campaign materials for each film.

  • Biographical Dictionary of Professional Wrestling, 2d ed. af Lentz Harris M. Lentz III Spar 16%
    af Lentz Harris M. Lentz III

    Though professional wrestlers are usually ignored by sportswriters and entertainment reporters alike, the popularity of these gifted athletes and showbiz pros is undeniable. Few fans are concerned with whether the wrestling is "e;legitimate."e; From Ace Abbott to Buck Zumhofe, this is the second edition of the first-ever comprehensive compilation of biographical information on professional wrestlers past and present, including major promoters and managers. Each entry is listed under the wrestling name most often used, with cross references to real names and other ring names. The ring name is followed by the grappler's real name, hometown, height and weight, and birth and death dates when available. The biographical data provide the era in which the individual competed, wrestling associations, titles, tag team partners, major bouts and other highlights.

  • Toy Bulldog af Jarrett John Jarrett Spar 16%
    - The Fighting Life and Times of Mickey Walker
    af Jarrett John Jarrett

    This is a cradle-to-grave biography of Mickey Walker, former welterweight (1922-1926) and middleweight champion (1926-1931) of the world, one of the greatest fighters in ring history. He fought at a time when boxing was a major sport with only eight championships, and he held two of them over a nine-year period. He fought at a time when each weight division was jammed with good fighters, and he fought them all from welterweight up to heavyweight, frequently being outweighed 20 to 30 pounds. Walker was also a great personality who loved life and lived it to the fullest. He was married seven times to four different women, and he cavorted with movie stars and mobsters. When his boxing career ended in 1935, Walker ran saloons in various locations and eventually became an artist of some standing. He died in 1981 at age 79.

  • Joe Louis af Freedman Lew Freedman Spar 16%
    - The Life of a Heavyweight
    af Freedman Lew Freedman

    Joe Louis held the heavyweight boxing championship longer than any other fighter and defended it a record 25 times. (In the 1930s and 1940s, the owner of the heavyweight title was the most prominent non-team sports competitor.) In addition, Louis helped bridge the gap of understanding between whites and blacks. During World War II he not only raised money for Army and Navy relief and entertained millions of troops as a morale officer, but became a symbol of American hope and strength. This biography of Louis outlines his rise from poverty in Alabama to become the best-known African American of his time and describes how an uneducated man, simple at his core, became so articulate and ended up on the side of right in the battles he fought, with fist or voice.

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