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  • How to Write a Research Paper af Simon Kendal
    af Simon Kendal

    Using small, simple, exercises and feedback this book aims to develop the practical and analytical skills needed to write a good research paper - assignments that many students at University face.

  • Securing good marks af Ian Pownall
    - A guide for international students and their tutors
    af Ian Pownall

    A text aimed at advice and guidance for the international student to secure good grades and the tutor to develop better learning materials for international students.

  • awomansplace af Makheni Zonneveld
    - Let’s have a constructive conversation
    af Makheni Zonneveld

    This book is part of Project awomansplace, an online conversation. Is a woman’s place is in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant or in the boardroom, at the top of the ladder? Let’s have a conversation…

  • Towards Excellence…Seminars, GD’s & Interviews af Dr. M. Thirumaleshwar
    - A Guide for Students, Teachers, Researchers & Executives
    af Dr. M. Thirumaleshwar

    This book-let is an outcome of the lectures delivered by the author on this topic to the final year engineering students as a part of their training programme to face the campus interviews.

  • Towards Excellence…How to Study af Dr. M. Thirumaleshwar
    - A Guide book for Students
    af Dr. M. Thirumaleshwar

    This booklet is the outcome of the lectures delivered to the students by the author over the years, and should be useful to all studying in High School, Pre-University, Degree and Professional courses

  • Towards Excellence…How to Teach af Dr. M. Thirumaleshwar
    - A Guide book for Teachers
    af Dr. M. Thirumaleshwar

    This book-let for teachers is the outcome of lectures delivered by the author to the teaching faculty of St. Joseph Engineering College, Vamanjoor, Mangalore, and, various other colleges.

  • Management and Business Trainee af Patrick Jonsson
    af Patrick Jonsson & Thomas Clayton

    The aim of the book is to tackle the issue of Graduate Programs in a general sense, using the authors’ own experiences to provide advice and guidance in the early stages of working life.

  • Volunteering af Karl E. Burgher
    af Karl E. Burgher & Michael B. Snyder

    VOLUNTEERING is an excellent handbook providing insights and tools to those looking to volunteer, and for those who have taken on the rewarding task of leading and managing volunteers.

  • NLP - Skills for Learning af Peter Freeth
    - A practical handbook for increasing learning potential
    af Peter Freeth

    This book is written to both teach and demonstrate the application of NLP as a learning tool, with ready made exercises and applications to use right away.

  • Finding a Panacea for Stress af Shiv Dhawan Ph.D
    - Move from Distress to De-stress
    af Shiv Dhawan Ph.D

    The book illustrates the ways and methods through which people irrespective of color, creed, nationality and gender can control their emotions, thoughts and lifestyle in order to overcome stress.

  • Setting Your Vision And Defining Your Goals af Shenandoah Chefalo
    af Shenandoah Chefalo

    This book will guide individuals and business owners alike through the process of establishing a personal mission statement that helps provide clarity and a sense of purpose.

  • Goal Setting for Success af Annabelle Beckwith
    af Annabelle Beckwith

    ‘Goal Setting for Success’ is a very practical book which takes you through the key stages and principles of setting and achieving your goals.

  • Time of your Life af Benjamin Ball
    - Tackle Time Wasters and Use your Energy to Full Effect
    af Benjamin Ball

    Time Management is about the HOW: which techniques and systems can I use to free up as much time as possible? There are all kinds of systems around, that all have their merits and pitfalls.

  • The Art of Interview Skills af Fiona Setch
    af Fiona Setch

    This book will inform and inspire you to shine at interviews.

  • How to Write an Essay af Alan Barker
    af Alan Barker

    How to Write an Essay will make life easier for you. It will help you produce an essay that your tutor will appreciate, and that will do you credit.

  • Communicating with Technology af Renee Robinson
    - A Guide for Professional Digital Interactions
    af Renee Robinson & PhD

    This book is designed to introduce readers to the communication process and the competencies required to communicate digitally in professional settings.

  • 33 Steps to Great Presentations af David Beckett
    af David Beckett

    In 33 chapters, each of which you can read in three minutes or less, David Beckett shares his 20 years of experience, based on hundreds of presentations given to thousands of people.

  • How to increase the effectiveness of your training af Harold L. Taylor
    - A tool kit of suggestions for trainers and speakers
    af Harold L. Taylor

    Whether you are a public speaker, corporate trainer, freelance workshop leader, teacher or manager, there is something for you in this book.

  • 21st Century Internships af David Shindler
    - How to get a job before graduation
    af David Shindler, Mark Babbitt & ABB

    21st Century Internships is a no-nonsense look at the importance of internships to your early career; the development of soft skills that go well beyond what might have been learned in the classroom.

  • 4 Steps to Career Success af Michaela Partridge
    - The new career transition workbook
    af Michaela Partridge

    For many of us, a career feels like something that happens to us, and we simply get by. But there are techniques you can apply to help you do more than just get by.

  • Careering Ahead af Apex Leadership Ltd
    - Getting by, getting on or getting ahead?
    af Apex Leadership Ltd

    So how do you take control of your career? For many of us, a career feels like something that happens to us, and we simply get by.

  • Career Change 4 U. Three Steps to Success af Colm W. Cavey
    - Your C.V. a Selling Document
    af Colm W. Cavey

    Create a professional marketing document; your C.V. Discover how to research and select the key information; your skills, your profile and other career topics.

  • LinkedInformed af Mark Williams
    af Mark Williams

    This book is designed to help you though the process of understanding how to use LinkedIn effectively.

  • Mastering LinkedIn af Karen Brown
    af Karen Brown

    This book doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your ideal job, that’s up to you, but it will help you in your quest to find it!

  • The Ultimate Student & Graduate Job Handbook af Gavin F. Redelman
    af Gavin F. Redelman & RedStarResume

    In this eBook you will find information on job searching tips, resume writing advice, using college resources to your advantage, the power of networking and using social media to your advantage.

  • The Ultimate Australian Job Search Handbook af Gavin F. Redelman
    af Gavin F. Redelman & RedStarResume

    Are you currently seeking a job in Australia?

  • How to do the Final Year Projects af Hossein Hassani
    - A Practical Guideline for Computer Science and IT Students
    af Hossein Hassani

    Every year, many Computer Science and IT students need to prepare themselves for their final year projects.

  • Stress measurement in less than one minute af Gerry Larsson
    af Gerry Larsson & Bodil Wilde-Larsson

    Drawing on the scholarly writings of the late professor Richard S. Lazarus, the book presents the development of the Emotional Stress Reaction Questionnaire (ESRQ).

  • How to Excel at Interviews af James Sweetman
    af James Sweetman

    Whether you are going for your first interview or you want to refresh your interviewing skills, then this eBook is for you.

  • Essential job searching tools af Paul H. Brisk
    af Paul H. Brisk

    Having the right tools when starting to job search is an essential part of the process.

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