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Truths of Illusion Volume 1 af Belangela G. Tarazona E-bog, ePub

Truths of Illusion Volume 1


"Truthsof Illusion, Volume 1" is a compilation of my first three short stories offiction. Here wewill meet Caridad Luján. In her search for answers about the sudden absence ofher older sister Dolores, she becomes more and more embroiled in her own web oflies in order to have sins to confess to the priest every Sunday. RéguloMontoya, the antihero of "What No One Knew Of The Dead Man" (secondstory of this series), is passionate about chess, his “Suzuki VanVan 125” bikeand betting on the lottery. Little did he know that after his sudden death thedeepest secret of his existence would come to light, putting the filial love ofhis close relatives to the test. Maruja, thesweet and brave main character of Presumed Indecent: The Story of Maruja Colinagot it all: A lovely family and the perfect job. On top of that, she alsomarries the man of her dreams, and they throw a lavish wedding party everybodyin La Neblina is talking about. After theparty, they are supposed to fly to Hawaii for an unforgettable honeymoon, butall her dreams get shattered at the very wedding night. Her perfectlive starts to fall apart based on lies her now husband is telling everyone intown to cover his abusive behavior, and he's not going to skimp on expenses toget his way. Now she hasto fight to recover her honor, help her family and do whatever has to be doneto get her life back.

  • Sprog:
  • Engelsk
  • ISBN:
  • 9788793239104
  • Udgivet:
  • 15. August 2014

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