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Viking Blood 2 af Marianne Slot E-bog, ePub

Viking Blood 2

- Secrets


Second book in the series "Viking Blood" by Marianne Slot"There, right in front of him it lies shining in the sand!It is a large, nugget of amber, smoothed by sand and stones in the sea, and golden like the sun. In a few hours, the tide will once again cover the tiny beach, and take back the glowing treasure.Hauge bends down, picking up the amber. He turns it slowly, watching it sparkle in the sunlight.Certainly, this must be a gift from the Gods!….."Three years after the attack on Styrbjorn’s village his brother, Sven, has been elected their new chieftain and the village has been rebuilt.After a successful summer voyage to Ireland the ships have returned and everybody enjoy the celebrations and heroic tales of the voyage.Sven decides time for vengeance has come, and that a surprise attack on Haakon’s village will be by land and on horseback.. Lauge Longsight and Hauge are allowed to come too.Before setting off they practice archery and combat techniques. Suddenly the monks, Peter and Hannibal, return, and Hauge enjoys the company of his friend again.However, the raid of vengeance does not go as planned...

  • Sprog:
  • Engelsk
  • ISBN:
  • 9788792811066
  • Beskyttelse:
  • DRM
  • Udgivet:
  • 6. Juli 2011

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