Economics for students at the AP programme af Gry Asnæs Bog, Hæftet

Economics for students at the AP programme

- in Financial management in Practice

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The book looks at key economic terms and consists of 4 main chapters: 1. Financial Statement and Analysis 2. Optimization of Price and Demand 3. Budgeting 4. Investments and Financing Furthermore there is an introduction to the hotel, restaurant and tourist industry. The book is aimed at the students at the AP programme in Service, Hospitality and Tourism. Cases and examples from the trade are linked to the general theories of economics as well as some key figures and theories specific for this sector of trade. This is a translation of the book: Økonomi for serviceøkonomer – Økonomistyring i praksis

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  • 9788757128642
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  • 264
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  • 1. Juli 2016

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