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Dynamic Costing


Use Dynamic Costing to Control Costs and Increase ProfitsDynamic Costing is an ebook to download free of charge. This book includes case studies to demonstrate the real-world application of the principles of cost accounting and managing costs.The practice of cost accounting helps businesses to optimize the use of resources to control costs and maximize profit. Without controlling costs, a business may be at a competitive disadvantage to competitors that can source cheaper materials, use materials more efficiently, hire cheaper labor, or use lower-cost production facilities.The basic structure of Dynamic Costing is as follows:1. Introduction to Costs, with discussion of principles and definitions such as fixed costs and variable costs, including the case study, My Uncles Car.2. Cost Functions, with case studies, The North Sealand Raspberry Plantation, Easymap, and The Printing House.3. Different Cost Types As A Function of Different Decision-Making Situations.4. Calculations with case study, DK Bodywork Parts Ltd.5. Guiding Solutions.

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  • 1. Januar 2009

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