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Essence of Anesthesia Practice

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Highly regarded by anesthesiologists, residents, and nurse anesthetists, Essence of Anesthesia Practice, 4th Edition by Drs. Lee A. Fleisher, Michael F. Roizen, and Jeffrey Roizen, is a trusted resource for point-of-care anesthesia management. Concise, easy-to-find summaries cover a single clinical topic for both common and rare conditions. A renewed focus on diseases and drugs makes this edition even more useful when formulating anesthesia plans and mastering the core knowledge of anesthesia practice. Features a unique, easy-to-follow, consistent format that covers a single clinical topic on each page, with a review of its problems, causes, comorbidities, and anesthesia implications. Helps you understand the interactions of common drugs and alternative medicine so that you can develop effective anesthesia plans.Includes more than 105 new disease topics (with more coverage of rarer diseases) and new drug information featuring 20 new drugs that patients take on an outpatient basis. Offers fresh insights on nearly 550 topics - many authored by new contributors to this edition. Keeps you current with the latest perioperative anesthetic implications including anticipated problems, drug interactions, and special concerns.

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  • 31. maj 2017

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