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- European Union Private International Law in Contract and Tort

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As of 10 January 2015 the new 'recast' of the Brussels I Regulation on Jurisdiction and Judgments (2012) enters into effect, and the important changes in the recast themselves necessitate the publication of this Second Edition. Incorporated in this volume, is a number of important decisions which the Court of Justice of the European Union has had occasion to render as regards to the proper interpretation of key rule-sets. “Now in a Second Edition comprising the Brussels I Regulation Recast, as well as other key EU legislation and case law, this wonderfully compact book remains a “must” for every student interested in private international law. It brings together principles of jurisdiction, choice of law, and recognition of judgments and shows the interrelationship of the rules and their effect on cases in the European Union. For those in Europe, it offers a complete and systematic overview of material that everyone interested in transnational litigation must know. For those in the United States, it continues to provide comprehensive and accessible accounts of the European private international law system that lawyers in the United States are encountering more and more in their own cases. Rich in information and well-organized in structure, this book … is a gem.” -Professor Linda Silberman-Martin Lipton Professor of Law New York University School of LawIndholdsoversigtPreface to the Second Edition (2015)Preface to the First Edition (2009)Chapter 1. Introduction and OverviewChapter 2. JurisdictionChapter 3. The Applicable Law in ContractChapter 4. The Applicable Law in TortChapter 5. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign JudgmentsChapter 6. International Commercial ArbitrationTable of AuthoritiesTable of AbbreviationsTable of CasesIndex

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