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Film Narration & Seduction

- A New European-American Scriptwriting model


A good manuscript is the pre-requisite for every good piece of drama. But how do you write a good story – a good manuscript? How do you present the characters in a vivid fashion? How do you structure a series of events making it exciting? How do you fuse the lines to be integral parts of the story, the characters and the drama? How do you captivate and contain a modern audience? Film – Narration & Seduction is about the dramatic, psychological and storytelling craftsmanship, inherent to all good stories. The classical American scriptwriting used by Robert McKee, Syd Field and Linda Seger among others, provides the book with its starting point. The book presents something new by combining the traditional plot structure with the intrinsic psychological composition, always hidden beneath the surface in any good story – from traditional folk tales to contemporary film. Film Narration & Seduction offers an accessible and easy outline of the deep psychological characteristics often manifested in the best contemporary European and American films. This is in relation to both the characters and their development throughout the story, and in terms of the interaction with today's increasingly media savy – and therefore also more demanding – audience. Film Narration & Seduction is first and foremost a practical user guide aimed at the author, director and producer. However, the book is useful to anyone with an interest in film and TV-drama, and those curious to know why film can be so seductive. Film Narration & Seduction has been constructed around a series of case studies and a string of entertaining and thought provoking analysis of well known films and TV-series such as Fight Club, The Full Monty, Shrek, Thelma & Louise, The Celebration, Ally McBeal, Friends, As Good As It Gets, Italian For Beginners, Pretty Woman and many more.

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  • 1. Januar 2006

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