From forest kindergarten to freedom af Pia Lykke Bertelsen E-bog, PDF

From forest kindergarten to freedom


Deep in the rainforest of Borneo live some fascinating creatures, which in many ways have a distinct likeness to humans. However the orangutans fight a very hard battle for the right to live. A Danish woman left all she had at home in Denmark behind, to go to Indonesia to help the orangutans. Lone Dröscher Nielsen is known from Animal Planet, BBC Orangutan Diaries and Apes in Danger. On Borneo she has created the centre Nyaru Menteng, where the orangutans are rehabilitated. At present there are more than 500 orang-utans in the centre.The book is aimed at both children and adults - with beautiful photographs from the world of the orangutans on Borneo. As a reader you follow Emma and Emil, two small orangutans, who are found and brought to the centre. We get to know them while they grow up, learning how to hold their own and survive life in the wild. Eventually we have to say goodbye to them, as they are introduced back into the wild rainforest againFollow Emma and Emils journey from Forest Kindergarten to FREEDOM

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  • 9788792069030
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  • 1. Januar 2014

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