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GEM Danish National Report - 2003This report is the 5th annual assessment and review of entrepreneurship in Denmark as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor project. In 2003, 31 countries have been studied encompassing more than half of the world's population. The results provide comprehensive information about the level of entrepreneurship in Denmark. It also includes a comparison of Denmark with the other participating countries within the Nordic, European and global contexts. The central theme of the report is how current conditions affect the capacity and motivation of Danes to become innovative entrepreneurs.The assessment and review of the entrepreneurial situation constitute the first part of the report. The second part focuses on ""The Growth of Danish Firms"" and is the first comprehensive analysis ever made in Denmark of the firm-growth phenomenon. A broad range of growth-related issues are dealt with in the articles, written by 13 authors and building on research conducted in 2003. The authors seek to answer thought-provoking questions such as: Why do many owner-managers abstain from pursuing easy-to-grasp growth opportunities? And why do some firms grow although their situation seems to rule out the growth option? The answers to such questions are essential for the elaboration of solid new strategies and policies on how to make more Danish firms grow.Sponsored by:Erhvervs- og BoligstyrelsenIndustriens RealkreditfondDanfossVækstfondenErnst & YoungTuborgfondenBørsen

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