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Half Double

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The Half Double book has been co-created by 1 consultancy, 3 universities, 17 companies and more than 1,400 dedicated project practitioners. It is written for all the other passionate project practitioners out there. People who are driven by the need to create real impact and who are willing to take unconventional measures to lead projects. Whether you are a PMO, project owner, project leader, team member or someone who invests time in temporary endeavours undertaken to create impact – this book is for you. The book is an inspiring and practical handbook designed to change our way of thinking and acting in and with projects. It provides hands-on principles, methods and tools to help you realise projects with double the impact in half the time as well as real-life cases to show what it all looks like in practice. A handbook designed to enable us to go out and DO it ourselves. In essence, the book extends the known agile methods with concrete methods for impact realisation, reflective leadership and a strong focus on how people are motivated and perform – it is all about placing an extreme focus on three core elements: - Impact – Stakeholder satisfaction is the ultimate success criterion. - Flow – Intensity and frequent interaction in project work, learning and impact. - Leadership – Embrace uncertainty and make the project happen.

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  • 28. august 2018

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