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Health services and health policy

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The aim of this book is to provide the readers with some tools for understanding and evaluating the working of different health systems. Many actors are involved, and it may seem difficult to determinate who makes the decisions, and how they are managed. The book describes some general characteristics of various health systems, how they are organized and financed, and how patients gain access to them. We also discuss the significance of different ways of organizing the health system, and how certain issues make their ways onto political agendas, thus becoming the subject of political debate and decision making.One of the main purposes of the book is to present an overview of the essential features of the Danish health system by giving a thorough description of its structure, financing and management, the authorities in charge of the different parts of the system and their various responsibilities.The book appeals to medical and public health science students and students from other study programmes related to the health system, but also doctors, nurses, other health care professionals, administrators, and politicians. The authors have different professional qualifications and contribute to the book with their respective perspectives on the issues discussed.

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  • 1. januar 2007

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