Industrial Relations in Denmark af Carsten Strøby Jensen Bog, Hæftet

Industrial Relations in Denmark

- From conflict-based consensus to consensus-based conflict


Industrial Relations in Denmark provides a comprehensive presentation of trends in Danish industrial relations with focus on trade unions, employer's federations and the interrelationships between employees and employers, as well as current trends in collective bargaining in both the private and public sector. The book includes a comprehensive explanation and discussion of different theoretical positions within the industrial relations field, including theories of collective action, Human Resource Management, critical theory, traditional systems theory and theories of strategic choice. Certain chapters also contextualise trends in relation to themes such as globalisation and europeanisation. In addition, comparative perspectives present developments in Danmark in relation to other countries.Carsten Strøby Jensen, PhD., is Head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen.Table of Contents:PrefaceChapter 1. Industrial Relations in DenmarkChapter 2. Theories of Industrial RelationsChapter 3. Trade Unions and Industrial Relations - New Roles for the Trade UnionsChapter 4. Employers' Federations and Industrial Relations - Towards more Proactive EmployersChapter 5. The Reluctant State in the Danish IR systemChapter 6. The System of Collective Bargaining - Towards Organised DecentralisationChapter 7. Towards New Management-Employee Relations - Between HRM and Collective RepresentationChapter 8. The Europeanisation of Industrial Relations - A Threat to the Danish IR system?Chapter 9. Globalisation and the Danish IR ModelChapter 10. ConclusionReferencesAbbreviationsTables & FiguresIndex

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  • 31. august 2012

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