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Intermediation of Insurance and Financial Services in the European VAT


Given the contribution of the value added tax to the Governments of the European Community, the area has had remarkably little attention within legal academic literature. In practice, thousands of lawyers and advisers in Europe deal with these issues on a daily basis and, furthermore, the European VAT system is being "exported" to other countries around the world, where it is believed that such a taxation system provides an appropriate means of taxation. The question of the treatment of insurance and financial services within the VAT system always gets separate attention. The book comprises five parts. The first part describes methodology, the second covers analysis of the exemption from VAT in Article 135 (1)(a-f), the third part covers an analysis of the circumstances under which intermediation occurs, the fourth part takes a more practical approach to intermediation services by discussing case law from the ECJ, various Member States and Norway, and the fifth outlines future perspectives on intermediation of insurance and financial services.

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  • 1. juli 2011

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