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Synopsis:The most detailed map coverage of any Japan guidebook lead author Chris Rowthorn is a long-term Kyoto resident, Japanese arts expert & sashimi buff Japan´s culture & lifestyle is addictive: 38 per cent of travellers to Japan find themselves on a long-haul trip up-to-the-minute advice on getting the most out of your visit the Hamamatsu Matsuri, a spectacular traditional kite festival, turns into a kite-fight. Participants´ kites battle to cut the strings of other kites, mid-flight ´Character dolls´, the giant, cartoon-like statuettes that sit out the front of Japan´s stores, are now being abducted in broad daylight and sold on the black market for up to USD3000 Japan received an honourable mention at the Pacific Asia Travel Association´s 2004 Gold Awards Let the bullet train whisk you from futuristic Tokyo to Kyoto´s most exquisite temples. Join a sake-filled cherry blossom party or the drum beat of a local matsuri. Pick your own way through sophisticated mega-cities packed with world-class museums. Then meet the wild snow monkeys of Chūbu. How could one country offer so much? This bestselling guidebook explains it all.GET MORE FOR YOUR YEN - insider´s budget tips and smart accommodation options mean you can do what you want, whatever your budget KNOW THE ROUTE - packed with over 150 maps, more than any other guide to Japan FEAST LIKE AN EMPEROR - our Food & Drink chapter and mouth-watering restaurant listings dish up the best sushi and sashimi on the archipelago ESCAPE THE CROWDS - comprehensive coverage of Mt Fuji, Okinawa and the Southwest Islands, Kyūshū and Hokkaidō, written by the experts POINT IT OUT - Japanese script throughout means you´ll always find what you want

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  • 9788770493369
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  • 1. oktober 2005

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