Legal Method in Danish Law af Peter Blume Bog, Hæftet

Legal Method in Danish Law


An increasing number of lawyers from other countries are conducting research or are employed at Danish universities. There has furthermore been an increased interest in Danish law from abroad due to co-operation between law firms and also public authorities across borders. The fact that Denmark is an EU member state also contributes to this interest. These observations constitute the background for this short book. Its purpose is to provide knowledge of the legal sources that are applied in Danish law and at the same time supply an insight into how legal method is used in the Danish legal system. Accordingly, the book may be viewed as a key to the understanding of Danish law.Table of Content PrefaceContentChapter 1. Legal Method and Legal SourcesChapter 2. A Brief Historical Account of Danish LawChapter 3. Legal InstitutionsChapter 4. Statute and Statutory LawChapter 5. Legal DecisionsChapter 6. Legal Literature and the Structure of Legal KnowledgeChapter 7. Other National Legal SourcesChapter 8. Influences on Danish LawAppendix. An OverviewIndex

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  • 9788757424881
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  • 96
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  • 27. Oktober 2011

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