Little Money Street af Fernanda Eberstadt E-bog, ePub

Little Money Street

- In Search of Gypsies and Their Music in the South of France


In 1998, Fernanda Eberstadt, her husband, and their two small children moved from New York to an area outside Perpignan, France a city with one of the largest Gypsy populations in Western Europe. Here she found a jealously guarded culture, a society made, in part, of lawlessness and defiance of non-Gypsy norms; and she met Mose Espinas, the lead singer of the Gypsy band, Tekameli. As her relationship with the Espinas family developed over the years, progressing from mutual bafflement to a deep-rooted friendship, Eberstadt found herself a part of the captivating Gypsy lifea life rich with tradition and culture, but slowly being consumed by the modern world.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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  • 9780307487575
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  • 18. december 2008

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