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Sport og fritid

  • Turkey & Turkey Hunting 2008 (CD) af Editors of Turkey Hunting Spar 16%
    af Editors of Turkey Hunting

  • Augusta National and the Masters af Frank Christian Spar 20%
    - The Life and Times
    af Frank Christian

  • Voice Tears af A. S. Weiss
    - Audio CD
    af A. S. Weiss

  • So What! Live af Jack Dee
    af Jack Dee

  • Stewart Francis Live af Stewart Francis Spar 14%
    - Tour de Francis
    af Stewart Francis

  • Original Comedians Live af Roy Walker
    - 40th Anniversary Show
    af Roy Walker, Bernard Manning & Stan Boardman

  • Micky Flanagan Live af Micky Flanagan Spar 14%
    - The Out Out Tour
    af Micky Flanagan

  • George Best In His Own Words af George Best Spar 13%
    af George Best

    This selection of BBC archive interviews with the celebrated footballer begins in the 1970s, when George Best is enjoying success at a young age. Career and personal highs and lows are discussed, along with recollections of his upbringing, reflections on relationships, drinking and his deep passion for football. 1 hr 4 mins.

  • Muhammad Ali In His Own Words af Muhammad Ali Spar 18%
    af Muhammad Ali

    This fascinating collection of archive interviews with Muhammad Ali begins in 1965 with an interview with Harry Carpenter, and culminates with a TV interview with Joanna Lumley in 1989. Along the way Ali makes several famous appearances on Parkinson in the 1970s, and talks to David Frost in The Frost Interview.

  • 1966 af Sir Bobby Charlton Spar 26%
    - My World Cup Story
    af Sir Bobby Charlton

    Now, fifty years on, Sir Bobby looks back on the most glorious moment of his life and England's greatest sporting achievement. how a life fully lived can come back to one single instance, one day when a man stands side-by-side with his best friends united in a single aim, in front of a watching nation.

  • Climbing Everest af George Mallory Spar 26%
    - The Writings of George Mallory
    af George Mallory

    The extraordinary diaries of the celebrated mountaineer read by Tim Pigott Smith

  • Shaq Uncut af Shaquille O'Neal Spar 29%
    - My Story
    af Shaquille O'Neal

    The complete autobiography of legendary basketball star Shaquille O'Neal, covering both his storied career and his colorful life off the court.

  • Johnners' A View From The Boundary Test Match Special af Barry Johnston Spar 13%
    af Barry Johnston

    John Cleese, Christopher Lee and Michael Parkinson share their passion for cricket with the great broadcaster, Brian Johnston.

  • Stokes Field Guide To Bird Songs: Eastern And Western Box Set af Donald Stokes Spar 20%
    af Donald Stokes, Lillian Stokes & Lang Elliot

    For the first time ever, Eastern and Western Bird Song audio guides from the famed team of Donald and Lillian Stokes will be available in one comprehensive box set with new premium packaging

  • David Attenborough Life On Air: Memoirs Of A Broadcaster af Sir David Attenborough Spar 30%
    af Sir David Attenborough

    David Attenborough is one of the most influential, admired and best-liked figures in television. Elegantly told and often very funny, his story includes how he introduced colour television to Britain, and the background to his epic series, such as Life on Earth and Life in Cold Blood.

  • Confessions of a Conjuror af Derren Brown Spar 21%
    af Derren Brown

    Taking as his starting point the various stages of a conjuring trick he's performing in a crowded restaurant, Derren's endlessly engaging narrative wanders through subjects from all points of the compass, from the history of magic and the fundamentals of psychology to the joys of internet shopping and the proper use of Parmesan cheese.

  • USGA Restoration Handbook on CD-ROM af Marc Evans
    af Marc Evans, Gary R. Libby, Donald F. Harker, mfl.

    Naturalization: mutually beneficial for environmental protection and cost savings. Outlining the proper use of naturalization techniques, this title gives landscape professionals an alternative to intensive management approaches - ensuring a greater degree of environmental protection, while reducing various maintenance costs.

    • CD
    • 1.776,95 kr.
  • My Family and Other Animals af Gerald Durrell Spar 27%
    af Gerald Durrell

    Childhood memoir of conservationist and animal-lover Gerald Durrell.

  • Sound Guide to Owls af Claus Konig Spar 10%
    af Claus Konig & Richard Ranft

    This double CD contains the voices of approximately 190 species of owls, representing about 90 percent of the world's species and including many for the first time. It has been produced to accompany "Owls: A Guide to Owls of the World" by Claus Konig, Friedhelm Weick and Jan-Hendrick Becking.

  • My Manchester United Years af Sir Bobby Charlton Spar 19%
    af Sir Bobby Charlton

    The most sought-after sports book of all time - now available from Hachette Digital in audio

  • Cricketing Tales From The Dressing Room af BBC Audiobooks Ltd Spar 18%
    af BBC Audiobooks Ltd & Whistledown Productions Ltd.

    BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew presents a new collection of anecdotes and reflections from some of the best-loved characters of international cricket.

  • John Arlott's Cricketing Wides, Byes And Slips! af John Arlott Spar 13%
    af John Arlott

    From the 1940s we hear about Bradman's last test, from the 50s Compton's highest Test Score, from the 60s Trueman's 300th Test wicket and Boycott's first ton, and then the 70s with Arlott's `freaker' (the Lord's streaker) and finally John's last commentary at the Lord's centenary Test in 1980.

  • Twist of the Wrist, 4 CD Set af Keith Code Spar 27%
    - The Number One classic Guide to Rider Improvement
    af Keith Code

  • Guide To British Garden Birds af Stephen Moss Spar 13%
    - And Their Songs
    af Stephen Moss & Brett Westwood

    Most of us can tell the difference between a Blue Tit and a Blackbird or a Robin and a Wren, but what happens if you close your eyes - can you still tell which bird is which simply by listening to their song?

  • Johnners Cricketing Gaffes, Giggles And Cakes af Barry Johnston Spar 13%
    af Barry Johnston

    Brian Johnston, known to everyone as Johnners, was as well known for his on-air gaffes as for his Test Match Special commentaries. More giggles from the archives include Johnners' notorious Ashes comedy song, his appearances on Quote, Unquote and Trivia Test Match, plus Fawlty Towers insights from John Cleese.

  • Twist of the Wrist Ii, Audio CD af Keith Code Spar 27%
    - The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding
    af Keith Code

  • British Bird Sounds Spar 21%
    - The Definitive Audio Guide to Birds in Britain

    This is a guide to all British birds whose sounds are likely to be encountered by the average birdwatcher. A total of 175 species are heard. English names are announced before each recording. As far as possible background species sounds are identified to prevent confusion.

  • Bums af Peter Golenbock Spar 25%
    - An Oral History of the Brooklyn Dodgers
    af Peter Golenbock

    Before the team headed to Los Angeles in 1957, the Brooklyn Dodgers were one of the most colorful and beloved teams in baseball. Even today, they remain ingrained in the fabric of our national pastime. In Bums, bestselling author Peter Golenbock has compiled a fascinating oral history of the Ebbets Field heroes with recollections from former players, writers, front-office executives, and faithful fans. Dodgers' legends such as Pee Wee Reese, Leo Durocher, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, Ralph Branca, and many others recall the ups and downs of that unforgettable ball club in their own words. Brooklyn fans and other baseball enthusiasts will savor these warmly nostalgic accounts, which range from reminiscences of the magic of Ebbets Field to tales of Jackie Robinson's historic debut (the Shot Heard 'Round the World), the triumphant 1955 season, and the ultimate betrayal by Walter O'Malley.

  • Boys of Everest af Clint Willis Spar 25%
    - Chris Bonington and the Tragedy of Climbing's Greatest Generation
    af Clint Willis

    This gripping account of courage, achievement, and heartbreaking loss tells the story of Bonington's Boys, a band of climbers who reinvented mountaineering during the three decades after Everest's first ascent. The boyish, fanatically driven Chris Bonington's inner circle included a dozen of the most renowned climbers, who took increasingly terrible risks on now legendary expeditions to the world's most fearsome peaks, and paid an enormous price. Most of them died in the mountains, leaving behind the hardest question of all: was it worth it? Based on interviews with surviving climbers and others, as well as five decades of journals, expedition accounts, and letters, The Boys of Everest provides the closest thing to an answer that we will ever have. It offers riveting descriptions of what Bonington's Boys found in the mountains, as well as an understanding of what they lost there.

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