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Dyr i naturen

  • Summen over engen af Dave Goulson Spar 17%
    af Dave Goulson

    Som fortsættelse på bestselleren om humlebier Humlen ved det hele følger her Goulsons beretning om dage og måneder tilbragt i Frankrig med at gøre en ruin beboelig for sig selv og sin familie. Og med at etablere en stor og frodig eng, hvor blomster, insekter og sommerfugle vil trives - og lade sig studere. Goulson fortæller med smittende fryd og fascination om insekternes forunderlige verden. Et mikrokosmos med myriader af interessante fænomener og processer, der alle er indbyrdes forbundne i et sindrigt, smukt - og sårbart - samspil. Dave Goulson er en af Storbritanniens førende eksperter i humlebier, professor i biologi ved University of Sussex og en anerkendt naturforkæmper. Hans bog om humlebier har længe ligget på bestsellerlisterne og er oversat til flere sprog. "Køb denne bog, læs den, giv den som en gave. Det er nødvendig læsning for os mennesker i det 21. århundrede."- New Scientist "Fuldstændig fortryllende." - IndependentSummen over engen er indlæst af Thomas Gulstad i 2015

  • David Attenborough: Quest Under Capricorn af David Attenborough Spar 15%
    af David Attenborough

    As part of his continuing adventures filmed for the BBC TV series Zoo Quest, David Attenborough ventured to the Northern Territory of Australia. It is an area that extends for a thousand miles from north to south and nearly six hundred miles from east to west. Dripping, waterlogged jungle covers the north of the Territory, while a ferociously arid desert lies in the south. For a three-man film crew hoping to capture the essence of the Territory - its people, its landscape and its animals - the environment was truly daunting. Specially recorded for audio, this third volume from Attenborough's chronicles of his early expeditions finds him meeting Aborigines, going walkabout in the bush, learning the secret craft of the artists of Arnhem Land, and seeking out a trio of canny no-hopers of debatable origin. In unique Attenborough style, Quest Under Capricorn paints a compelling and fascinating picture of life Down Under.

  • David Attenborough: Quest In Paradise af David Attenborough Spar 15%
    af David Attenborough

    Following his expedition to Indonesia, as told in Zoo Quest for a Dragon, David Attenborough's next animal collecting and filming trip - as part of the successful Zoo Quest television series - was to New Guinea, home of the exotic Birds of Paradise. The quest demanded hazardous treks across treacherous terrain in the Jimi Valley and on the edges of uncharted territory. But the arduous adventures were finally rewarded when, in front of the camera, a Count Raggi's Bird of Paradise enthralled him with its frenzied dance. In this audio release, David tells of his adventures during the trip: being an onlooker at a formal lovemaking ceremony, seeing the skills of ritual axe making, trying to master pidgin English and witnessing a 'sing sing' at which hundreds of tribesmen came together from all parts of the country. Specially recorded for audio, the magical voice of the master broadcaster entertains and educates in this fascinating account of life in the wilds of the South Pacific.

  • Tweet of the Day af BBC Radio Spar 28%
    - A Year of British Birds
    af BBC Radio

    The songs of over 260 birds can be heard over the course of a year, from the Cuckoo's call in spring to the summer seaside sound of the Herring Gull, the autumn song of the Robin and the Song Thrush's voice of hope in the depths of winter.

  • Talking to Animals af Jon Katz Spar 24%
    - How You Can Understand Animals and They Can Understand You
    af Jon Katz

    There are so many benefits to learning how to communicate with animals. Love, trust, a spiritual connection that goes to the heart of the human-animal bond. Every time I listen to them, I learn about myself.We seem to need animals in our disconnected lives more and more, yet we understand them less and less. In Talking to Animals, New York Times bestselling author Jon Katzwho left his Manhattan life behind two decades ago for life on a farm where he is surrounded by dogs, cats, sheep, horses, cows, goats, and chickensmarshals his experience to offer us a deeper insight into animals and the tools needed for effectively communicating with them. By better understanding animal instincts, recognizing they are not mere reflections of our own human emotions and neuroses, we can help them live happily in our shared world. Devoting each chapter to an animal who has played an important role in his life, Katz tells funny and illuminating stories about his profound experiences with them. He shows us how healthy engagement with animals falls into five key areas: Food, Movement,Visualization, Language, and Instincts. Along the way, we meet Simon the donkey who arrives at Katz's farm near death and now serves as his Tai Chi partner. We meet Red the dog who started out antisocial and untrained and is now a therapy dog working with veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. And we meet Winston, the dignified and brave rooster who was injured defending his hens from a hawk and who has better interpersonal skills than most humans. Thoughtful and intelligent, lively and heartwarming, this book will completely change the way you think about and interact with animals, building mutual trust and enduring connections.

  • Boiling River af Andres Ruzo Spar 23%
    af Andres Ruzo

  • American Catch af Paul Greenberg Spar 18%
    - The Fight for Our Local Seafood
    af Paul Greenberg

    Bestselling author of Four Fish Paul Greenberg looks to New York oysters, gulf shrimp, and Alaskan salmon to tell the surprising story of why Americans no longer eat from local watersIn 2005, the United States imported twelve billion dollars worth of seafood, nearly double what we had imported ten years earlier. During that same period, our seafood exports rose by a third. In American Catch, our foremost fish expert Paul Greenberg looks to New York oysters, gulf shrimp, and Alaskan salmon to reveal how it came to be that 91 percent of the seafood Americans eat is foreign.As recently as 1928 the average New Yorker ate six hundred local oysters a year. Today, the only edible oysters lie outside city limits. Looking at the trail of environmental desecration, Greenberg comes to view the New York City oyster as a reminder of what is lost when local waters are not valued as a food source. To understand the complications of our current moment, Greenberg visits the Gulf of Mexico. He arrives expecting to learn of the Deepwater Horizon oil spills lingering effects on shrimpers, but instead finds that the more immediate threat to business comes from overseas. Asian farmed shrimpcheap, abundant, and a perfect vehicle for the frying and sauces Americans lovehave flooded the American market.Finally, Greenberg visits Bristol Bay, Alaska, home to the biggest wild salmon run left in the world. A pristine, productive fishery, Bristol Bay is now at great risk: The proposed Pebble Mine project directly endangers the sockeye salmons habitat. In his search to discover why this precious renewable resource isnt better protected, Greenberg discovers a shocking truth: 70 percent of all Alaskan salmon is sent out of the country, much of it to Asia. Sockeye salmon is arguably the most nutritionally dense animal protein on the planet, yet Americans are shipping it abroad.Despite the challenges, hope abounds. In New York, Greenberg connects with an oyster restoration project with a vision for how the bivalves might save the city from rising tides; in the gulf, shrimpers band together to offer local catch direct to consumers. And in Bristol Bay, fishermen, environmentalists, and local Alaskans gather to roadblock Pebble Mine. In American Catch Paul Greenberg proposes there is a way to break the current destructive patterns of consumption and return the American catch back to American consumers.

  • David Attenborough: Zoo Quest For A Dragon af David Attenborough Spar 16%
    af David Attenborough

    David Attenborough first appeared in front of a television camera in the 1950s when, together with London Zoo's Curator of Reptiles, Jack Lester, he persuaded the BBC to mount and film a joing animal-collecting expedition. The result was Zoo Quest. With its stunning photography, well-written scripts and David Attenborough's now instantly-recognisable narration, the series was an instant success. This behind-the-scenes look at how the first programmes were made reveals moments of hardship on horseback, canoe and in a wreck of a jeep through swamp, desert and rainforest. Attenborough tells of danger on the crew's hazardous boat trip with a gun-smuggling captain and the terror of erupting volcanoes. He also depicts for the listener some of the incredible sights he and his team witnessed - breathtaking butterflies, taking tea with Charlie the orang-utan and the the voyage to the little-known island of Komodo to capture the elusive Komodo Dragon. Specially recorded for audio, David Attenborough's early adventures are sometimes life-threatening, often hilarious and always totally absorbing. The warmth and enthusiasm that have made him a broadcasting legend are instantly apparent here as he recounts this magical journey.

  • David Attenborough Life Stories af David Attenborough Spar 16%
    af David Attenborough

    One of the nation's most popular presenters examines twenty marvels of the natural world from his extraordinary and pioneering experiences. What was Sir David's first pet? Which animal would he most like to be? What creature lays 'the biggest egg in the world'? How do you communicate with an ancient nomadic community in Fiji? And what did Sir David do when confronted by a ten-foot-long reptile? His enthusiasm is as infectious as ever, and conveys a unique fascination on topics as diverse as the Sloth, Monstrous Flowers, the Platypus, Giant Birds, Dragons, the Fire Salamander, Faking Fossils, the Coelacanth, the Dodo, Bird's-nest Soup and the Large Blue Butterfly. So listen to these stories to find out the real reason why animals sing, the story behind a 150-million-year-old feather and what it is about snakes that really unnerves Sir David.

  • Bowland Beth af David Cobham Spar 13%
    af David Cobham

    The story of the short life and tragic death of Bowland Beth - an English Hen Harrier - which dramatically highlights the major issues in UK conservation. 'The sun was blood red as it broke the horizon and lit the communal roost where the female hen harrier had spent the night. She watched the other harriers as they left to go foraging for food out on the moor. She didn't join them, for she had felt a quickening in her body, an urge to move to Mallowdale Pike, a rocky crag from where she had fledged nine months ago. After preening, she lifted off from the roost and soared up over the fell.' David Cobham enters Beth's world to show what being a hen harrier today is like. He immerses himself not only in the day-to-day regimen of her life, the hours of hunting, bathing, keeping her plumage in order and roosting, but also the fear of living in an environment run to provide packs of driven grouse for a few wealthy sportsmen to shoot. The hen harrier is seen as a totemic species in the battle between the conservationists and ruralists, and as one of the key players in this emotive debate, David Cobham is uniquely placed to reflect on Beth's story. In this powerful narrative, he provides us with a profound tale which helps to illuminate the larger implications of the species' decline, highlighting the urgent need for conservation efforts to reverse this.

  • Birds Art Life Death af Kyo Maclear Spar 13%
    af Kyo Maclear

    'Now when I hear birdsong, I feel an entry to that understory. When I am feeling too squeezed on the ground, exhausted by everything in my care, I look for a little sky. There are always birds flying back and forth, city birds flitting around our human edges, singing their songs.'One winter, Kyo Maclear became unmoored. Her father had recently fallen ill and she suddenly found herself lost for words. As a writer, she could no longer bring herself to create; her work wasn't providing the comfort and meaning that it had before. But then Kyo met a musician who loved birds. The musician felt he could not always cope with the pressures and disappointments of being an artist in a big city. When he watched birds and began to photograph them, his worries dissipated. Intrigued, Kyo found herself following the musician for a year, accompanying him on his birdwatching expeditions; the sounds of birds in the city reminded them both to look outwards at the world. Intricate and delicate as birdsong, Birds Art Life Death asks how our passions shape and nurture us, and how we might gain perspective, overcome our anxieties and begin to cherish the urban wild spaces where so many of us live.

  • David Attenborough Life Stories af Sir David Attenborough Spar 21%
    af Sir David Attenborough

    One of the nation's most popular presenters examines twenty marvels of the natural world from his extraordinary and pioneering experiences.What was Sir David's first pet?

  • My Family and Other Animals af Gerald Durrell Spar 18%
    - BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatization
    af Gerald Durrell

    Celia Imrie and Toby Jones star in this BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of Gerald Durrell's much-loved comic gem.

  • Stokes Field Guide To Bird Songs: Eastern And Western Box Set af Donald Stokes Spar 20%
    af Donald Stokes, Lillian Stokes & Lang Elliot

    For the first time ever, Eastern and Western Bird Song audio guides from the famed team of Donald and Lillian Stokes will be available in one comprehensive box set with new premium packaging

  • David Attenborough Life On Air: Memoirs Of A Broadcaster af Sir David Attenborough Spar 30%
    af Sir David Attenborough

    David Attenborough is one of the most influential, admired and best-liked figures in television. Elegantly told and often very funny, his story includes how he introduced colour television to Britain, and the background to his epic series, such as Life on Earth and Life in Cold Blood.

  • My Family and Other Animals af Gerald Durrell Spar 27%
    af Gerald Durrell

    Childhood memoir of conservationist and animal-lover Gerald Durrell.

  • Sound Guide to Owls af Claus Konig Spar 10%
    af Claus Konig & Richard Ranft

    This double CD contains the voices of approximately 190 species of owls, representing about 90 percent of the world's species and including many for the first time. It has been produced to accompany "Owls: A Guide to Owls of the World" by Claus Konig, Friedhelm Weick and Jan-Hendrick Becking.

  • Guide To British Garden Birds af Stephen Moss Spar 13%
    - And Their Songs
    af Stephen Moss & Brett Westwood

    Most of us can tell the difference between a Blue Tit and a Blackbird or a Robin and a Wren, but what happens if you close your eyes - can you still tell which bird is which simply by listening to their song?

  • British Bird Sounds Spar 21%
    - The Definitive Audio Guide to Birds in Britain

    This is a guide to all British birds whose sounds are likely to be encountered by the average birdwatcher. A total of 175 species are heard. English names are announced before each recording. As far as possible background species sounds are identified to prevent confusion.

  • Bond af Wayne Pacelle Spar 19%
    - Protecting the Special Relationship Between Animals and Humans
    af Wayne Pacelle

    If the animals knew about this book they would, without doubt, confer on Wayne Pacelle, their highest honor.Jane GoodallThe Bond is the best overall book on animals I have ever read. Brilliant and moving.John Mackey, CEO and Co-founder of Whole Foods MarketThe Bond is at once heart-breaking and heart-warming. No animal escapes Wayne Pacelles attention; nor should his book escape any human animals attention.Alexandra Horowitz, New York Times Bestselling Author of Inside of a Dog The president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, the worlds largest animal protection organization, Wayne Pacelle brings us The Bond, a heartfelt, eye-opening exploration of the special bond between animals and humans. With the poignant insight of Animals Make Us Human and the shocking reality of Fast Food Nationfilled with history, valuable insights, and fascinating stories of the authors experience in the fieldThe Bond is an important investigation into all the ways we can repair our broken bond with the animal kingdom and a thrilling chronicle of one mans extraordinary contribution to that effort.

  • Rescue Ink af Rescue Ink Spar 24%
    - How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs and Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck, and a Few Turtles
    af Rescue Ink

    This is the true story of ten tough and tattooed bikers who rescue animals in danger while spreading the message that "e;Abusers Are Losers."e; When Joe Panz, Johnny O, Batso, Big Ant, G, Angel, Des, and Eric initially met at tattoo and motorcycle conventions, they soon learned that they shared another passion: animals. Each had been rescuing troubled animals on their own for years. Together they decided to form Rescue Ink to combat the problem of animal abuse on a bigger scale. Working from tip-offs from concerned neighbors and anonymous sources, they have rescued countess animals. Former Newsday writer Denise Flaim chronicles just what these brawny bikers, who will stop at nothing within the bounds of the law, can teach us about respecting the creatures in our midst.

  • Bad Birdwatcher's Companion af Simon Barnes Spar 24%
    af Simon Barnes

    Simon Barnes is one of Britain's leading bird writers and humorists. His weekly column in The Times, his essays for the RSPB magazine and his two books on bad bird-watching have made him one of the characters of the bird world. Here he reads his own illuminating introductions to the fifty main birds of Britain, supported by the distinguishing bird song of each species. He not only gives helpful identifying features, but enriches them with whimsical observations on their characters and tendencies. It is a delightful text, superbly presented by the author himself. Runtime: 4 hours 47 minutes

  • David Attenborough New Life Stories af David Attenborough Spar 16%
    af David Attenborough

    One of the nation's most popular presenters examines twenty marvels of the natural world from his extraordinary and pioneering experiences. How did Sir David track down a giant Earthworm? Why does he respect Rats? What was the first bribe in nature? Why do well known foods often have two names? And where can you see evidence of the earliest life on Earth? His enthusiasm is as infectious as ever, and conveys a unique fascination on topics as diverse as the Kiwi, Hummingbirds, Monsters, Butterflies, Chimps, Cuckoos, Fireflies and Elsa, the famous lioness. So listen to these stories to find out why Rats should be respected and which insects emerge from the ground only once every 17 years. Includes detailed programme notes inside the booklet.

  • Next of Kin af Roger Fouts Spar 24%
    - What Chimpanzees Tell Us About Who We Are
    af Roger Fouts

    Roger Fouts fulfilled humankind's age-old dream of talking to animals by pioneering communication with chimpanzees through sign language. Now, in Next of Kin, Fouts tells the dramatic story of his odyssey from novice researcher to celebrity scientist and caretaker of a family of chimpanzees, to his impassioned awakening as a crusader for the rights of animals.At the heart of this captivating audiobook is Fouts's magical thirty-year friendship with Washoe, the chimpanzee he met when she jumped into his arms. We follow Washoe as she grows from a mischievous baby chimp fresh out of the NASA space program into the matriarch of a clan of chimpanzees. Living and conversing with these sensitive creatures has given Fouts a profound appreciation of how much we share with our closest biological relatives, and what they can teach us about ourselves.This stirring tale of friendship, courage, and compassion will change forever the way we view our biological -- and spiritual -- Next of Kin.

  • On the Wing af Alan Tennant Spar 24%
    - To the Edge of the Earth With the Peregrine Falcon
    af Alan Tennant

    In this extraordinary narrative, Alan Tennant recounts his all-out effort to radio-track the transcontinental migration of the peregrine falcon -- an investigation no one before him had ever taken to such lengths. On the Wing transports us from the windswept flats of the Texas barrier islands -- where the tundra falcons pause during their springtime journey north -- to the Arctic, and then south, through Mexico, Belize, and into the Caribbean, in a hilariously picaresque and bumpy flight. At the helm is Tennant's partner in falcon-chasing, George Vose, a septuagenarian World War II vet who trusts his instincts as much as his instruments. As the two men nearly lose their lives and run afoul of the law in the race to keep their birds in view and their rattletrap Cessna gassed up and running, Tennant renders with gorgeous precision and skill the landscape and wildlife they pass on the way and the falcons that direct their course. On the Wing is a breathtaking encounter with these majestic birds -- the icons of pharaohs, Oriental emperors, and European nobility -- whose fierce mien, power, and swiftness have fired the human imagination for centuries. This is an unforgettable tale that speaks to all our dreams of flight.

  • Animal Madness af Laurel Braitman Spar 24%
    - How Anxious Dogs, Compulsive Parrots, Gorillas on Drugs, and Elephants in Recovery Help Us Understand Ourselves
    af Laurel Braitman

    **Science Friday Summer Reading Pick** **Discover magazine Top 5 Summer Reads** **People magazine Best Summer Reads** A lovely, big-hearted bookbrimming with compassion and the tales of the many, many humans who devote their days to making animals well (The New York Times).Have you ever wondered if your dog might be a bit depressed? How about heartbroken or homesick? Animal Madness takes these questions seriously, exploring the topic of mental health and recovery in the animal kingdom and turning up lessons that Publishers Weekly calls IlluminatingBraitmans delightful balance of humor and poignancy brings each case of life.[Animal Madnesss] continuous dose of hope should prove medicinal for humans and animals alike. Susan Orlean calls Animal Madness a marvelous, smart, eloquent bookas much about human emotion as it is about animals and their inner lives. It is a gemthat can teach us much about the wildness of our own minds (Psychology Today).

  • Life on Earth af David Attenborough
    af David Attenborough

    A new, fully updated edition of David Attenborough's groundbreaking Life on Earth.

  • Secret Life of the Owl af John Lewis-Stempel
    af John Lewis-Stempel

    Dusk is filling the valley. It is the time of the gloaming, the owl-light.Out in the wood, the resident tawny has started calling, Hoo-hoo-hoo-h-o-o-o. There is something about owls. They feature in every major culture from the Stone Age onwards. They are creatures of the night, and thus of magic. They are the birds of ill-tidings, the avian messengers from the Other Side. But owls with the sapient flatness of their faces, their big, round eyes, their paternal expressions are also reassuringly familiar. We see them as wise, like Athena s owl, and loyal, like Harry Potter's Hedwig. Human-like, in other words. No other species has so captivated us. In The Secret Life of the Owl, John Lewis-Stempel explores the legends and history of the owl. And in vivid, lyrical prose, he celebrates all the realities of this magnificent creature, whose natural powers are as fantastic as any myth.'John Lewis-Stempel is one of the best nature writers of his generation' Country Life

  • Unexpected Truth About Animals af Lucy Cooke
    - Brilliant natural history, starring lovesick hippos, stoned sloths, exploding bats and frogs in taffeta trousers...
    af Lucy Cooke

    Shortlisted for the 2018 Royal Society Investment Science Book Prize'Endlessly fascinating.' - Bill Bryson 'Eye-opening, informative and very funny!' - Chris Packham'Well-informed and downright funny' - Richard DawkinsHistory is full of strange animal stories invented by the brightest and most influential, from Aristotle to Disney. But when it comes to understanding animals, we ve got a long way to go. Whether we re watching a viral video of romping baby pandas or looking at a picture of penguins holding hands , we often project our own values innocence, abstinence, hard work onto animals. So you ve probably never considered that moose get drunk and that penguins are notorious cheats. In The Unexpected Truth About Animals Zoologist Lucy unravels many such myths that eels are born from sand, that swallows hibernate under water, and that bears gave birth to formless lumps that are licked into shape by their mothers to show that the stories we create reveal as much about us as they do about the animals. Astonishing, illuminating and laugh-out-loud funny.

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