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Market Intelligence

- Building Strategic Insight

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Market Intelligence provides managers with helpful concepts, tools and ideas on market intelligence and analysis. Additionally, it gives the reader some of the analytical tools used to analyze both micro and macro factors in the organization's environment to better predict future outcomes and help decision making. The authors’ focus is not only on competitors, but also on customers, suppliers and a range of other stakeholders. The field of competitive intelligence is studied by a diverse research community. Contributions are made to aid states on a national, regional and local level (Public Intelligence), the military (Military Intelligence), non-profit organizations (NPO Intelligence) and private companies (Private Intelligence). However, these contributions are mostly done in isolation, even though all these fields of study have much in common. The authors build their in-sight on these various schools as well as practical applications and provide the essential insights to aid management thinking.

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  • 22. December 2011

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