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Mentality and Thought

- North, South, East and West


Mentality and Thought – North, South, East and West presents the reader with an informed pluri-disciplinary discussion of the concept of mentality, its relevance and its interconnection with culture past and present, on the one hand, and cognition and mental frames on the other. Each of the four parts of the book offers insights gained from applying a particular perspective: historiography and linguistics in “Part One: Towards an Understanding of Mentality and Its Foundations”; Indian and European epistemology and ontology in “Part Two: Fundamentals of Mentality”; cultural and political representations in “Part Three: Area Studies in Mentality” and in “Part Four: National studies in Mentality”. The book is of relevance to scholars as well as students interested in the interplay between culture, mentality and cognition. The authors all belong to the faculty of the Copenhagen business school: Per Durst-Andersen and Søren Brier of the center for language, cognition and mentality; Liv Egholm Feldt, Per Øhrgaard and Jacob Egholm Feldt of the international center for business and politics; Michael Herslund of the center for the study of Europe; Niels Bjerre-Poulsen and Jan Gustafsson from the center for the study of the Americas; Malene Djursaa, Lisbeth Verstraete-Hansen, Mette Skovgaard-Andersen and Carsten Humlebæk from the department of international culture and communication studies, and Verner Worm of the Asia research center.

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  • 21. November 2011

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