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Myanmar (Burma)


Synopsis:The most comprehensive guide to Myanmar on the market. Dedicated chapter outlining the current political situation with balanced, informative text detailing the pros and cons of independent travel to Myanmar. Special section on the Temples of Bagan written by two experienced, Southeast Asia authors. Brand new suggested itineraries chapter with hot tips on the best way to get around the country; be it on a classic route or off the beaten path, including detailed suggestions on how to avoid supporting the military junta while travelling.Myanmar means ""first people in the world"" Myanmar contains much of the world´s teak; the Shwedagon Pagoda, which is covered with gold and diamonds, is one of the world´s most important Buddhist shrines, containing eight hairs of Buddha yellow powder, made from bark, is worn on the face as a protection against the sun. There has been a prohibition on western music but young people like heavy metal bands although songs must be in Burmese. Explore the vast, ancient ruins of Bagan, voyage up myriad waterways by riverboat, relax at a remote teahouse or sample fresh seafood beside white-sand beaches. Let this considered and responsible guide show you the adventure of a lifetime, while at the same time showing you how your travel experience best benefits the local people.SHOULD YOU GO? Weigh up the pros and cons of going to Myanmar by reading this special chapter BE INSPIRED - new highlights, itineraries and planning sections to help you plot your path THE LOCALS by choosing private, locally owned hotels and eateries MAKE YOUR OWN WAY with detailed maps, including a full-colour country map CONNECT WITH CULTURE - detailed History and Culture chapters provide insight into Myanmar´s rich and complex heritage

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  • 9781740596954
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  • 1. Oktober 2005

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