Narziss and Goldmund af Hermann Hesse E-bog, ePub

Narziss and Goldmund


Hermann Hesse (1877-1962), a German writer, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1946. Narziss and Goldmund is the masterpiece of the author published in 1930. The novel narrates the experience of a pair of friends who represent rational asceticism and sensual hedonism respectively. The young Narziss growing up in the monastery has been beloved by the dean Danielle. The fresh student, Goldmund, has been obsessed with secular life. Although they became friends, Goldmund always ignored the rational preaching of Narziss and even went to the village to tryst with a girl secretly and then escaped from the monastery to wander with joy and hardships; The wandering made him mature gradually and was sentenced to death since falling in love with the mistress of governor. When Narziss became the dean of the monastery, he rescued Goldmund from the prison and let him be dedicated to sculpture. One day when travelling out again, Goldmund was infected with serious illness but Narziss still expressed his care to him before his death so that he could die with happiness. The novel shows the conflicts between two different personal characteristics manages to achieve the harmonious unity in the process of exploring the ideal. Some critics call it "e;a beautiful Faustian melody that incorporates knowledge and love"e;.

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  • Engelsk
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  • 9787532754267
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  • Udgivet:
  • 1. juni 2011

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