New Directions in Postheroic Entrepreneurship af Caroline Essers E-bog, PDF

New Directions in Postheroic Entrepreneurship

- Narratives of Gender and Ethnicity


This book contributes to studies of entrepreneurship, where usually an archetypical entrepreneur is constructed, being white, male and non-Muslim, and literature on female entrepreneurship and migrant entrepreneurship that typically ignore the importance of respectively ethnicity or gender. The application of intersectional theory, or illustrating what happens at the cross-roads of gender and ethnicity within entrepreneurial settings, is therefore new within entrepreneurship literature. The book reveals how sustaining their entrepreneurial identities, while overcoming the tensions emerging at the junction of these two categories of social exclusion, makes these women post-heroic entrepreneurs.Advances in Organization Studies, Vol. 25 Series editors: Stewart R. Clegg & Ralph E. Stablein Advances in Organization Studies is a channel for cutting edge theoretical and empirical works of high quality that contributes to the field of organizational studies. The series welcomes thought-provoking perspectives and neglected topics from researchers within a wide range of disciplines and geographcial locations.

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  • 15. april 2014

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