Northern Lights on TIMSS and PIRLS 2011 af Kajsa Yang Hansen Hansen E-bog, ePub

Northern Lights on TIMSS and PIRLS 2011

- Differences and similarities in the Nordic countries

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How is reading literacy taught in Nordic classrooms, and how is this influenced by the curricula?
How can we improve mathematics teaching in Nordic classrooms?
What is the relationship between school performance and policy variations?
How do teachers’ attitudes, beliefs and practices influence pupils’ learning outcomes?
What characterizes the top performing pupils, and how can we stimulate more pupils to perform at the highest levels?
These are some of the questions that are discussed in this collection of articles that are based on the results of the IEA studies TIMSS and PIRLS 2011. The articles aim to provide input for policy discussions and further policy development within the Nordic countries. Therefore, the main target groups are educational ministers and policymakers at all levels. These analyses will also provide input to the joint Nordic initiatives on educational development.

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  • 2. juni 2014

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