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Panskoye I, vol. 2 af Vladimir F. Stolba Du sparer 16% ift. forlagets pris Spar 16% Bog, Indbundet

Panskoye I, vol. 2

- The Necropolis

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This volume, second in a series of publications devoted to Panskoye I, presents the results of the 1969-1986 excavations in the necropolis of this important rural settlement in the territory of Tauric Chersonesos, north-western Crimea. The tombs of Panskoye cover the whole chronological spectrum of the site, ranging in date from the late fifth century to around 270 BC. The tomb structures and burial rites as well as anthropological data strongly suggest that the population of this settlement was of a complex and mixed character, which, along with the Greek peasants, is likely to have included Scythian and Taurian components.

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  • 9788772887715
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  • 494
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  • 12. juni 2012

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