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Poetry Life-Selected Poems of Hesse has elected 15 poems from author's 275 fine works and divided them into five parts, namely, "e;juvenile part"e;, "e;youth part"e;, "e;middle-aged part"e;, "e;old-aged part"e; and "e;senior part"e;. His literary career has begun from the poetry creation and ended with the poetry creation. His poetry anthology named Romantic Song collecting his poems created since he was just 15-year-old, while his last poem Sound of Bare Branch completed the day before his death. In Hesse's poetry career for nearly 70 years, he has written a total of about 1400 poems, among which more than 800 poems have been edited by himself into 15 anthologies of poetry. Hesse's poems have been popular among the German, his poetry are pure and lingering and show the true feelings. What's more, his poems are not only written in the delicate euphemist, simple and plain words, but also share the particularly fresh, natural and smooth the style.

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  • 1. september 2015

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