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Project Management - Theory and Practice


Projects Management - Theory and Practice is a unique combination of a students textbook and a handbook for the professional project manager. Basically project management is a practical subject and this is mirrored in the book which is based upon 200 cases presenting problems and solutions from real life experiences. The Knowledge Bank - the core part of this book - covers the curriculum expected of an internationally working project manager. Project Management - Theory and Practice covers the five stages of a project: * Opportunity identification * Planning and specification * Implementation, monitoring and control * Handover and evaluation * Operations and maintenance. For each of these stages the reader is presented to the relevant theory and practice of the knowledge areas: * Integration management * Scope management * Time management * Cost Management * Quality management * Human Relations management * Communications management * Risk management * Procurement management. This 2nd edition is completely revised and corresponds with the 4th edition of the Danish version of this title.

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  • 7. November 2012

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