Scent of Summer Magnolia af Kat George Bog, Hardback

Scent of Summer Magnolia


A mystery of misconceptions, tea and scones and murder. The strange fragrance of the exotic Passion Magnolia lingers into Autumn, and haunts the pages of this novel set in a Danish town in New Zealand. As a young widow searches for the truth behind her husband's death she discovers secrets in her mother's past that threaten her own life and the future of her children. Widowed Charlie Egen has been recovering from a tragic accident that left three members of her family dead, the house burned to the ground and a gap in her memory. Receiving a strange letter from the family matriarch Kirsty Christensen, she ends her reclusive rest cure and returns with her two small sons to Daneby, the town near the scene of the tragedy. Upon arrival Charlie is immediately plunged into a nightmare of lies, secrets, and murder, topped off by ghostly bumps in the night and a mysterious stalker. But the stalker underestimates the true strength of the Christensen spirit. Repeating the stories and sagas of her family to the children, Charlie finds a source of strength in remembering the heroic feats of the ancestors. Guided by the haunting fragrance of her mother's perfume, and supported by the unfailing trust of her best friend, Michelle, Charlie stands up for herself, overcomes her fears and goes in search of the real story behind the fire that destroyed their home. It is a mystery lost in Charlie's blanked memory and it seems it is a mystery someone is prepared to kill for.

  • Sprog:
  • Engelsk
  • ISBN:
  • 9788792632050
  • Indbinding:
  • Hardback
  • Sideantal:
  • 570
  • Udgivet:
  • 24. august 2010

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