Scientists and Scholars in the Field Bog, Indbundet

Scientists and Scholars in the Field

- Studies in the History of Fieldwork and Expeditions


For centuries the practice of undertaking fieldwork and expeditions has been adopted as an essential part of research by scientists and scholars from diverse disciplines. As a method of collecting on-site data through observation, the practice is shared by disciplines ranging from biology and botany, through geology, geography, and archaeology to anthropology, linguistics, and folklore studies.Presenting 17 essays by 17 scholars from almost as many disciplines of knowledge, this volume contains a rich tapestry of stories from - and about - 'the field', from early modern times until the present day.Taking us around the globe, from Europe to Asia, from the Arctic to Africa and America, this book investigates the entanglement of scientific, political, social, cultural, and personal interests and agendas that have shaped, and still shape, our effort to explore, explain, and exploit the world.

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  • Dansk
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  • 9788771240146
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  • Indbundet
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  • 475
  • Udgivet:
  • 19. Marts 2012

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